Numbers for $8 Billion Site C Dam don't add up

Site C Dam hearings delayed as panel seeks answers from BC Hydro

Numbers for $8 Billion Site C Dam don't add up
Proposed Site C Dam – artist’s rendering

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – It could be some time before a joint review panel considering the proposed Site C Dam in northeastern B.C., makes a decision about sending the project to a public hearing.

The panel is now seeking even more information from B.C. Hydro about the estimated $7.9-billion dam, which would produce electricity for about 450,000 homes annually, but flood a wide area of farm and First Nations land along the banks of the Peace River.

Panel members began preliminary assessment of the proposal over the summer.

They now want details on 54 additional issues, ranging from the dam’s impact on wildlife, to the loss of Peace River wetlands and the estimated increase in electricity prices that would be needed if development of Site C were shelved for 10 or 20 years.

B.C. Hydro has just submitted responses to the panel’s first round of questions, and the regulatory clock remains stopped while Hydro prepares answers to the latest queries.

Once all the information is received, the panel could schedule public hearings, decide what further information it requires or make a ruling on whether a public comment period should be held. (MooseFM)


5 thoughts on “Site C Dam hearings delayed as panel seeks answers from BC Hydro

  1. This damn along with others is not for electricity for Canadians. It’s for Americans who will pay nothing. We will do the paying and it is us that will continue to pay inflated rates. Just ask Christy Clark. She can lie with a smile on her face.

  2. I realize this is a CP story but it leaves the impression that Site C would power 450,000 BC homes. BC’s homes already have electricity, and demand is expected to be flat going forward. Site C is about providing power to destructive fracking and mining operations in the north of BC.

      1. we need to know abt the pipeline into williston, petronas buying out talisman, water privatization and free trade deals. we have an ex-top exec from talisman over here on the east coast ready to sign a joint venture for an offshore LNG pipeline system that will accelerate our offshore drilling activities. these projects are all connected through the executive levels. right from the brass at lavalin and now with these talisman connections, and that indicates the people who they work for (principle investors such as jarislowsky and blackrock) are pushing something much larger. that would be the neo-con national energy strategy. we need to work together to figure out how they are setting precedent and going back and forth setting this all up.

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