Rafe: ‘I Support Captain Paul Watson’


I see that all civilization and some uncivilizations, like the USA, want Paul Watson’s hide.

Just so there’s no doubt, I’ve known and supported Paul for over 30 years and for many years have been on the Sea Shepherd Society’s Board of Advisors. I have supported him all that time because, in my view, he’s doing what is necessary for want of any government involvement.

One of my first interviews with Paul came in 1981 when Paul and the Sea Shepherd crew had gone ashore on Kamchatka in the then Soviet Union and destroyed a mink farm that fed the animals whale meat. He did the interview on board using the “over and out” system while being pursued by the Soviet Navy and buzzed by the Soviet Air Forces – listening to Paul you could have thought he was just having a bit of a sail out on the bounding main!

Paul Watson is the most fearless man I’ve ever known.

Paul was a founder of Greenpeace and was fired because he was too much of an activist. His fellow founder, Patrick Moore, decided he liked money better than principles, so he prostituted himself to industry like fish farms and that in the Tar Sands, becoming a rich man selling their filth.

He plays on an inconsequential PhD, using the Doctor to imply that he somehow knows what he’s talking about.

A few years ago Moore was contracted to bring his hypocrisy to a cruise ship en route to Alaska. Paul, who had offered to debate him on his dog and pony show many times announced that he would be aboard to attend his lectures and speak from the floor. Moore instantly backed out of his contract with the interesting excuse that his wife’s birthday came up during the cruise.

Evidently, Mrs. Moore wasn’t delighted with a lovely cruise for their anniversary or suddenly discovered that she was prone to sea-sickness.

There is another reason one might conclude – Patrick Moore is a coward, the conclusion I came to knowing both of them as I do.

Patrick Moore has become rich doing PR work and consulting on how to bamboozle the masses for the Tar Sands, nuclear energy, fish farms and, I must conclude, private power desecrating our rivers, bitumen pipelines and tankers.

Moore hates Paul’s guts which is another big reason for supporting Captain Watson.

Paul is a preservationist who does that which countries refuse to do – enforce the law or, in some cases, simply to not be afraid to pass decent laws for protecting the environment in the first place.

Watson has been called an eco terrorist because he prevents the Japanese from whaling in the South Pacific because they say they need whales for “scientific research”. How the hell can a man who fights this kind of bullshit be called an eco terrorist?!

The people of the Faroe Islands had, until Watson arrived on the scene, a nifty little custom of slaughtering pilot whales once a year – not for food or any other reasons but just for the hell of it. With Watson away this year, they brutally killed 467 whales. On the back of a banknote the Faroe Islands show a pilot whale being hacked to death.

I’ve been to the Faroe Islands and can tell you that the Faroese are a prosperous people who make no defense of their whaling other than it’s a custom.

Paul Watson is an eco terrorist for stopping this practice?

We slaughter seal pups not because we have to but to supply fur coats to wealthy European women, Paul and many of his crew were sent to the slammer for simply taking pictures.

The list goes on and Paul Watson inches closer and closer to doing time in jail, which I predict will happen later this year when he comes ashore. His own country, instead of giving him an Order of Canada, which he deserves many times over, will throw him in jail.

I support Captain Paul Watson and believe all Canadians should.


About Rafe Mair

Rafe Mair, LL.B, LL.D (Hon) a B.C. MLA 1975 to 1981, was Minister of Environment from late 1978 through 1979. In 1981 he left politics for Talk Radio becoming recognized as one of B.C.'s pre-eminent journalists. An avid fly fisherman, he took a special interest in Atlantic salmon farms and private power projects as environmental calamities and became a powerful voice in opposition to them. Rafe is the co-founder of The Common Sense Canadian and writes a regular blog at rafeonline.com.

17 thoughts on “Rafe: ‘I Support Captain Paul Watson’

  1. Phil, under the Canadian “Seal protection” law it is an offense to photograph a seal being killed. So if you beleive that is a just lawin a free country the you are right they broke the law. Is doingthe right thing only right if your government agrees to it?

  2. I could not agree more. Governments around the world pathetically stand by as species are rendered close to extinction. Wildlife must be preserved at all cost. I admire Paul Watson and his supporters and despise any one or any government that seeks or aids his capture….sadly, that includes Canada.

  3. I agree with you, Rafe! Would that there were more Paul Watsons and Alexandra Mortons in this world and many fewer Patrick Moores and Kevin O’Learys, who bleed this earth and everything that lives on it!

  4. This says it all :- Japanese from whaling in the South Pacific because they say they need whales for “scientific research”. What a crock.

    How the hell can a man who fights this kind of travesty be called an eco terrorist?! You,re an eco terrorist if you try to debate or question any Harper agenda. You,re an eco terrorist if you question any Harper agenda using science.

    It,s beyond being ridiculous. Facing jail time for what, putting your life on the line to protect endangered species. Watson has the cojones to stand up to these so called world leaders that are on the same level as biker gangs. He should be given The Order Of Canada.

  5. Rafe.. I believe Paul Watson once suggested, that if everyone just looked after their own back yard, the world would be in far better shape. I think he also suggested that intensely motivated and informed people like himself would look after the really heavy & dangerous lifting.. out on the water, the high seas. I stopped using detergent and scrubbed the dishes and laundry much harder after reading his words.. as I lived on the shore of Lake Ontario. My backyard was doable.. and I saw wisdom in his words.

    Nobody else has gone after Japanese whalers or the Japanese government re their ‘experimental science studies’ and the slaughter of the great whales.. the ‘drift netter’s, the tuna poachers.. We don’t have the means, the courage, the know-how or the intense anger. The media doesn’t ‘get it’ and probably never will.

    Paul Watson and his associates deserve and need our understanding, our support.. and safe harbor.. Only shallow and faux Canadians could perceive him otherwise. If you seek wimps and sycophantic role models look no further than the Harper Government. If you want to see a Canadian exemplar to measure yourself by.. Paul Watson is a pretty staggering measuring stick.

  6. The ‘story’ about Watson and his cronies being sent to the slammer for ‘simply taking pictures’ is hogwash. They were charged and convicted for commiting a crime.

  7. The world needs a few more folks like Alexandra Morton, Paul Watson and Julian Assange and a lot less of Clark, Campbell and Harper.

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