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Reuters: City of Buffalo Bans Hydraulic Fracturing


Feb 8, 2011

(Reuters) – The
city of Buffalo banned the natural gas drilling technique of hydraulic
fracturing on Tuesday in a largely symbolic vote that fuels debate over
the potential harm to ground water from mining an abundant energy

The city council voted 9-0 to
prohibit natural gas extraction including the process known as
“fracking” in which chemicals, sand and water are blasted deep into the
earth to fracture shale formations and allow gas to escape.

The ordinance also bans storing, transferring, treating or disposing fracking waste within the city.

such drilling projects had been planned in Buffalo, though city
officials were concerned that fracking waste water from nearby
operations was reaching the city sewer system.

of the measure hope it will help build pressure against fracking, which
environmentalists claim endangers ground water from leaking chemicals.

Pittsburgh, Penn., has enacted a similar ban.

supporters say fracking is proven safe and natural gas from sources can
provide a much-needed domestic energy source. For an index of shale gas
companies, double-click on.

Marcellus Shale formation underlies much of Pennsylvania and parts of
surrounding states including western New York. Geologists estimate it
could supply U.S. natural gas demand for 20 years or more.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is studying the impact of
fracking and on Tuesday submitted a draft of its study to the agency’s
Science Advisory Board for review.

Initial Findings from the study are expected to be made public by the end of 2012.

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BBC Video & Report: Shale Gas Moratorium Urged in UK


From the BBC.co.uk – Jan 16, 2011

by Roger Harrabin

The UK government should
put a moratorium on shale gas operations until the environmental
implications are fully understood, a report says.

The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research report comes amid reports a firm has found reserves in Lancashire.

In the US, officials are investigating claims that shale gas drilling has polluted water supplies.

However, UK ministers have rejected a moratorium, saying that drilling for shale gas does not pose a threat.

“We are aware that there have been reports from US of issues
linked to some shale gas projects,” a spokesman for the Department of
Energy and Climate Change (Decc) told BBC News.

“However, we understand that these are only in a few cases
and that Cuadrilla (the firm testing for shale gas in Lancashire) has
made it clear that there is no likelihood of environmental damage and
that it is applying technical expertise and exercising the utmost care
as it takes drilling and testing forward.”

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Mackenzie Gas Pipeline OK’d, but Will it be Built?


From Calgary Herald – Dec. 17

by Dan Healing

decision Thursday that allows the Mackenzie Valley natural gas pipeline
from the Arctic to Alberta to be built was welcomed by the oilpatch and
decried by environmentalists.

Both sides agreed,
however, that actually getting the $16.2-billion project sanctioned in a
low gas price environment – while dealing with the 264 conditions
attached to the National Energy Board’s OK – is unlikely at best.

is a day to celebrate getting to a decision point,” said Brenda Kenny,
president of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association.

is a project that would put an important stamp on the overall
infrastructure for Canada, open a brand new supply basin and provide
thousands of jobs that would not occur otherwise.”

Sierra Club adviser Stephen Hazell and Kevin O’Reilly of the
environmental group Alternative North, both interveners in the hearings,
said they found the decision lacking when it comes to sustainability
and protecting the northern environment.

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