Fresh Evidence of ISA Virus in BC’s Wild Salmon – Alexandra Morton’s Letter to Fisheries Minister


Read Alexandra Morton’s latest blog post, alerting Federal Fisheries Minister Keith Ashfield to the biologist’s recent discovery of more wild BC salmon infested with the deadly Infectious Salmon Anemia virus.

“Dear Minister Ashfield,

I would suggest you stop treating us like fools. Your attached letter is grossly inadequate. Download Initial Request for 2011-001-03100.pdf (440.4K)
Show us your Moncton test results because your lab is the only one that
cannot find ISA virus. I would also suggest you stop obsessing over
the quality of the River Inlet samples and go out and get your own
samples. You have an entire department at your disposal.

Yesterday I received yet another set of positive ISAv results for salmon of the Fraser River. Download Report231111[13].pdf (15.9K)

You can stop calling the 1st Norwegian tests a “negative” result. Be
more accurate and call them what they are – a weak positive. Download Report 021111.pdf (22.0K) You can’t wave a magic wand and make black white.” (Nov. 25, 2011)

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