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    Salmon Farming and Aquaculture

    Caught on camera: More blood water from Tofino farmed salmon processing plant

    More blood water has been captured billowing into UNESCO biosphere reserve Clayoquot Sound from the outfall pipe of a Tofino salmon farming processing plant.

    Deadly Norwegian disease found in BC’s farmed salmon is a game-changer

    The discovery of a deadly Norwegian disease in BC-raised farmed salmon is a game-changer, says Ray Grigg, especially since it could spread to wild salmon.

    Teen stands her ground after being booted off soccer team for criticizing fish farming sponsor

    Comox teen Freyja Reed is standing her ground after being booted off her soccer team for criticizing its fish farming sponsor, Marine Harvest.

    Liberal govt issues 4 new salmon farm tenures on eve of BC Day

    On the eve of BC Day, the Liberal government quietly issued four new open net pen salmon farm tenures to Norwegian companies, riling upstream First Nations and citizens opposing the industry's expansion.

    Federal court ruling threatens bottom line for salmon farms

    A federal court ruling blocking the transport of virulent smolts poses a serious threat to the salmon farming industry's bottom line.

    Alexandra Morton explains her court win over salmon farm industry

    Alexandra Morton explains her recent federal court victory over the salmon farming industry, which prohibits it from using diseased smolts in its open net pens.

    Proposed new BC salmon farms net strong public opposition

    Proposed new BC salmon farms net strong public opposition

    A pair of new salmon farms proposed for BC's coast by Norwegian aquaculture giant Grieg Seafood met with strong public opposition at a recent open house.

    Norway's fjords flooded with escaped, diseased farmed fish

    Norway’s fjords flooded with escaped, diseased farmed fish

    During a recent storm, Norway's wild salmon fjords were flooded with up to 1.5 million escaped, diseased farmed steelhead, raising new concerns about the industry.

    Salmon Farmers' ads more full of crap than seafloor beneath their pens

    Salmon Farmers’ ads more full of crap than seabed beneath their pens

    The salmon farming industry's latest ad, in the Globe and Mail, is full of tall tales, covering up its waste and environmental problems, while grossly exaggerating job claims - says DC Reid.

    Harper govt's new salmon farm regs would open floodgates for waste dumping

    Harper’s new fish farm laws would open floodgates to waste dumping

    DC Reid tells Stephen Harper that British Columbians won't tolerate the further gutting of salmon farm regulations, enabling the aquaculture industry to dump its waste into our oceans.