Alex G. Tsakumis: A Tribute to Rafe Mair


Read this heartfelt tribute to Rafe Mair, written by conservative blogger and investigative journalist Alex G. Tsakumis following last week’s 80th birthday celebration of Rafe.

“I was privileged to attend my pal Rafe Mair’s birthday roast last night. It was a truly eclectic mix of about 200 media personalities,
politicians and Rafe fans. He was feted by friends and colleagues, led
by the incomparable Shiral Tobin, who was hysterically funny and
terribly endearing as host. In no particular order: Damien Gillis, Rick Cluff, Jon McComb, Red
Robinson, Mayor (of Lions Bay) Brenda Broughton, John Cummins, Stewart
Phillip, Tex Enemark, Joe Foy, David Beers (for whom my respect grows on
a daily basis) and a host of others took turns skewering Rafe both on
and off stage–but praising him too…

…Every morning, without fail, Rafe dared us to face our fears–of
course, after he dangled them inches from our collective face and
foretold of our peril should we refuse his thoughtful remedy. There was
no one in the history of Canadian broadcasting that provided that kind
of educated, articulate, expressive, emotional perspective. Rafe
singularly identified where entire governments went wrong, and then lent
his considerable intelligence, free of charge, to the very same targets
of his often devastating comments, only to deliver pertinent solutions
and sweeping policy where there was nothing. He’s still doing it. In my recent interview with him, where the
tables were turned and I did the asking, he was more persuasive, topical
and fluent than commentators half his age.” (Nov. 25, 2011)

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