David Suzuki on Chemtrails

David Suzuki on Chemtrails

David Suzuki on Chemtrails
Photos like this one appear all over the Internet, presented as evidence of “chemtrails”
Conspiracies fuel climate change denial and belief in chemtrails

I recently wrote about geoengineering as a strategy to deal with climate change and carbon dioxide emissions. That drew comments from people who confuse this scientific process with the unscientific theory of “chemtrails”. Some also claimed the column supported geoengineering, which it didn’t.

The reaction got me wondering why some people believe in phenomena rejected by science, like chemtrails, but deny real problems demonstrated by massive amounts of scientific evidence, like climate change.

Chemtrails believers claim governments around the world are in cahoots with secret organizations to seed the atmosphere with chemicals and materials – aluminum salts, barium crystals, biological agents, polymer fibres, etc. – for a range of nefarious purposes. These include controlling weather for military purposes, poisoning people for population or mind control and supporting secret weapons programs based on the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP.

Scientists have tested and used cloud and atmospheric seeding for weather modification and considered them as ways to slow global warming. With so many unknowns and possible unintended consequences, these practices have the potential to cause harm. But the chemtrails conspiracy theory is much broader, positing that military and commercial airlines are involved in constant massive daily spraying that is harming the physical and mental health of citizens worldwide.

I don’t have space to get into the absurdities of belief in a plot that would require worldwide collusion between governments, scientists and airline company executives and pilots to amass and spray unimaginable amounts of chemicals from altitudes of 10,000 metres or more. I’m a scientist, so I look at credible science – and there is none for the existence of chemtrails.

They’re condensation trails, formed when hot, humid air from jet exhaust mixes with colder low-vapour-pressure air. This, of course, comes with its own environmental problems.

From chemtrails to climate denial

But what interests me is the connection between climate change denial and belief in chemtrails. Why do so many people accept a theory for which there is no scientific evidence while rejecting a serious and potentially catastrophic phenomenon that can be easily observed and for which overwhelming evidence has been building for decades?

To begin, climate change denial and chemtrails theories are often conspiracy-based. A study by researchers at the University of Western Australia found “endorsement of a cluster of conspiracy theories … predicts rejection of climate science as well as the rejection of other scientific findings.”

Many deniers see climate change as a massive plot or hoax perpetrated by the world’s scientists and scientific institutions, governments, the UN, environmentalists and sinister forces to create a socialist world government or something.

Not all go to such extremes. Some accept climate change is occurring but deny humans are responsible. Still, it doesn’t seem rational to deny something so undeniable! In a Bloomberg article, author and Harvard Law School professor Cass R. Sunstein points to three psychological barriers to accepting climate change that may also help explain why it’s easier for people to believe in chemtrails: People look to readily available examples when assessing danger, focus “on risks or hazards that have an identifiable perpetrator”, and pay more attention to immediate threats than long-term ones.

Researchers Ezra Markowitz and Azim Shariff of the University of Oregon Psychology and Environmental Studies departments add a few more, including that human-caused climate change “provokes self-defensive biases” and its politicization “fosters ideological polarization.”

People who subscribe to unbelievable conspiracy theories may feel helpless, so they see themselves as victims of powerful forces – or as heroes standing up to those forces. Whether it’s to deny real problems or promulgate imaginary ones, it helps reinforce a worldview that is distrustful of governments, media, scientists and shadowy cabals variously referred to as banksters, global elites, the Illuminati or the New World Order.

The problem is that science denial is, in the case of chemtrails, a wacky distraction and, in the case of climate change denial, a barrier to addressing an urgent, critical problem. Science is rarely 100 per cent certain, but it’s the best tool we have for coming to terms with our actions and their consequences, and for finding solutions to problems. The science is clear: human-caused climate change is the most pressing threat to humanity, and we must work to resolve it. We don’t have time for debunked conspiracy theories.

Written with contributions from David Suzuki Foundation Communications Manager Ian Hanington.


About Dr. David Suzuki

David Suzuki, Co-Founder of the David Suzuki Foundation, is an award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster. He is renowned for his radio and television programs that explain the complexities of the natural sciences in a compelling, easily understood way.

