A scene from the forthcoming film 'Fractured Land'

Audio: Damien Gillis Discusses ‘Fractured Land’ Doc on SFU Radio


Damien Gillis discusses the forthcoming film Fractured Land with SFU Radio’s David Swanson, along with a recent journey across northern BC to document a number of interconnected industrial projects. The film, which Gillis has been co-directing for the past year and a half with Vancouver-based filmmaker Fiona Rayher, is the story of the industrialization of northern BC told through the eyes of a young indigenous law student, Caleb Behn. It examines everything from controversial hyrdraulic fracturing for natural gas, mining and the proposed Site C Dam – all in Caleb’s traditional territory – as well as plans to pipe gas across BC and convert it to liquid to ship it to new Asian markets through the port town of Kitimat. (8 min – broadcast Sept. 17)

Watch for an upcoming “crowd-funding” campaign to generate grassroots support for Fractured Land.


2 thoughts on “Audio: Damien Gillis Discusses ‘Fractured Land’ Doc on SFU Radio

  1. Was interesting hearing some more detail of the Documentary. Good Luck to yourself, Fiona and the team with the completion of this. I have been enlightening people here in Ireland about this. There is an attempt presently to introduce fracking here in County Leitrim but is being resisted pending more studies about its “safety”!
    Siobhan Rayher. (Fiona’s Mum)

  2. This piece of work is absolutely brilliant!

    My hats off to you Damien and the team responsible for this work.

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