Bird's eye view of Texas fracking causes rumble

Bird’s eye view of Texas fracking causes rumble

photo: Amy Youngs - click to enlarge
photo: Amy Youngs – click to enlarge

An aerial photo taken on August 3rd of fracking operations in Texas has caused a rumble online, drawing 20,000 views on the photo sharing site, Flckr.

The photo, posted by Amy Youngs, carries the inscription:

[quote]Saw these strange new human-made landscapes on my flight from Sacramento to Houston. Not farming, not subdivisions, but many miles of rectangular patches etched out of the earth, some with pools next to them, all with roads to them. I doubt that people see these when driving on major roads – I never have – but they were very visible from a plane. Welcome to your new landscape![/quote]

Modern-day hydraulic fracturing was first developed in Texas’ Barnett Shale. As of 2011, the state led the nation with over 100,000 gas wells – many of which have involved fracking in recent years. The water-intensive process is being questioned as Texas faces drought conditions.

See an interactive image of the above fracking operations in google maps.


About Damien Gillis

Damien Gillis is a Vancouver-based documentary filmmaker with a focus on environmental and social justice issues - especially relating to water, energy, and saving Canada's wild salmon - working with many environmental organizations in BC and around the world. He is the co-founder, along with Rafe Mair, of The Common Sense Canadian, and a board member of both the BC Environmental Network and the Haig-Brown Institute.

48 thoughts on “Bird’s eye view of Texas fracking causes rumble

  1. Hard to make progress on fracking safety when the industry refuses to participate in meaningful studies:

    “If industry is not going to co-operate on this, then they are not to be trusted. They have plenty of incentive to hide accidents, spills and all that kind of stuff. That’s what people do, they protect their self interest.” -Dr. Allan Hoffman, retired US Dept. of Energy senior analyst

  2. How many people, after seeing this, will:

    1) Discard their AC unit and install screens on doors and windows if not there already. No AC in the summertime like we did in the 50’s.

    2) Get rid of your $40,000 SUV (Stupid Useless Vehicle) and replace it with a hybrid or electric car.

    3) Get rid of every labor-saving appliance in your kitchen (but it’s OK to keep your toaster and refrigerator).

    4) Get rid of all washers and dryers and wash all clothes with a washboard, and dry them on a clothesline (I doubt if many reading this have ever seen a clothespin).

    Get my drift?

    1. Your drift is a fallacy. Let’s not talk about climate change or possible fracturing leaks. Let’s talk about fresh water. Are you willing to sacrifice a few bucks for a permanent loss of untold millions of gallons fresh water, forever? There is no debate here. Once that water is used, it is unfit for human or natural uses, forever. Let’s exploit a finite resource for maybe 15-20 years at the expense of our families and landscapes? Let’s waste all of our water now for economic benefits that would better be put to use in renewable energies. All that you are doing is ensuring a future for generations to come where fresh water is scarce, and people are going war over something that can be prevented with a little thought. A few bucks for the blood of millions in years to come. Just wait. A great nation like America will be brought to its knees once we run out of the most important resource on this planet. Get my drift? Probably not.

    2. Sorry Roger but you can’t shame people who are bringing attention to fracking by using this lame argument. We are trying to move our country towards a better renewable energy future. If you want to be lazy and do nothing, that is you’re prerogative, be we want something better and are doing something about it.

  3. This no doubt a photo of a oil and gas well field. How does the author know that these wells were fracked. Fracking is relativily new and Texas is an older play with many wells drilled before fracking came about. i am no fan of fracking but when you wnat to be taken seriously as an environmental concern make sure you put out accurate information. If you do not your critics will have an edge on you.

    1. Because they involve telltale well pads and access roads with a certain density, Greg.

      According to one well-informed reader:

      “This is Lake Limestone, TX. Tight gas (not shale). Could be Travis Peak, Bossier, Cotton Valley, Gilmer Lime, or Austin Chalk formations, depending on depth. Yes, probably fracked. You can see the Limestone Electric Generation Station in upper right (coal fired).

      Now, whether this is tight gas, shale gas, or shale oil, it’s part of a package of unconventional energy tools which all involve similar concerns re: water use and contamination, chemicals, seismic issues, climate issues, and, clearly, ecological issues with the segmentation of the landscape.

