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    LNG opponents take to waters of Howe Sound for Flotilla

    Groups fighting to save Howe Sound from a proposed LNG plant and dangerous tanker traffic are inviting citizens to join them on the water Saturday July 11.

    Island communities could run out of water by August

    With only enough water to last until August, several Vancouver Island communities have moved to level 3 and 4 water restrictions.

    New Clothes- The generational rip-off of LNG

    New Clothes: The generational rip-off of BC LNG

    A searing, poetic essay on the real costs and taxpayer rip-off of BC LNG - from someone living along the proposed northern pipeline routes.

    Peaceful Paddle lands Site C opponents on terrorist watch list

    This year's Paddle for the Peace has landed its organizers and Site C Dam opponents on a federal terrorist watch list, despite a decade of peaceful events under their belts.

    To the Ends of the Earth: Filmmaker One-on-One

    Filmmakers David Lavallee and Damien Gillis discuss everything from fracking and arctic drilling to dealing with CSIS and running a crowdfunder, which Lavallee is doing to finish his latest project, "To the Ends of the Earth".

    Enbridge let off the hook in paltry Kalamazoo oil spill settlement

    Despite a lingering mess on the Kalamazoo River long after Enbridge's 2010 oil spill, the company got off easy in its settlement with the State of Michigan.

    Shell-led LNG project for Kitimat gets conditional approval from BC

    Shell-led consortium LNG Canada has received conditional environmental approval for its proposed Kitimat terminal.

    Canadian oil industry slashes production forecast by 1.1 million barrels/day due to price slump

    With $50 oil, the Canadian industry is slashing its production forecast by 1.1 million barrels/day.

    Has fracking peaked?

    Declines in production, drilling rigs and jobs at the major US shale oil plays suggest the fracking boom may be drawing to a close.

    Petronas’ LNG project gets ‘conditional approval’, despite First Nations opposition

    Petronas and its partners have announced "conditional approval" for their Pacific Northwest LNG project, despite ongoing First Nations opposition.