Fractured Land Trailer - Indiegogo

New Fractured Land Trailer, Crowd Funding Campaign Enters Final Stretch


In addition to my work documenting resource issues at the Common Sense Canadian, for the past two years I’ve been privileged to co-direct a forthcoming documentary film, Fractured Land, which examines our key energy challenges through the eyes of a compelling, young First Nations law student from northeast BC. In a recent Globe and Mail story, reporter Mark Hume described Caleb Behn as “one of B.C.’s bright, emerging native political leaders”, working to “move the debate over oil and gas development away from the confrontational front lines and into the living rooms of the nation.”

For the past month our team has been running a crowd funding campaign, offering the public an opportunity to support the film, in exchange for some great rewards. Now, in the final stretch of this funding drive, we’re proud to unveil our new trailer for Fractured Land – featuring Naomi Klein, Wade Davis, Bill McKibben, Josh Fox, Maude Barlow, Tom Mulcair, Oscar Dennis and Chief Sharleen Wildeman. We hope you’ll consider supporting our film and help share Caleb’s inspiring story with the world.