      Bottom line is this is what the future of unconventional energy looks like. And it ain’t a pretty picture.

    2. You should also do your homework. Fracking is used on conventional oil wells once conventional drilling ceases to yield substantial amounts of oil. Companies use fracking to squeeze every once possible frome every well. So even if a few of those wells are for crude oil only, chances are they will be fracked anyway.

  4. 50% pro’s vs 50% cons.

    As a species we do not stand a chance but that is the way we expect things to go, extinction threatens every living organism eventually.

    On a social level I am disgusted by our species and its selfishness, only a small minority actually cares about things enough to act accordingly.

    So keep on complaining, drive to McD’s, go home and drink a soda and complain some more.

    Or instead you can make a decision to react and try to change things around you for the better.

    Stop banking or at least use only one bank, stop convenience bullshit, take time for family old and young instead of dumping in a home, look at the food you buy, which should not be bought at wallmart but at a local independent retailer, stop buying NIKE or any other known child laborer and forget about the latest hype and fashion, do not leave electric shit on standbye, although that easy little thing is very difficult for a human being cause every year we have to be told on tellie..!!

    As a species we are doomed, and perhaps we do not even deserve many more generations, at least the animal kingdom might have a chance if we extinct ourselves.

    The quicker we remove gas and oil the faster we will remove ourselves from the equation cause we will not stand a chance after this.

    Those people now in charge of oil and gas will control the sun and the wind soon enough, if we survive that long.

    A shame that those companies also own the police and armies all over the western world and every liberty to demonstrate is pushed into the ground, they will lock-up or shoot anybody threatening their live-style, and there is nothing we will do about that.

    Unfortunately the human race as a whole does not care enough to act.

    A shame, we could do so many nice things.


    1. “The quicker we remove gas and oil the faster we will remove ourselves from the equation cause we will not stand a chance after this.”

      Please do a little more research before you post. Especially when it’s something this important. If we can educate enough people about overpopulation and environmental degredation we most definitely stand a chance. The quicker we remove gas and oil the better off we and the planet are as a whole. But you seem to be doing more complaining than campaigning.

  5. The invasion has begun
    We are in control of your resources
    Your water supply
    Your health
    And ur porn habits
    Tick tock tick tock

  6. Awesome! Frac Baby Frac! Obama’s stated that he wants to bankrupt coal…Gotta have energy or his pitiful economy will really crash. Think of the jobs created.

    1. Can you even spell ‘frack’ or ‘fracking’, or have the fracking fumes got to your head? Drill baby drill. 20 years later… Hey, where did all of our water go? Oh well, let’s go to war with some country that still has some. Oh wait, we have no infrastructure to go to war becaue we didn’t invest in renewable energies… Oh well, we’re all dead.

  7. In many places homeowners and hobby gardeners are not allowed to collect rainwater for watering lawns and gardens because the water is supposedly tainted. Soon all the water that comes out of the ground will also not be drinkable thanks to hydraulic fracturing and injection wells.

  8. If every one grew organic non GMO gardens on there roof tops back yards and get rid of your lawns come on!! Why do you need lawns a food forest is a milion times nice’r and that will stop lawnmowing and 20% of shoping for food, and if you don’t have time give some one a job its the best Job ever it’s my Job and i Love it and then buy a smaller car you don’t need a big fancy car to drive to youre boring Job

