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    Heiltsuk, Haida, Nuu-chah-nulth join forces to protect herring

    Three powerful coastal First Nations - the Heiltsuk, Haida and Nuu-chah-nulth - are banding together to protect Pacific herring, a marine resource integral to all of their cultures.

    Federal court ruling threatens bottom line for salmon farms

    A federal court ruling blocking the transport of virulent smolts poses a serious threat to the salmon farming industry's bottom line.

    First Nation, star chef team up for unique herring benefit

    The Heiltsuk First Nation, Pacific Wild and star chef David Hawksworth are teaming up for a unique herring conservation benefit - featuring sustainably harvested seafood and spectacular video and photography.

    Alexandra Morton explains her court win over salmon farm industry

    Alexandra Morton explains her recent federal court victory over the salmon farming industry, which prohibits it from using diseased smolts in its open net pens.

    The untold story behind the herring fishery fiasco

    The untold story behind the central coast herring fishery fiasco

    The untold story behind one of the most heated standoffs over fish which the BC coast has ever witnessed – the recent clash between DFO and the Heiltsuk Nation over the central coast herring fishery.

    Heiltsuk celebrate as herring gillnet boats leave central coast empty – validating concerns over health of stocks

    "We did it!" Heiltsuk Chief Marilyn Slett declared as the herring gillnet fleet was leaving the central coast empty - following a heated standoff with DFO over the fishery.

    DFO clings to bad science, refuses to close herring fishery in Area 7

    DFO confirmed to the Heiltsuk Nation today that it will not close a herring gillnet fishery in Area 7, despite harsh criticism of its flawed forecasting methods.

    Progress on herring standoff but Area 7 gillnet opening remains contentious issue; talks continue today

    DFO and Heiltsuk leaders met Monday at the central coast fisheries office currently occupied by the nation. Despite progress, the conflict over a planned herring gillnet opening is the subject of further talks today.

    Heiltsuk Nation occupies DFO office in face of expected herring fishery

    Heiltsuk Nation occupies DFO office in face of expected herring fishery

    Heiltsuk Nation community members are now occupying DFO's central coast offices in advance of an expected herring gillnet fishery, as physical confrontation looms on the herring grounds.

    ‘By any means necessary’: Heiltsuk vow to stop herring gillnet fishery

    The Heiltsuk Nation is vowing to stop DFO's opening of a gillnet fishery amid threatened herring stocks in Area 7 by "any means necessary".