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    BC LNG: Boon or Boondoggle?LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) is one of biggest energy stories to hit Western Canada. It is promoted as a clean bridge fuel that will create thousands of jobs and turn British Columbia into a trillion-dollar global energy leader. The idea is to cool natural gas into liquid, so it can be shipped to higher-price markets in Asia. But is it really all it’s cracked up to be? And what are the trade-offs and impacts associated with LNG and the fracked gas that would feed it?

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    All you need to know about LNG: Wade Davis, Eoin Finn, Damien Gillis panel discussion

    Learn all you need to know about LNG, fracking and our economy from this panel discussion following a screening of the award-winning Fractured Land. Feat. Wade Davis, Damien Gillis and Dr. Eoin Finn.

    Rafe: How does Oil-boosting Postmedia boss get into news Hall of Fame?

    Rafe: How does oil-boosting Postmedia boss get into News Hall of Fame?

    After selling his papers' journalistic integrity for oil and gas money, how does Postmedia boss Paul Godfrey wind up in the Canadian News Hall of Fame, asks Rafe Mair.

    Fractured Land hits theatres

    After five years in production, the award-winning Fractured Land is hitting theatres around BC. Common Sense Canadian publisher and the film's co-director Damien Gillis discusses the process and screenings.

    Rafe- BCNDP convention shows they still don't get it

    Rafe: BCNDP convention shows they still don’t get it on LNG

    "Political pundits are busy analyzing the recent NDP convention and I can tell you it's easier to interpret the entrails of a rooster," says Rafe Mair. Critically, on LNG, the Official Opposition is nowhere to be found.

    Northern First Nations band together to block Petronas' LNG plans

    Large group of First Nations, scientists, green groups calls on Trudeau to reject Petronas LNG project

    A large group of First Nations, scientists, businesses and environmental groups is calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to reject Petronas' proposed LNG terminal for Lelu Island.

    Rafe- Woodfibre LNG opposition isn't NIMBYism - it's based on real fear

    Rafe: Woodfibre LNG opposition isn’t NIMBYism – it’s based on real fear

    Opposition to the controversial Woodfibre LNG project - recently approved by the Clark government - is based on real, well-founded safety fears, not NIMBYism, says Rafe Mair.

    BC LNG faces growing First Nations opposition

    Chevron says it won’t reroute LNG pipeline around Unist’ot’en blockade

    Chevron is digging in its heels, refusing to reroute its planned Pacific Trail gas pipeline to Kitimat to avoid conflict with the Unist'ot'en Resistance Camp on the Morice River.

    Woodfibre LNG - Public comment period begins for Squamish project

    Woodfibre LNG may have govt’s rubber stamp, but not social license

    The BC Liberal Government may have given Woodfibre LNG its rubber stamp, but the controversial project still lacks social license and federal approval, warns Tracey Saxby.

    Rafe- Canada's biggest newspaper chain has sold its soul to oil and gas

    Rafe: Canada’s biggest newspaper chain sold its soul to oil and gas

    Rafe Mair on Postmedia's marriage to the oil and gas lobby and the lack of responsible journalism from Canada's other establishment media corporations.

    While one First Nation sues to stop LNG, another embraces it

    While hereditary leaders of the Gitxsan Nation vow to sue the province over LNG pipeline permits, Squamish Nation council has conditionally approved Woodfibre LNG.