  9. Congrats Texas – you have destroyed your landscapes for no good reason. Enjoy a few years worth of gasoline. Don’t worry about your scarred landscapes and your ruined natural environment and your poisoned water. You can always…oh no, thats right you can never put this right. Grow some fungus and hope that it mittigates the chemicals used: 1330-20-7 Xylene
    7732-18-5 Water
    25038-72-6 Vinylidene Chloride/Methylacrylate Copolymer
    57-13-6 Urea
    7601-54-9 Trisodium orthophosphate
    5064-31-3 Trisodium Nitrilotriacetate
    150-38-9 Trisodium Ethylenediaminetetraacetate
    52624-57-4 Trimethylolpropane, Ethoxylated, Propoxylated
    112-27-6 Triethylene glycol
    68299-02-5 Triethanolamine hydroxyacetate
    81741-28-8 Tributyl tetradecyl phosphonium chloride
    108-88-3 Toluene
    68527-49-1 Thiourea, polymer with formaldehyde and 1-phenylethanone
    62-56-6 Thiourea
    68-11-1 Thioglycolic acid
    64-02-8 Tetrasodium Ethylenediaminetetraacetate
    75-57-0 Tetramethyl ammonium chloride
    55566-30-8 Tetrakis(hydroxymethyl)phosphonium sulfate (THPS)
    533-74-4 Tetrahydro-3,5-dimethyl-2H-1,3,5-thiadiazine-2-thione (a.k.a. Dazomet)
    68956-56-9 Terpene hydrocarbon byproducts
    68647-72-3 Terpene and terpenoids
    72480-70-7 Tar bases, quinoline derivs., benzyl chloride-quaternized
    8052-48-0 Tallow fatty acids sodium salt
    68155-20-4 Tall Oil Fatty Acid Diethanolamine
    112945-52-5 Synthetic Amorphous / Pyrogenic Silica / Amorphous Silica
    Surfactant blend
    5329-14-6 Sulfamic acid
    57-50-1 Sucrose
    1338-43-8 Sorbitan Monooleate
    7772-98-7 Sodium thiosulfate
    1303-96-4 Sodium tetraborate decahydrate
    7757-82-6 Sodium sulfate
    9003-04-7 Sodium polyacrylate
    7775-27-1 Sodium persulfate
    10486-00-7 Sodium perborate tetrahydrate
    7775-19-1 Sodium Metaborate .8H2O
    7681-52-9 Sodium hypochlorite
    1310-73-2 Sodium Hydroxide
    2836-32-0 Sodium Glycolate
    6381-77-7 Sodium erythorbate / isoascorbic acid, sodium salt
    68-04-2 Sodium citrate
    3926-62-3 Sodium chloroacetate
    7758-19-2 Sodium chlorite
    7647-14-5 Sodium Chloride
    497-19-8 Sodium carbonate
    7647-15-6 Sodium bromide
    7631-90-5 Sodium bisulfate
    144-55-8 Sodium bicarbonate
    532-32-1 Sodium benzoate
    95371-16-7 Sodium Alpha-olefin Sulfonate
    127-09-3 Sodium acetate
    5324-84-5 Sodium 1-octanesulfonate
    7631-86-9 Silica, Dissolved
    Salt of fatty acid/polyamine reaction product
    Salt of amine-carbonyl condensate
    15619-48-4 Quinolinium, 1-(phenylmethl),chloride
    62763-89-7 Quinoline,2-methyl-, hydrochloride
    68953-58-2 Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
    107-98-2 Propylene glycol monomethyl ether
    57-55-6 Propane-1,2-diol, or Propylene glycol
    112926-00-8 Precipitated silica / silica gel
    24634-61-5 Potassium sorbate
    13709-94-9 Potassium metaborate
    1310-58-3 Potassium Hydroxide
    590-29-4 Potassium formate
    7447-40-7 Potassium chloride
    584-08-7 Potassium carbonate
    12712-38-8 Potassium borate
    1332-77-0 Potassium borate
    20786-60-1 Potassium Borate
    127-08-2 Potassium acetate
    61791-26-2 Polyoxylated fatty amine salt
