Dick Cheney, Burning Korans, and The Media…


We’ve all heard about the Florida pastor and the Korans.. it was just about the Number One Story in the world. WHY? Because the Corporate owned media WANTED to make it news – because they want us to focus on stories involving hate and division and the ‘war of civilisations’ they are trying to start … that is what they want us focused on, so that is what they tell us about. Otherwise, the guy could have done this stupid thing and it would have been a ‘nothing event’ that nobody ever knew about… zero!


About 2 years ago, my favorite US Congressman, Dennis Kucinich, brought forward a resolution to IMPEACH Vice President Dick Cheney for crimes against the constitution. Kucinich – who was running for the Democratic nomination against Hilary and Obama, accused Cheney of criminal behaviour to get the US into the war in Iraq and for killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people… So here is a US congressman, running for president, standing on the floor of the US Congress, with papers to impeach the murderous Dick Cheney … and it gets NO coverage because Cheney works for Big Business and they are not going to let some two-bit Congressman bring him down…

But let some nobody, in the middle of nowhere, say he is going to burn some Korans, and they make it the number one story in the world.

And this is how the Corporate Media works … to mislead us and lie to us and keep us looking elsewhere while they destroy EVERYTHING.

And if we don’t stop them soon, they WILL destroy everything. The Corporations and Their Media are our greatest enemy, and we have got to bring them down.