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Serious shortcomings in environmental assessments


Legitimate objections to government projects sometimes fall way too short of the mark.

In Narrows Inlet, lower Sunshine Coast in BC, legitimate and serious concerns over silt dumps from bottom draining, ice scoured, high alpine lakes and dumping massive amounts of ice scoured silt into prime fish habitat… were ignored. so, what purpose Environment assessment submissions then?

And now all government officials have evidently been gagged… their silence over environmental degradation and the fish kills – when alevins were migrating to the sea – is deafening.

The Conservation officer? Mr gun touting. environmental protection? “The proponent has invested a lot of money” followed by “I have no boat”.

The DFO senior biogist? “No environmental damage” – a claim made from his desk in Nanaimo… as proven after 19 polite email requests – none of which werre responded to… for the date of his inspection, into a project he assessed, and approved and then happily investigated… an FOI revealed he flew in on May 1… fully six weeks after the silt dump occurred …. when, as siltation expert, as any kid in a mud puddle knows, he knew the silt would have settled out of suspension in still water by that time.

And the proponent’s team?… the initial biologist? his brother … who invited residents “… to stop their dissent and invest in this Gold Rush” and since defrocking that multiple conflict of interest, residents have had four successive expert biologist who do not bother to consult with affected residents whose drinking water is to be fouled.

And there are 600 of these IPPs planned province wide. and the EAO… a token assessment… even after accepting a ride in with residents as the “proponent was not objective”!

And the supposedly required Visual Impact Presentation for the Ramona project? Not seen in two years of asking, particularly, not after the massive Tyson Lake private profit power project silt dumps by the same proponent.

And the dolly varden? stealhead? “blue listed” cutthroat trout? huh?

And the mountain goats, shore bears, trumpeter swans, osprey? … none seen since the inlet was industrialized.


Environment Minister Prentice Resigns!


Environment Minister Jim Prentice, long thought of as a possible
future Conservative leader after Prime Minister Stephen Harper steps
down, has suddenly resigned to go to Bay Street. “I am resigning from cabinet
effective immediately,” Prentice told MPs in a surprise announcement in
the House of Commons following Question Period Thursday. Read more of Toronto Star article here