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    Aboriginal title claim threatens renewal of BC salmon farm tenures

    The Dzawada’enuxw First Nation's claim of Aboriginal title, filed today at the BC Supreme Court, threatens the future of some open net pen Atlantic salmon farms as their licences are set to expire.

    New poll: Most British Columbians favour banning salmon farms

    Read this May 1 Chek story on a new poll conducted by Mainstreet Research, revealing that a majority of British Columbians – especially strong on Vancouver Island – would support banning open net pen Atlantic salmon farms. ...

    First Nations show Nancy Greene Raine, Harper govt positive alternative to open net fish farms

    Washington State Senate votes to phase out Atlantic salmon farms

      Read this March 2 Seattle Time article on the Washington State Senate’s intense battle over a new bill to phase out Atlantic salmon farms following the escape of as many as 263,000 fish last summer: Atlantic salmon...

    Caught on camera: More blood water from Tofino farmed salmon processing plant

    More blood water has been captured billowing into UNESCO biosphere reserve Clayoquot Sound from the outfall pipe of a Tofino salmon farming processing plant.

    Deadly Norwegian disease found in BC’s farmed salmon is a game-changer

    The discovery of a deadly Norwegian disease in BC-raised farmed salmon is a game-changer, says Ray Grigg, especially since it could spread to wild salmon.

    130 scientists slam Lelu Island LNG report; last chance for public comment

    Over 130 scientists are slamming the draft environmental report into a proposed LNG terminal on Lelu Island over salmon issues. Meanwhile, the public has until end of day Friday to comment on the report.

    LNG plants do kill salmon, Russian scientists warn BC

    Russian scientists who studied the severe decline of salmon run, attributed to an LNG plant, warn BC could face a similar disaster with Petronas' proposed Lelu Island LNG plant.

    Much to be learned from girls’ soccer and fish farm sponsorship debacle

    Fourteen-year-old Freyja Reed's expulsion from a community soccer team for refusing to quite criticizing sponsor Marine Harvest is a social justice issue, says Ray Grigg.

    Teen stands her ground after being booted off soccer team for criticizing fish farming sponsor

    Comox teen Freyja Reed is standing her ground after being booted off her soccer team for criticizing its fish farming sponsor, Marine Harvest.

    Liberal govt issues 4 new salmon farm tenures on eve of BC Day

    On the eve of BC Day, the Liberal government quietly issued four new open net pen salmon farm tenures to Norwegian companies, riling upstream First Nations and citizens opposing the industry's expansion.