    9005-65-6 Polyoxyethylene Sorbitan Monooleate
    Polymeric Hydrocarbons
    62649-23-4 Polymer with 2-propenoic acid and sodium 2-propenoate
    Polyethoxylated alkanol
    56449-46-8 Polyethlene glycol oleate ester
    51838-31-4 Polyepichlorohydrin, trimethylamine quaternized
    24938-91-8 Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), α-tridecyl-ω-hydroxy-
    25322-68-3 Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), a-hydro-w-hydroxy / Polyethylene Glycol
    60828-78-6 Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), a-[3,5-dimethyl-1-(2-methylpropyl)hexyl]-w-hydroxy-
    8000-41-7 Pine Oil
    70714-66-8 Phosphonic acid, [[(phosphonomethyl)imino]bis[2,1-ethanediylnitrilobis(methylene)]]tetrakis-, ammonium salt
    64741-68-0 Petroleum naphtha
    Petroleum distillate blend
    64742-65-0 Petroleum Base Oil
    Oxyalkylated alkylphenol
    121888-66-2 Organophilic Clays
    68412-54-4 Nonylphenol Polyethoxylate
    7727-37-9 Nitrogen, Liquid form
    93-18-5 Naphthalene, 2-ethoxy-
    38640-62-9 Naphthalene bis(1-methylethyl)
    91-20-3 Naphthalene
    64742-48-9 Naphtha (petroleum), hydrotreated heavy
    68139-30-0 N-Cocoamidopropyl-N,N-dimethyl-N-2-hydroxypropylsulfobetaine
    68909-18-2 N-benzyl-alkyl-pyridinium chloride
    44992-01-0 N,N,N-trimethyl-2[1-oxo-2-propenyl]oxy Ethanaminium chloride
    141-43-5 Monoethanolamine
    8052-41-3 Mineral spirits / Stoddard Solvent
    68891-11-2 Methyloxirane polymer with oxirane, mono (nonylphenol) ether, branched
    67-56-1 Methanol
    1184-78-7 methanamine, N,N-dimethyl-, N-oxide
    14807-96-6 Magnesium Silicate Hydrate (Talc)
    1120-21-4 Light Paraffin Oil
    64742-95-6 Light aromatic solvent naphtha
    63-42-3 Lactose
    64742-81-0 Kerosine, hydrodesulfurized
    8008-20-6 Kerosene
    68909-80-8 Isoquinoline, reaction products with benzyl chloride and quinoline
    98-82-8 Isopropylbenzene (cumene)
    64-63-0 Isopropanol
    64742-88-7 Isoparaffinic Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Synthetic
    35674-56-7 Isomeric Aromatic Ammonium Salt
    39421-75-5 Hydroxypropyl guar
    5470-11-1 Hydroxylamine hydrochloride
    9004-62-0 Hydroxyethyl cellulose
    35249-89-9 Hydroxyacetic acid ammonium salt
    79-14-1 Hydroxy acetic acid
    7722-84-1 Hydrogen peroxide
    7647-01-0 Hydrochloric Acid / Hydrogen Chloride / muriatic acid
    9025-56-3 Hemicellulase
    64742-94-5 Heavy aromatic petroleum naphtha
    9000-30-0 Guar Gum
    56-81-5 Glycerol / glycerine
    111-30-8 Glutaraldehyde
    65997-17-3 Glassy calcium magnesium phosphate
    110-17-8 Fumaric acid
    64-18-6 Formic acid
    75-12-7 Formamide
    153795-76-7 Formaldehyde, polymers with branched 4-nonylphenol, ethylene oxide and propylene oxide
    29316-47-0 Formaldehyde polymer with 4,1,1-dimethylethyl phenolmethyl oxirane
    50-00-0 Formaldehyde
    7782-63-0 Ferrous sulfate, heptahydrate
    7705-08-0 Ferric chloride
    9043-30-5 Fatty alcohol polyglycol ether surfactant
    68188-40-9 Fatty acids, tall oil reaction products w/ acetophenone, formaldehyde & thiourea
    61790-12-3 Fatty Acids
    68526-86-3 Exxal 13
    5877-42-9 Ethyloctynol