297 thoughts on “David Suzuki on Chemtrails

  1. I live in a small city on the east side of Vancouver Island, Campbell River. On more than one occasion during the summer months two years in a row I have witnessed a small plane flying very low discharge a vapor or mist type of product above my house. The product is not white but particular I nature. It’s discharged as a band that simply lingers and widens. This small, very fast low flying plane is doing this just as the sun is setting. I have written to a columnist with the local news paper ( Conrad Black’s publication) with no response. This month we are undergoing non aerial gypsy moth spraying. Campbell River has signed on as an Agenda 21 community.

  2. how is it that a lot of people have been doing tests for the rainwater and snow and report such high amounts of Aluminum over the past decade or so? Also lots of the those people with a dry cough may not have a flu bug, but poisoned by aerosol spray from these planes. CONTRAILS, you cant be serious?

  3. if you don”t have David Suzuki who do you have raising concern about environmental issues in Canada.
    they call him charlatan why ? because he is not one of ours like Tesla?

  4. Climate change is a long-term existential threat and this is coming from a concerned chemical engineer who understands the science. I too thought that this chemtrail nonsense was a crazy conspiracy theory until the Director of the CIA, John Brennan, in a 2016 speech at the Council on Foreign Relations said the following:

    “Another example is the array of technologies—often referred to collectively as geoengineering—that potentially could help reverse the warming effects of global climate change. One that has gained my personal attention is stratospheric aerosol injection, or SAI, a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun’s heat, in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do”.

    “An SAI program could limit global temperature increases, reducing some risks associated with higher temperatures and providing the world economy additional time to transition from fossil fuels. The process is also relatively inexpensive—the National Research Council estimates that a fully deployed SAI program would cost about $10 billion yearly.”

    “As promising as it may be, moving forward on SAI would raise a number of challenges for our government and for the international community. On the technical side, greenhouse gas emission reductions would still have to accompany SAI to address other climate change effects, such as ocean acidification, because SAI alone would not remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.”

    “On the geopolitical side, the technology’s potential to alter weather patterns and benefit certain regions at the expense of others could trigger sharp opposition by some nations. Others might seize on SAI’s benefits and back away from their commitment to carbon dioxide reductions. And, as with other breakthrough technologies, global norms and standards are lacking to guide the deployment and implementation of SAI.”

    The DCI chooses his words carefully. I think he chose to discuss this story when he did because he knows full well that this story is about to break wide open and he is covering his behind.

    Here is the link: https://www.cia.gov/news-information/speeches-testimony/2016-speeches-testimony/director-brennan-speaks-at-the-council-on-foreign-relations.html

  5. Some who deny Chemtrails are just idiots. You, Suzuki, might be one but are probably just bought like so many in so-called ‘positions of importance’.
    Your position on Chemtrails throws into question everything you have ever done or said.
    You are not an honest person. You are not to be trusted with a 5 yr old or any position of responsibility. Not even taking out the garbage because garbage is all that comes out of your mouth.
    Once upon time, the name of David Suzuki was highly respected and even revered. Now it is less than dung. Less than vomit.
    We know you are lying. We know our politicians are lying. One day soon every Canadian will now you are lying.
    When that day comes you will not dare to show your face on the street let alone in the media.
    That day cannot come too soon.

  6. This is unbelievable. If you could put a condensation trail from a jet liner and one of these long lasting white chemtrails beside each other, you would immediately see the difference between a condensation trail and a chemtrail. Anyone over the age of 10 who as laid on their back on the grass and watched the sky on a summer afternoon knows what a condensation vapour trail looks like. A condensation trail follows a jet liner, with a fairly short trail , as it moves across the sky and turns to vapour in a matter of a minute or so. These things stay around for half an hour to more than two hours, as they become wider and cover the sky. I have been seeing these more and more as I travel around the province. This report above is really bogus. Please watch the movie “What in the world are they spraying?” and make up your own mind, it is a well done documentary on this phenomenon. Canadian citizens need better answers than the above nonsense. I cannot believe David Suzuki has his name attached to this article. We all know what a condensation trail from a jet liner looks like. These are definitely not the same thing.

    1. You are nothing but an idiot yourself . A chem trail is clearly LOWER and has different characteristics then a JET WASH . The JET WASH is at 30 000 feet , barley visible and CLEARLY disappears much quicker then a CHEM TRAIL . Why do not lying bastards stay the hell off these sites that are providing citizens with the TRUTH . Do your lobbying else where !

