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    Climate Change
    Bank of England's Carney- Most fossil fuel reserves shouldn't be burned

    Bank of England’s Mark Carney: Most fossil fuel reserves shouldn’t be burned

    Even Bank of England Governor Mark Carney is now saying most of the world's fossil fuel reserves must remain in the ground to mitigate the effects of climate change.

    Greenwash king Patrick Moore turns climate change denier

    Greenwash King Patrick Moore sews seeds of climate change doubt

    Environmentalist-turned-corporate-shill Patrick Moore is at it again, this time questioning human-caused climate change in a Province op-ed. Rafe Mair takes on his flawed logic.

    Large hydro dams aren't green - they actually drive climate change

    Large hydro dams aren’t “green” – they actually drive climate change

    Despite the rhetoric about "green" hydro dams, the science suggests these projects actually help drive climate change through organic decay, deforestation, and construction-related emissions.

    Melting sea ice a help and hindrance to Arctic drilling

    Harper govt muzzles Arctic scientists from discussing polar ice melt

    Canada's Arctic scientists have been muzzled by the Harper government from discussing record polar ice melt with the public, documents reveal.

    Canadian rockers join 'Blue Dot' tour - David Suzuki's swan song

    Canadian rockers join Blue Dot tour – David Suzuki’s swan song

    Neil Young, Feist and Barenaked Ladies are among the Canadian rockers joining the cross-Canada Blue Dot tour - David Suzuki's swan song, pushing for environmental rights.

    Canada's cities take lead on climate change

    Canada’s green cities take lead on climate change

    Cities like Vancouver, Guelph - even oil and gas capital Calgary - are leading the way with innovative solutions to climate change, says David Suzuki.

    Consider the global impact of the oil sands

    Debates over oil-sands obscure a broken policy process

    Read this June 25th story by Wendy J. Palen, Thomas D. Sisk, Maureen E. Ryan, Joseph L. Árvai, Mark Jaccard, Anne K. Salomon, Thomas Homer-Dixon& Ken P. Lertzman in Nature on how debates over oil-sands infrastructure obsc...

    The Economist-The enormous cost of ignoring climate change

    The Economist calculates the enormous cost of ignoring climate change

    From billions in coastal property damage to the effects of extreme weather on food production and the heat on productivity, The Economist calculates the cost of ignoring climate change.

    World Bank-Battling climate change would grow economy

    World Bank: Battling climate change would grow global economy

    Canadian PM Stephen Harper believes tackling climate change would harm the economy, but the World Bank disagrees - saying it would foster global growth.

    Michael Bloomberg, Hank Paulson tally cost of climate change

    Michael Bloomberg, Hank Paulson tally cost of climate change

    Climate change is likely to exact enormous costs on U.S. regional economies, a new study chaired by Michael Bloomberg and Hank Paulson finds.