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    Rafe- Death of the newspaper has a happy flipside

    The Shattered Mirror: What caused the fall of mainstream media – the Internet or shoddy, sycophantic corporate journalism?

    Hall of Fame broadcaster Rafe Mair dissects "The Shattered Mirror" a supposedly "independent" report into the decline of mainstream media which slams online journalism and pleads for government hand-outs, while ignoring the syc...

    Rafe: Gary Mason, quit lecturing Vancouverites for opposing pipelines

    Rafe Mair: "Now comes Gary Mason and the Toronto Globe and Mail telling us that British Columbians are wrong to be proud of caring about their surroundings and taking increasing steps to protect them and that when the likes of ...

    Rafe: Clark getting free ride from media, Horgan just dropping ball

    While the once-tough mainstream media gives BC Premier Christy Clark a free ride, NDP Opposition Leader John Horgan hasn't done much to help himself, says Rafe Mair.

    Rafe- Death of the newspaper has a happy flipside

    Rafe: It’s the end of the newspaper as we know it…and I feel fine

    After many decades, Rafe Mair has cancelled his subscriptions to boring, obsolete, oil-soaked BC newspapers - and he's surviving just fine.

    “In defence of oil industry”: Sun editorial shows Postmedia’s colours

    A recent Vancouver Sun editorial titled "In defence of oil industry" shows parent company and partner of the oil and gas sector Postmedia's true colours, says Rafe Mair.

    So long Ed Murrow and hard-hitting mainstream journalism

    Rafe Mair on the death of hard-hitting mainstream journalism: "The world will get by without Woodward and Bernstein and Edward R. Murrow - but it won't be as good a world, as honest a world."

    Rafe: How does Oil-boosting Postmedia boss get into news Hall of Fame?

    Rafe: How does oil-boosting Postmedia boss get into News Hall of Fame?

    After selling his papers' journalistic integrity for oil and gas money, how does Postmedia boss Paul Godfrey wind up in the Canadian News Hall of Fame, asks Rafe Mair.

    Rafe- Canada's biggest newspaper chain has sold its soul to oil and gas

    Rafe: Canada’s biggest newspaper chain sold its soul to oil and gas

    Rafe Mair on Postmedia's marriage to the oil and gas lobby and the lack of responsible journalism from Canada's other establishment media corporations.

    Be wary of Postmedia editorials endorsing Harper

    Rafe: Be wary of Postmedia editorials endorsing Harper

    Postmedia is in a conflict of interest backing Harper's oil-based economic agenda, warns Rafe Mair.

    Rafe: LNG shill, Province blogger practices shabby journalism

    Rafe Mair continues exposing the shabby journalistic practices of LNG shill and Province video blogger Brent Stafford.