    2. A contrail cannot form at 2,000 ft above the intersection of Yonge and Eglinton in Toronto in the 3rd week of September 2012. Within 1.5 hrs the entire sky was clouded with artificial clouds. That is only one incident of chemtrails amongst thousands which I have personally witnessed from Alberta to New Brunswick and Ottawa to Dallas.
      Anyone that wants to, even an idiot, can watch CHEMTRAILS being formed and continue to watch, over several hours, as they spread out and cover the sky. 24-48 hrs later you can expect rain in 90% of occurrences of chemtrails. Anyone that denies the existence of chemtrails is stupid, that is incapable of learning anything, ignorant, that is not knowing much of anything, or a fool, one who knows better but does and says otherwise because they have a vested interest.
      Which one is Carl Vallieres?
      I can’t say for sure but hopefully he is only an idiot and not a fool. He certainly is not ignorant.
      Same goes for Suzuki.
      The next item on the list for disclosure is what are called ‘Electron Beams’ (copyright claimed 2011) which are easily visible, daily, on Intellicast and College of Dupage. The most recent event of note was the Dunrobin Ontario tornado which was caused artificially in conjunction with chemtrails and Electron Beams which emanated from King City and Moonbeam, Ontario.
      The same combination caused a micro burst at Britannia, Ottawa, one year earlier almost to the day.
      Weather archive evidence is available on request.

  7. The issue with Climate change is Scientists have only been keeping track of weather the last couple of hundred years at most. The don’t take into account occurrences such as an ancient explorer ( yes the map has been found) who has in fact mapped out the south pole) during other warming periods in history or that Greenland once had thriving settlements that had to be abandoned once another such warming period ended. To many times real evidence has been ignored which is why people are extremely sceptical. Its exactly like the idiot who said bury the garbage and it will disintegrate..never mind the best source of information an archaeologist looks for is a buried garbage dump because burying anything preserves it. I am just a simple librarian, not an environmental engineer or scientist, I don’t believe in conspiracy theories,I prefer just common sense. It does seem to me though, Global warming at least has become big money , so in essence ignore the facts, don’t do real research into the past, just gimme the money. ( kinda sounds like buried garbage, hide it don’t deal with it.)

  8. Rain during the dead of late summer…? food for thought. Right after a chemtrail or within a few hours, maximum next day.

  9. I forgot to add, that usually within the next few hours or next morning (sooner rather than later) it would rain. I was shocked to see none of these planes this year or last, and especially upset that there was none during the wildfires. I’ve come to associate these planes with rain.

  10. For the longest time, over a few summers I was seeing a plane at the bottom of Queens and Delbrook, North Vancouver, and another at a different date just over my home in Upper Delbrook and it was a thatch pattern….the plane would be flying for a few hours. Once it left the smoky haze would last for hours maybe even up to 24 hours. I saw this by Renfrew St. as well midday just by the Arts Institute school. Very odd.

  11. check out “the Last American Vagabond” and. You will out a lot on chemtrails activities, and who is behind it. It is very interesting to read

  12. I live in a rural spot in Ontario that is near an urban area. Long story short, yesterday I saw a plane leaving a chemtrail behind and then suddenly the trail stopped (the airplane was still flying high up in the sky – just the chemtrail stopped). Beside that chemtrail where two other chemtrails (parallel to the new one) that also had stopped at about the same spot. I wish I had my phone with me to record it. This is the second time that I’ve looked up and seen a plane make a chemtrail and then stop leaving the trail. If you ever have the opportunity to see that you’ll definitely be a believer. It’s actually very upsetting to see that happen.

  13. Some of us really can’t afford the luxury that is climate change, we are too busy putting food on the table for our families, but I would say this, I hope to see the heads of those responsible for this criminal Chemtrailing that is poisoning those same families and making us and our children sick, displayed on the end of pikes in very public places..

  14. ohh david suzuki! what a lying, irresponsible and misguided man you are. you are the conspiracy theorist. the evidence is everywhere for geoengineering atrocities, planned genocide, codex alimentarius, and etc. you’ve been stringing us along for too long with your blatant deceit.

  15. Ok tell me Mr Suzuki
    Aug 2017 South Central Interior of British Columbia Canada…..we are dry, hot and burning up in not only temperature but also forest fires the likes we have rarely seen with no end in sight.
    Seems strange I can’t remembering the last time I seen a chem trail and this is the weather we are getting. Yet last summer we would finally have some nice sunny clear skies and in no time at all it would be criss crossed with chem trails and in no time at all it would cloud up and often be followed by moisture and more cloud. This continued on all summer and you could know as soon as we got some nice weather the chem trails would follow with the same cycle to follow.

