Whistleblower’s Open Letter to Canadians re: Harper’s ENGO Intimidation Over Enbridge


Read this open letter from Andrew Frank – the recently fired ForestEthics campaigner who has gone public about the Harper Government’s alleged threats to prominent environmental and charitable organizations over their work opposing the controversial Enbridge pipeline through BC. (Jan. 24, 2012)

My name is Andrew Frank. I grew up in a small town in the Okanagan valley of BritishColumbia. My granddad taught me how to fish. My father was a well‐respected lawyerknown for his unwavering integrity, and my mother was a favourite kindergarten teacher.Both have always impressed upon me the importance of telling the truth.

Today, I am taking the extraordinary step of risking my career, my reputation and mypersonal friendships, to act as a whistleblower and expose the undemocratic andpotentially illegal pressure the Harper government has apparently applied to silence criticsof the Enbridge Northern Gateway oil tanker/pipeline plan.

As I have detailed in a sworn affidavit, no less than three senior managers with TidesCanada and ForestEthics (a charitable project of Tides Canada), have informed me, as theSenior Communications Manager for ForestEthics, that Tides Canada CEO, Ross McMillan,was informed by the Prime Minister’s Office, that ForestEthics is considered an “Enemy of the Government of Canada,” and an “Enemy of the people of Canada.”

Read open letter: http://www.scribd.com/doc/79228736/Whistleblower-s-Open-Letter-to-Canadians