Rex Tillerson, you are a big, fat NIMBY

Rex Tillerson, you are a big, fat NIMBY

Rex Tillerson, you are a big, fat NIMBY
ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson loves fracking other people’s back yards – just not his own

Dear Rex Tillerson,

I am writing to express my disappointment in learning that you recently opposed the construction of a water tower essential to shale gas development near your home in Texas.

As you and I both know, hydraulic fracturing – or “fracking”, as rabid environmentalist-types refer to it – is a game-changing technology that presents many wonderful opportunities to the American people and economy. Your company, ExxonMobil, has been a global leader in its development, for which I applaud you, as CEO.

I recognize that you are concerned the value of your $5 million home will be negatively affected by the construction of this 160-foot water tower – and you are likely right.

But sometimes in life, we are called upon to take one for the team – and this is just such a moment. By acting like every other pinko, tree-hugging NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) who stands in the way of progress by protesting the alleged impacts of fracking and related activities on their property values and family’s health and well being, I feel you are setting a very bad example for the rest of the country.

Just think – now every time a fracking company wants to suck a lake dry or inject poisonous chemicals into fresh water, or raise the risk of earthquakes from fracking, they will be able to point to you and say, “Yeah, but…the CEO of Exxon protested it too!”

Can you imagine the potential consequences for America’s economy? As you’re well aware, shale gas offers billions of dollars in economic opportunities, gazillions of jobs, and the ability for America to become energy independent – and you want to put all that at risk because your home might go down in value by a measly few million bucks?!

You had me worried when you acknowledged that human-caused climate change is real (beg to differ), but when you told those environmentalists that it’s no big deal and people who are affected by it should just move, you regained my confidence. You have always worked hard to promote the virtues of fracking and dismiss those pesky greenies, farmers and such – and for that, I admire your leadership.

But as for this water tower, I suggest it’s time you suck it up and deal with it, like so many millions of other Americans have had to.

Otherwise, not only will the environmentalists hate you, but so will all us reasonable folks who believe in the vision you’ve sold us about our energy future.

For the love of shale, please don’t be just another NIMBY, Rex!


A concerned citizen for energy progress


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  1. So we need to put a frack well near every politcans Home and make them drink the water!!!

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