    75-21-8 Ethylene oxide
    9003-11-6 Ethylene Glycol-Propylene Glycol Copolymer (Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane)
    97-64-3 Ethyl lactate
    100-41-4 Ethyl Benzene
    64-17-5 Ethyl alcohol / ethanol
    9004-70-3 Ethoxylated Sorbitan Trioleate
    9005-67-8 Ethoxylated Sorbitan Monostearate
    9036-19-5 Ethoxylated octylphenol
    68439-45-2 Ethoxylated hexanol
    61791-08-0 Ethoxylated fatty acid, coco, reaction product with ethanolamine
    61791-29-5 Ethoxylated fatty acid, coco
    61791-12-6 Ethoxylated Castor Oil
    34398-01-1 Ethoxylated C11 alcohol
    78330-21-9 Ethoxylated branch alcohol
    68439-51-0 Ethoxylated Alcohols (C12-14)
    84133-50-6 Ethoxylated Alcohols (C12-14 Secondary)
    66455-15-0 Ethoxylated Alcohols
    68439-46-3 Ethoxylated alcohol (C9-11)
    68951-67-7 Ethoxylated alcohol (C14-15)
    67254-71-1 Ethoxylated alcohol (C10-12)
    68439-50-9 Ethoxylated alcohol
    126950-60-5 Ethoxylated alcohol
    9002-93-1 Ethoxylated 4-tert-octylphenol
    54076-97-0 Ethanaminium, N,N,N-trimethyl-2-[(1-oxo-2-propenyl)oxy]-, chloride, homopolymer
    89-65-6 Erythorbic acid, anhydrous
    149879-98-1 Erucic Amidopropyl Dimethyl Betaine
    37288-54-3 Endo-1,4-beta-mannanase, or Hemicellulase
    42504-46-1 Dodecylbenzenesulfonate isopropanolamine
    27176-87-0 Dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid
    123-01-3 Dodecylbenzene
    139-33-3 Disodium Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetate
    25265-71-8 Dipropylene glycol
    7398-69-8 Dimethyldiallylammonium chloride
    68607-28-3 Dimethylcocoamine, bis(chloroethyl) ether, diquaternary ammonium salt
    28757-00-8 Diisopropyl naphthalenesulfonic acid
    22042-96-2 Diethylenetriamine penta (methylenephonic acid) sodium salt
    111-46-6 Diethylene glycol
    25340-17-4 Diethylbenzene
    3252-43-5 Dibromoacetonitrile
    1120-24-7 Decyldimethyl Amine
    2605-79-0 Decyl-dimethyl Amine Oxide
    50-70-4 D-Sorbitol / Sorbitol
    5989-27-5 D-Limonene
    7447-39-4 Cupric chloride dihydrate
    14808-60-7 Crystalline Silica (Quartz)
    31726-34-8 Crissanol A-55
    7758-98-7 Copper(II) sulfate
    68424-94-2 Coco-betaine
    68155-09-9 Cocamidopropylamine Oxide
    61789-40-0 Cocamidopropyl betaine
    94266-47-4 Citrus Terpenes
    77-92-9 Citric Acid
    10049-04-4 Chlorine dioxide
    9004-34-6 Cellulose
    9012-54-8 Cellulase / Hemicellulase Enzyme
    68130-15-4 Carboxymethylhydroxypropyl guar
    124-38-9 Carbon dioxide
    10043-52-4 Calcium chloride
    68131-39-5 C12-15 Alcohol, Ethoxylated
    68002-97-1 C10 – C16 Ethoxylated Alcohol
    71-36-3 Butan-1-ol
    1303-86-2 Boric oxide / Boric Anhydride
    10043-35-3 Boric acid
    74153-51-8 Benzenemethanaminium, N,N-dimethyl-N-[2-[(1-oxo-2-propenyl)oxy]ethyl]-, chloride, polymer with 2-propenamide
    119345-04-9 Benzene, 1,1′-oxybis, tetratpropylene derivatives, sulfonated, sodium salts
    71-43-2 Benzene
    121888-68-4 Bentonite, benzyl(hydrogenated tallow alkyl) dimethylammonium stearate complex / organophilic clay
    Aromatic ketones
    Aromatic hydrocarbons
    7664-41-7 Aqueous ammonia
    1762-95-4 Ammonium Thiocyanate
