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The Common Sense Canadian is BC’s premier environmental news journal. Found at, it combines cutting-edge video, audio, and reporting and editorials from former BC Environment Minister and Hall of Fame broadcaster Rafe Mair, documentary filmmaker Damien Gillis, and a host of formidable contributors and guest editorialists who bring you the stories and opinions our establishment media won’t publish. The Common Sense Canadian tackles the issues that really matter to Canadians and the world, such as water, energy, food, democracy. We approach these topics with purpose and courage and offer innovative, workable solutions from the best minds in these critical areas – awesome Canadians like Alexandra Morton, Rex Weyler, Otto Langer, Joe Foy, Dr. John Calvert, and independent MLAs Vicky Huntington and Bob Simpson, to name just a few.

But above all, this is about you. Because we need your help – to comment on stories and send us your letters; to share our articles and videos with your friends through social media, and join our email news bulletin for weekly updates…And we also need your financial support. As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” So long as a media outlet depends on corporate owners and advertisers, its content will inevitably be censored and slanted toward those interests. If we are to change things, we need a new media that answers only to its public.

At, you’ll be able to follow the battle to save BC’s rivers from private power production, the destruction of our precious farmland juxtaposed against a positive vision for rebuilding our local food security, proposed oil pipelines and supertankers on Canada’s Pacific Coast, and solutions to our myriad socio-economic and environmental challenges.

The Common Sense Canadian is poised to fill the vacuum left by the corporate media – with something that can truly be called a free press.

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