National Energy Board approves 4 LNG export licences for 25 years

National Energy Board approves 4 LNG export licences for 25 years

National Energy Board approves 4 LNG export licences for 25 years
Petronas/Progress’ proposed LNG project near Prince Rupert, BC obtained 1 of 4 25-yr export licences

CALGARY – The National Energy Board has approved applications by four companies for 25-year licences to export liquid natural gas from the West Coast.

Subject to final government review, the applications approved by NEB would see licences go to Prince Rupert LNG Exports Ltd. (owned by BG Group), Pacific NorthWest LNG Ltd. (owned by Petronas/Progress and Japex), WCC LNG Ltd. (Imperial Oil Canada and ExxonMobil Canada) and Woodfibre LNG Export Pte. Ltd. (owned by Indonesian billionaire Sukanto Tonato).

In announcing the approvals Monday, the national energy regulator noted that recent developments in gas production technology have resulted in a significant increase in the Canadian gas resource base and the North American gas supply.

“One of the major impacts of this increase is lower demand for Canadian gas in traditional gas markets in the United States and Eastern Canada,” it said.

“As a result, the Canadian gas industry is seeking to access overseas gas markets through exports of LNG.”

The board said it had determined that the quantity of gas each company proposed to exported “will be surplus to Canadian requirements,” and that the large North American natural gas resource base can accommodate “reasonably foreseeable Canadian demand.”

Meanwhile, federal Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver confirmed that the federal government would be reviewing the approvals before licences are issued.

“. . . The Harper government supports energy projects that will create jobs and generate economic growth in Canada for future generations,” Oliver said.

However, the government will only allow energy projects to proceed “if they are found to be safe for Canadians after an independent, science-based environmental and regulatory review.”


4 thoughts on “National Energy Board approves 4 LNG export licences for 25 years

  1. these cannot be linked with the water permits at williston. that will engage free trade investor rights provisions and enable them to either hand over the water to private interests or bankrupt and sell-off bc hydro. same plan is being rollied out over here in NL with emera and peridae. heads up!!

    1. lonenewfwolf … I believe we have already opened that door. Talisman Energy was granted a (20 year) long-term water licence (not just a permit) to draw water off the Williston Reservoir for hydraulic fracturing. Talisman does have registration in the U.S. Talisman Energy USA Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary registered in Pennsylvania (

      What is even more concerning is that the BC Oil and Gas Commission now has the authority to approve long-term water licenses for the industry. With the provincial governments LNG-dependent economic agenda … we’re headed for ‘troubled’ waters.

      1. they are attempting to change water law in canada by bringing in water rights under nafta and enshrine it in the new fta’s. we must challenge the abitibi expropriation in NL and the nafta decision asap.

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