    7727-54-0 Ammonium Persulfate / Diammonium peroxidisulphate
    6484-52-2 Ammonium nitrate
    1341-49-7 Ammonium hydrogen-difluoride
    37475-88-0 Ammonium Cumene Sulfonate
    7632-50-0 Ammonium citrate
    12125-02-9 Ammonium chloride
    10192-30-0 Ammonium bisulfite
    7783-20-2 Ammonium bisulfate
    68037-05-8 Ammonium Alcohol Ether Sulfate
    631-61-8 Ammonium acetate
    1336-21-6 Ammonia
    68551-33-7 Amines, tallow alkyl, ethoxylated, acetates
    71011-04-6 Amines, Ditallow alkyl, ethoxylated
    73138-27-9 Amines, C12-14-tert-alkyl, ethoxylated
    1327-41-9 Aluminum chloride
    9016-45-9 Alkylphenol ethoxylate surfactants
    Alkylaryl Sulfonate
    Alkyl Aryl Polyethoxy Ethanol
    68439-57-6 Alkyl (C14-C16) olefin sulfonate, sodium salt
    64743-02-8 Alkenes
    64742-47-8 Aliphatic Hydrocarbon / Hydrotreated light distillate / Petroleum Distillates / Isoparaffinic Solvent / Paraffin Solvent / Napthenic Solvent
    Aliphatic alcohol glycol ether
    Aliphatic acids
    68551-12-2 Alcohols, C12-C16, Ethoxylated (a.k.a. Ethoxylated alcohol)
    69418-26-4 Acrylamide polymer with N,N,N-trimethyl-2[1-oxo-2-propenyl]oxy Ethanaminium chloride
    25085-02-3 Acrylamide – Sodium Acrylate Copolymer or Anionic Polyacrylamide
    38193-60-1 Acrylamide – sodium 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonate copolymer
    79-06-1 Acrylamide
    67-64-1 Acetone
    108-24-7 Acetic Anhydride
    68442-62-6 Acetic acid, hydroxy-, reaction products with triethanolamine
    64-19-7 Acetic acid
    127087-87-0 4-Nonylphenol Polyethylene Glycol Ether Branched / Nonylphenol ethoxylated / Oxyalkylated Phenol
    115-19-5 3-methyl-1-butyn-3-ol
    51229-78-8 3,5,7-Triaza-1-azoniatricyclo[,7]decane, 1-(3-chloro-2-propenyl)-chloride,
    107-19-7 2-Propyn-1-ol / Propargyl alcohol
    66019-18-9 2-propenoic acid, telomer with sodium hydrogen sulfite
    71050-62-9 2-Propenoic acid, polymer with sodium phosphinate (1:1)
    25987-30-8 2-Propenoic acid, polymer with 2 p-propenamide, sodium salt / Copolymer of acrylamide and sodium acrylate
    9003-03-6 2-propenoic acid, homopolymer, ammonium salt
    26062-79-3 2-Propen-1-aminium, N,N-dimethyl-N-2-propenyl-chloride, homopolymer
    67-63-0 2-Propanol / Isopropyl Alcohol / Isopropanol / Propan-2-ol
    104-76-7 2-Ethyl Hexanol
    1113-55-9 2-Dibromo-3-Nitriloprionamide (2-Monobromo-3-nitriilopropionamide)
    111-76-2 2-Butoxy ethanol
    52-51-7 2-Bromo-2-nitro-1,3-propanediol
    46830-22-2 2-acryloyloxyethyl(benzyl)dimethylammonium chloride
    15214-89-8 2-Acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulphonic acid sodium salt polymer
    73003-80-2 2,2-Dibromomalonamide
    27776-21-2 2,2′-azobis-{2-(imidazlin-2-yl)propane}-dihydrochloride
    10222-01-2 2,2 Dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide, a biocide
    1120-36-1 1-tetradecene
    112-88-9 1-octadecene
    629-73-2 1-hexadecene
    3452-07-1 1-eicosene
    123-91-1 1,4-Dioxane
    2634-33-5 1,2-Benzisothiazolin-2-one / 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one
    95-63-6 1,2,4-trimethylbenzene
    107-21 -1 Ethane-1,2-diol / Ethylene Glycol
    15085 -02-3 Acrylamide-sodium acrylate copolymer

