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    “In defence of oil industry”: Sun editorial shows Postmedia’s colours

    A recent Vancouver Sun editorial titled "In defence of oil industry" shows parent company and partner of the oil and gas sector Postmedia's true colours, says Rafe Mair.

    Rafe: MP’s Woodfibre LNG meetings to focus on climate…what about fish, tanker and health risks?

    Liberal MP Pamela Goldsmith-Jones is holding a series of public meetings into Woodfibre LNG's climate impacts - but what about local fish, tanker and health risks, asks Rafe Mair.

    Trudeau promises climate test for will he stick to his word

    Trudeau promises climate test for LNG…now will he stick to his word?

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised a climate test for LNG plants like Petronas's controversial one on Lelu Island. Now, the question is will he follow through?

    Battery breakthroughs jump start renewable energy

    Battery breakthroughs jump start renewable energy

    Major advances in batteries and other storage technologies are jump-starting renewable energy - making it competitive with fossil fuels and closer to being able to replace them.

    LNG plants do kill salmon, Russian scientists warn BC

    Russian scientists who studied the severe decline of salmon run, attributed to an LNG plant, warn BC could face a similar disaster with Petronas' proposed Lelu Island LNG plant.

    Reductio ad absurdum: Why we environmentalists are missing the boat with sham hearings, technical arguments

    Technical arguments and sham hearings on the merits and risks of pipelines and tankers miss the point, argues Rafe Mair.

    Prince Rupert at Risk- LNG tanker safety is the elephant on the water

    Prince Rupert at Risk: LNG tanker danger is the elephant on the water

    Plans for LNG terminals near Prince Rupert break all the big international safety rules, putting lives at risk. But you wouldn't know it listening to the government or industry, says Graeme Pole.

    Rafe- Liberals' broken promises should make for a tough election year

    Rafe: Liberals’ broken promises should make for tough election year

    The Clark Liberals' broken LNG promises should make for a rough ride this coming election year, says Rafe Mair - but can John Horgan and the NDP capitalize?

    BC's gift to the world- Premier Christy Clark

    Rafe Mair on the perfect job opening for Christy Clark

    After demonstrating her incompetence on the LNG file and all things governing-related, Rafe Mair has a suggestion for Premier Christy Clark of a job she's actually well-qualified for.

    Tensions growing over plan to log Central Walbran Valley's ancient forests

    Tensions grow over plan to log Central Walbran Valley’s ancient forests

    Tensions are growing over plans to log an ultra-rare section of ancient forest in Vancouver Island's Central Walbran Valley. Filmmaker Daniel Pierce offers stunning video of the region and coverage of the battle.