Video: Carole James Fights Back


Watch video of Carole James talking tough on her party’s internal divisions on the Public Eye Online here

Provincial New Democrat leader Carole James has said there is
“some self-centredness” among dissidents within her caucus and party.
Ms. James made the statement shortly after Kootenay West MLA Katrine Conroy
announced her resignation as caucus whip. Speaking with reporters, an
angry and frustrated Ms. James described the dissidents as “people who
would rather fight themselves internally and get focus on those kind of
issues than serving the people in British Columbia.” Ms. James wouldn’t
say how much support she presently enjoyed in caucus other than that it
was a majority. She also stated this weekend’s provincial council
meeting would settle questions about her leadership. That’s where party
officials will debate constituency association resolutions calling for a
leadership convention in 2011. “I expect all – including the members of
caucus – to respect the wishes of provincial council, end the
infighting and get on with the job.” Ms. James didn’t directly respond
to a question whether it was tenable for her to remain leader if a
strong minority of constituency associations or caucus members aren’t
supportive of her leadership.


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