  10. The anonymous poster at the top makes one useful point and that’s that these sites are easily reclaimed for safe use with a combination of mycoremediation (fungi that grows on petroleum and breaks it down) and new soil. Common endophytes (species that break down wood matter) thrive on the oil and are arguably edible because of how far they break down the substance. Even if we get no additional benefit from using them, they will attract insects, birds and plant growth through the activity they encourage. Fungal applications, or the biochemistry derived from them, are going to revolutionize agriculture, site reclamation and food production, and all of the transportation and environmental issues that have come with it.

    The problem is the excessive water used and the fact that without better carbon filtering and a pervasive practice of adopting alternatives and greening urban areas as well as rural, we will produce 8x more CO2 than we calculated would raise global temperatures two degrees, and all the consequences that go with that, just by using the fossil fuels we already have. This data comes from the oil companies themselves.

    So no, oil isn’t so nice if we’re going to be so neglectful using it.

    1. If you apply fungus everywhere, then you have a fungus problem.

      My maple trees have a fungus growing on them that is leaving them with huge black spots and causing the leaves to fall off early. I’m 60 and have never seen this before in my life.

      Ah the quick fix, the silver bullet. Go back to your lab and see what else you can concoct.

      Fracking has to stop now. Most of those who are supportive of it are in the oil and gas industry or own stock. You’re ruining our water and air people. Adding new elements might seem like a good idea because you’re so addicted to easy extraction of gas, but you’re killing people, animals and the land.
      Wake up!

        1. No kidding. Fungi has been breaking down maple trees long before you were born some 60 years ago and will continue to do so long after we are all gone. Educate yourself.

    2. Mycoremediation is amazing but I don’t think that having a bandage is reason to cut yourself. I think by saying they are easily reclaimed mis-educates. The rest of your points illustrate very nicely some of the reasons to globally drop this malign industry.

    3. There is no process in humanitie’s tool belt that can remove all harmful chemicals from fracking fluids. Water is more important than oil.

  11. Oil is needed in everything we do. Good luck typing your next comment on this site without a trace of oil being used, I mean, you got your computer somewhere, somehow 😉 All of that “new landscape” is going to be reclaimed, by law, to its “old landscape” or better and those texan farmers will be able to once again grow stuff on that lease, I know this for a fact because I’ve worked with vegetation health mapping on old lease sites. Think of all those lease sites as a temporary change to get the good stuff that we need! As for frac-ing, if you think there’s a better way of doing what has to be done then you should probably go get a masters in petroleum engineering and put your mind to use!

    1. Mucho, surely the fact that our society depends on fossil fuels today should not preclude the whole world from commenting on the impacts and trade-offs of this system, while advocating for more sustainable alternatives…Otherwise, you’re asking us to commit to being locked in a self-destructive loop. Where’s the sense in that?!

      1. Mucho Moola…….your name says it all.
        Short term gain for long term pain.
        Poisoning the planet
        “reclaiming the landscape’
        You’re kidding right?
        Its the polluted water we’re worried about.
        time will tell, unfortunately it’ll be way too late.

        A jackass and his new found money, how typical..
        Just keep selling your soul for the almighty buck and paying those bills……..
        P.S. You need a bigger house and a newer car. The other ones are sooooooo, “dated”

    2. No thanks.I don’t want to be part of your petroleum culture.
      I have a masters in designing a culture that doesn’t need fossil fuels at all. It’s called #permaculture.

    3. We have run out of oil. Every time we use it we are stealing life from the future, possibly your children and most certainly your grandchildren. Once we are under water we will regret that we didn’t let the carbon stay sequestered 2 miles below. If Obama had any hairs on his butt he’d declare Big Oil to be a clear and present danger and he’d seize their property under eminent domain.

    4. energy is a once use item renewables is the future if the government could figure a way to make money off solar and wind they would already be cities full of solar panels on their rooftops but there isnt any cause they cant make money.its ALL ABOUT THE WORTHLESS GREENBACK!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Ahh yes a masters in petroleum engineering, valuable mental resources being invested in a FINITE energy source that will soon diminish completely. Brilliant idea sir!!! Score one for the future! I am sure once all the oil is gone we will suddenly develop the technology we have been neglecting for the past 50 years, especially with all of the experts in petroleum engineering!

    6. No, crude oil is not needed at all. Oil is so far obsolete it’s not funny. Hemp can produce every thing oil can and more.

    7. It’s not oil that powers everything. Natural gas and oil are used separately in society. I’m sure you knew that. The debate isn’t even about whether we should use it or not. It’s the amount of water being used, and the fact that it’s killing our renewable energy industry. Why do you think China wants us to frack so badly? They want our gas so that they can continue to domintate the solar industry. I’m sure you knew that too.

    1. Yeah, water… and each one of those squares has anywhere between 4 -12 horizontal drills and coinciding fracks.

      Then of course each square has a corresponding pipeline….

      And the sour gas released, the flaring, the methane/CO2….

      Ah well… did you hear about Enbridge? Man of man… that dilbit pipeline, we should do another documentary.

      Just wait… Enbridge is on the thousands of miles of pipeline required for all this fracking? How come no docs on that? No Tzeporah driving stakes into the legislature lawn and asking what the frack?

      Odd that…

  12. That’s a lot of water used/contaminated considering the amount of sites in the pic. What part of Texas is this?

    1. This is Lake Limestone, TX. Tight gas (not shale). Could be Travis Peak, Bossier, Cotton Valley, Gilmer Lime, or Austin Chalk formations, depending on depth. Yes, probably fracked. You can see the Limestone Electric Generation Station in upper right (coal fired).

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