New Gerry Hummel Cartoon: Destroy Fish Lake?



About Gerry Hummel

Gerry Hummel is a political cartoonist based in Kitimat, BC. We are proud to call him the official cartoonist for this website. While working at the local paper mill and raising two children as a single-dad, Gerry began working as a self-taught editorial cartoonist for the town paper in 1993. Several years later, he and the paper got sued by a local politician for being too honest - something Gerry shares in common with certain other people at After that, the paper restricted his artistic freedom to such an extent that he was unable to continue working with them. Naturally, he's a perfect fit for The Common Sense Canadian.

3 thoughts on “New Gerry Hummel Cartoon: Destroy Fish Lake?

  1. Mr. Johnston, we feel the same why, which is why we created Keep visiting us – and tell your friends!

  2. Try CHLY 101.7 fm radio malaspina in Nanaimo! You can podcast all their shows from their website too!

  3. I have not picked up or read a mainstream BC newspaper since the Liberals took office…and I do not watch most of the local tv stations because it was obvious from the beginning of this autocratic, deceptive rule of the BC Liberals that, we were not going to get any news detrimental to Cambpbell and his cronies…if I had my way I would remove their license to report news of any kind. Where is the attorney general of BC or the one in that other country….oh yeh…Canada? We as citizens don’t have too much protection do we ? from organized crime, or the Frazer Institute which I have believed from the beginning has or helped put together this take-over of our province….!

    These are my opinions, thank you for listening


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