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    From ‘Clean Coal’ to ‘Ethical Oil’: How propaganda (actually) works

    From "clean coal" to "ethical oil", a new book by Yale Professor Jason Stanley shows that propaganda is far more complex and problematic than simply lying about the facts.

    The NDP's only shot at winning in BC: Embrace the NEW ECONOMY

    The NDP’s only shot at winning in BC: Embrace the NEW ECONOMY

    The NDP has one slim chance of winning the next BC election: Embracing the "New Economy" - creating healthy, sustainable jobs vs. the Liberals' old, bankrupt ideas of LNG and big dams.

    With Site C, LNG Trudeau govt already breaking promises to First Nations, environment

    By approving Woodfibre LNG and refusing to cancel federal permits for Site C, the Trudeau government is showing that, when it really matters, its promises to First Nations and the environment are meaningless.

    130 scientists slam Lelu Island LNG report; last chance for public comment

    Over 130 scientists are slamming the draft environmental report into a proposed LNG terminal on Lelu Island over salmon issues. Meanwhile, the public has until end of day Friday to comment on the report.

    Politicians shouldn’t be cowed into keeping mum on Saanich LNG project, says eminent lawyer

    Should elected regional directors be allowed to voice their opinion on an LNG project before the company formally applies? That's the question at the centre of a bizarre, heated legal and political controversy in Saanich Inlet ...

    By backing LNG, the Horgan NDP lost the election before it began

    Rafe: By backing LNG, the Horgan NDP lost election before it began

    In backing the Liberals' LNG vision, John Horgan and the BCNDP made a fatal mistake, argues Rafe Mair. Had they done their job in opposition, they would now be poised to take down the government over its failed policies - inste...

    Pipelines to Nowhere- Energy East, Kinder Morgan make no sense amid global green energy boom, tanking oil market

    Pipelines to Nowhere: Energy East, Kinder Morgan make no sense amid global green energy boom, tanking oil market

    With the longterm decline of fossil fuel markets, Canada should abandon old-economy pipeline projects like Energy East and Kinder Morgan and focus on the booming green economy, argues Will Dubitsky.

    “In defence of oil industry”: Sun editorial shows Postmedia’s colours

    A recent Vancouver Sun editorial titled "In defence of oil industry" shows parent company and partner of the oil and gas sector Postmedia's true colours, says Rafe Mair.

    LNG plants do kill salmon, Russian scientists warn BC

    Russian scientists who studied the severe decline of salmon run, attributed to an LNG plant, warn BC could face a similar disaster with Petronas' proposed Lelu Island LNG plant.

    Reductio ad absurdum: Why we environmentalists are missing the boat with sham hearings, technical arguments

    Technical arguments and sham hearings on the merits and risks of pipelines and tankers miss the point, argues Rafe Mair.