    Where are the chem trails this summer??

    Why is it growing up I recall seeing contrails that would dissipate and disappear and today the sky becomes criss crossed with these chem trails that don’t disappear but spread out into clouds???

    This isn’t some nutty conspiracy but an honest observation.

    1. I live in Ottawa, and just like you this past summer, I noticed there were no more chemtrails, and I thought “finally!!!” But at the end of August, they started the “raid can” activity again, and in full mode like I have never seen before. How can one not see that? The sky is blue, sun is shining, and there is a dark gray cloud next to it??? or, the sun is shining, but a few minutes later, it’s dark as if we were gonna get a storm, and, then a few minutes it’s sunny again. When driving my car, and, it’ a sunny sky, but the horizon is so dark with grey clouds. it’s, like, apocalyptic.
      I now restrict my outings. I used to hang clothes out to air dry, I don’t, any longer. I use the dryer instead.
      I love to take walks in the outside, but I have now I hesitet stopped this activity

  16. i gess the 1500 plains flying in a grid pattern i have counted in day never mind the night are my imagination . now most of the spraying is at night now i have notated . we here in Ontario have noticed overcast for months almost no SUN and the once blue skies are gray with metal flake. They will spray at night to make over cast and then spray on top in the day so we cant see for a nice thick cloud of metal you can see the lines between the over cast .we have hospitals expanding in Burlington and Milton Ontario for a reason they are planning for more sick and more deaths. I have been watching the skies for fifteen year and ever scene Trudeau became prime minister the spray has doubled and since June has tripled. They are now spraying fast dropping particles to create wind and it has been very windy killing plants with wind burn. There is no climate change the earth works in cycles and if they really cared they would not have shut down 80 percent of the solar plants in the states and Just so you know David is pay to say nay. All of this talk will go strait to the Government and i see you cant submit this unless you give all your info.

  17. David, I am one of those Canadians who would like to believe your scientific perspective. But just as you pointed out just because you believe in climate changed it does not mean that you turn a blind eye to what seems to be a case of rogue science. So while these might not be linked they are not mutually exclusive, with all due respect you do not know everything unless you can prove these chemical trails pose no threat to human and other life forms you should keep your mouth quiet. I am an aerospace enthusiast but that does not preclude me to agree with the fact that air transportation is one of the biggest contributors of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. The question we are posting to you is ” What is the reason behind the grid pattern spraying across North America and what are the health implications to the tax payers funding the military and scientist doing it?” the next question is ” Who gave the Bureaucrats and government permission to engage in massive experiments in the atmosphere?” finally the questions is ” Why are you so condescending in your post?” I have lost respect for your because this response to a valid concerns and questions from fellow Canadians. So that we are clear just being a leader in global impact does not mean you know everything, your responsability as a scientist is to find answers for people that fund your kind i.e. us the tax payers.

    1. SInce when is “Air traffic ” permitted below 10 000 feet . Maybe You are the one on drugs , You lobbiest bastard . Give Your head a shake and think about what YOu are sayign before You oen Your BIG mouth .

      1. Bill Smith, the grid patterns you are referring to occur over cities, near airports. Pretty clear that airplanes must descend to less than 10,000 feet to land and ascend through that 10,000 feet in order to take off. Is that not part of “air traffic”?
        are you really thinking straight? (obviously not)

  18. I appreciate your investigation into this situation. It is worthy of you – your research – knowledge and education of science ( saw your very first Nature of Things Show) so I have admired your interests and concerns all these years.

    I respect your professional view on the Chem Trail topic – But I ask you to dig deeper into this situation – which I believe you will – knowing your driven scientific curiousity into all things!

    As a professional my self – in the begining – I smirked and derided all the chem trail info as ridiculous and media garbage by some loose ended fanatics – that was unitill I saw photos by a gentleman near Georgian Bay – who was taking unknown cloud compositions which defired natural cloud formations. Then I started to look up myself and saw jets srpraying – they were not vapour trails – as vapour trails disapate in a short time. I am familier with aircraft as I have flown with my father who is a pilot – and have seen vapour trails in the sky while flying up close. The chem trails are differerent – as they flatten out and hang around – seem to copy sirrusclounds lasting all day. Hope this inspires your research more. – Mike

  19. I cant believe the amount of chemtrails over thunder bay everyday…how can we stop this…who do we contact? Its so blatant now they dont even try to hide it…and the general community are oblivious because they think its contrails…not chentrails…but contrails dissipate chemtrails spread….

