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    Climate Change

    Rafe: Christy Clark’s LNG promises are nothing but hot air

    Leading experts debunk Christy Clark and the hot air she's been spewing about LNG.

    Rafe: With LNG approval, Trudeau govt shows true colours…but we shouldn’t be suprised

    British Columbians have every reason to be mad at the Trudeau government's approval of PNWLNG - but no reason to be surprised, says Rafe Mair. It's been all downhill since those bold promises on the campaign trail and in Paris.

    Opinion: Environment & Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna gets failing report card

    Minister Catherine McKenna and the Trudeau govt made big promises to tackle climate change but their real record gets a failing grade from Dr. Eoin Finn - especially if they OK PNWLNG and Kinder Morgan.

    Longtime Lions Bay Mayor: LNG is plain dirty, violates Canada’s climate commitments

    LNG is dirty, plain and simple, charges former Lions Bay Mayor Brenda Broughton. She slams both the Trudeau and Clark governments for jeopardizing Canada's climate commitments by ignoring or cherry-picking the science, and main...

    90% of world’s new electricity coming from renewables: Welcome to the end of the fossil fuel era

    90% the world's new electricity now comes from renewables. China is shuttering 1,000 coal plants and global emissions are on the decline. The end is nigh for the fossil fuel era…so why hasn’t Canada gotten the memo?

    May calls Paris deal “a masterful balancing act” between ideal and practical

    Elizabeth May calls the recent Paris climate deal “a masterful balancing act” between the ideal and practical. Ray Grigg on the imperfect, yet laudable and achievable agreement.

    Large hydro dams aren't green - they actually drive climate change

    Let’s quit pretending dams like Site C are good for the climate

    Hydro dams like Site C actually emit enormous greenhouse gases, according to the latest research, so labelling them "clean" is a lot of hot air.

    Canada Election 2015: Where do the parties stand on climate change?

    Where do the 2015 Canadian election contenders stand on climate change? Kevin Grandia breaks down their positions.

    Suzuki- Volkswagen cheated climate, people's health

    Suzuki: Volkswagen cheated climate, people’s health

    Volkswagen's cheating on vehicle emissions dumped a million extra tonnes of pollution a year into the air and made more people sick, says David Suzuki - the latest wake-up call about the dangers of car culture.

    Burning: A summer of fire, smoke, ash and change

    Burning: A summer of fire, smoke, ash and change

    Ray Grigg reflects on a historically hot summer that saw wildfires rip through BC, Washington, Oregon, California and Alaska - a sign of our changing climate.