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    Orcas face triple threat - Vessel noise, pollution, lack of food

    Orcas face triple threat: Vessel noise, pollution, lack of food

    Triple threats of pollution, vessel noise and lack of food are making it hard for southern orcas to grow beyond an estimated population of 80, says a decade-long US study.

    Bloomberg: Farmed salmon a risky bet for environment, investment

    A series of reports from Bloomberg show the environmental and health challenges facing the farmed salmon industry are continuing to bubble up to the surface.

    Salmon Inquiry: First Nations angry at Harper’s lack of action

    Frustration is growing in First Nations communities along the Fraser River over Ottawa's failure to implement recommendations on how to bring back salmon fisheries.

    60 Minutes grills BC salmon farmers, government

    60 Minutes grills BC salmon farmers, government

    Investigative news program 60 Minutes grilled both the salmon farming industry and Canadian government on the risks of viral outbreaks to wild fish.

    Rafe Mair: Howe Sound under siege

    Rafe Mair: Howe Sound under siege

    In his first column after a long hospital stay, Rafe Mair pulls no punches, calling for civil disobedience to defend Howe Sound and its wild salmon from multiple industrial projects.

    Fisheries minister responds to salmon farm concerns…sort of-2

    Salmon farms: Has anything changed after a decade of controversy?

    It's high time for Canada to explore positive alternatives to disease and waster-producing open net pen fish farms, like closed-containment - says David Suzuki.

    First Nations show Nancy Greene Raine, Harper govt positive alternative to open net fish farms

    First Nations show Nancy Greene, Harper govt positive alternative to open net fish farms

    Rather than calling to expand open net pen salmon farms, Senator Nancy Greene Raine should look to healthier alternatives, like a new on-land, closed-containment operation, says DC Reid.

    Nancy Greene Raine - Fish Farms - What About Wild BC Salmon

    Nancy Greene Raine: Fish Farms? What About Wild BC Salmon?

    DC Reid gives Canadian Olympic hero and Senator Nancy Greene Raine an education on the damaging impacts of fish farms on BC's wild salmon, after she argued for tripling the industry.

    Harper government guts fish farm regulations

    The Harper government is laying the regulatory groundwork for a resurgence of the controversial B.C. fish farm industry.

    Unshelled: The truth about shrimp

    Shrimp is the most popular seafood in the United States, with Americans eating an average of 4.1 pounds per person annually.