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    Lax Kw’alaams claim on Lelu Island could sink Petronas’ LNG project

    A claim by the Lax Kw'alaams First Nation on Lelu Island could sink Petronas' plans for an LNG terminal amid sensitive habitat in the Skeena Estuary.

    Why Strategic Voting is essential in Canadian Election

    Why Strategic Voting is essential for Canada

    In the last two elections, the Conservatives gained 6% in the final weeks. It could happen again. That's why it's time for Harper opponents to talk seriously about strategic voting, says Doug Carrick.

    A baby boomer's plea- On Harper, Legacy and the Canadian election

    A Baby Boomer’s plea: On Harper, Legacy and the Canadian election

    One Baby Boomer's plea to her generation - on the Canadian election and repairing the damage wrought by the Harper Government to their grandchildren's Canada

    Nexen loses fracking water licence in Fort Nelson First Nation appeal

    The Fort Nelson First Nation has won its bid to strip Nexen of a water licence for 2.5 billion litres a year of fresh water for its fracking operations in northeast BC - a potentially precedent-setting case.

    Enbridge battle far from over, even if Harper approves pipeline

    Harper in danger of slipping to third place: New polls

    New polls suggest the Harper Conservatives are in danger of slipping into third place behind the Liberals and NDP, which maintains a healthy lead in the federal election campaign.

    The Harper Conservative economic disaster

    From gross fiscal mismanagement to betting everything on the Alberta tar sands, Doug Carrick digs into the Harper Conservatives' economic disaster.

    Wind power cost plummets to all-time low as capacity grows

    As the cost of wind power plummets, nine US states now generate more than 10% of their electricity from wind.

    Malaysian paper claims Petronas ready for Sept. construction start on BC LNG plant

    Construction on Petronas' BC LNG plant could begin as soon as September, claims a Malaysian paper reporting on BC Finance Minister Mike de Jong's visit to the country.

    BC LNG Bill locks in public rip-off for a generation

    A new BC Liberal bill would lock in rock-bottom tax rates for multinationals like Petronas for 25 years, ensuring British Columbians see very little benefit from the LNG industry - including far fewer jobs than promised.

    LNG opponents take to waters of Howe Sound for Flotilla

    Groups fighting to save Howe Sound from a proposed LNG plant and dangerous tanker traffic are inviting citizens to join them on the water Saturday July 11.