  20. Wow, the entire sky over Red Deer, Alberta became white built entirely from chemtrails. I watched the planes spraying this morning each streak not dissipating, but accumulating and they are still spraying now.

  21. My city had recorded 300+ days of sunny skies per year, up until recently.

    Now we get sprayed and the skies turn milky-white. I know what clouds look like, and I know how long a contrail lasts in an extremely arid environment.

    All I can say is, get the cloud busters out! Build orgone generators and start the revolution.

    Peace and love brothers.

  22. David, like Justin, Obama etc., ad nauseum are all puppets of the corporate elite or maybe they are just retards. David is a multi-millionaire who tries to appear like a good left wing down to earth guy but in reality is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is no use arguing with the man….he is bought and paid for and any evidence that threatens to dethrone him will be denied out of hand.

    1. When you look up early in the morning to a clear blue sky and by noon there are lines then milky white. Then you get a idiot saying its clouds Since when does clouds come out of a ass end of a plane Plus years ago many planes flew and we did not have these white lines David must think the average peson is a moron It is obvious something different is going on in the skies

  23. He’s either incredibly brilliant or bananas. If you look at it this way: at the risk of losing some fans but not his backers, he just tells us everything and really wants us to believe he doesn’t support it.

  24. My God! I even supported this guy. Gave donations! Thanks Mr. Suzuki coming out of the woodwork. Your science just like Oppenheimer’s and Teller’s is supporting wrong causes. Awakening could be painful – so be it! Ever better then never.

  25. David Suzuki you were told to lie to the worlds general public . I have respected your great knowledge and love for the planet as you have sided with the world elites you have turned a 360 . As a gitxsan native of british columbia i no longer believe in your sickly theories or money grabbing antics i asume you are getting payed off. and actually at this time in your life you no longer have a compassion for our beautiful planet . The world elites and oligarchs of the west will pay a price . From John Kerry to the slimy Rothschilds Don,t for get to put your mask on . have a great day.

  26. There are many realities to this world that few people are willing to consider. The people responsible for the chemical spraying are the very same people who controlled your so called education which was and still is nothing more than indoctrination. They own the media and entertainment industry, they own the financial system and they own the politicians. And the truth is they have you so busy threading water every day to survive you don’t have the time to investigate what they are really up to.

    The financial system will soon collapse, because it was designed to do so. They will then stand before you when you have absolutely nothing and offer you their new one world government. The sad part is no one will listen or feel somehow it won’t effect them.

    A wise man once said, just because you don’t believe something, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

  27. I have a great respect for David Suzuki as a scientist and human. He obviously has a passion on the subject of climate change but to call Chemtrails/ Geoengineering a “whacky distraction” is a true a sad error and IMO falls into cognitive dissonance.
    i have not lived in Canada since 2000, but have seen evidence firsthand around the world of this phenomenon and returning to Vancouver island several years ago, i was shicked to see the massive amount of planes streaking the sky.
    I think the information and evidence is out there and available and as much as i would love for other scientists to speak up about it, i think a more inteligent, pro active and expedient solution needs to be thought up. I don’t know, but i am thinking about it for sure. I am a film maker and if anyone has any information feel free to write me at openeyebali at gmail dor com or find me on FB – robert Bali.

    1. Have you seen the Shasta County utube video ? Very revealing of the disturbing
      truth that we are being sprayed . In search of more real proof and verifiable science that will really create an election issue with teeth ? Weaver would embrace it . . . he,s got nothing to lose and his credentials will deliver veracity.

      . . . Ans : A core sample from the Comox Glacier will be irrefutable proof

      What do you think ?

  28. Not only are you wrong Mr. Suzuki, not only are you dangerous in your wrongness, Mr. Suzuki, not only are you pulling good people who could be doing something incredibly worthwhile with their power and their concern into this deception, but you are insulting the many millions of people who are observant, curious, discerning, deeply concerned and actually leading.

    I am sad. You are another one of my losses of things and people I believed in. It’s okay though, because I am now very used to this kind of loss and at least comfortable in knowing how to see through the heinous lies to hide the enslavement and eugenics agenda.

    And thanks for laying out the shadow plan so clearly. As you couch the truth in disrespectful, traitor-like debunking lies, you at least got the sketch of the shadow agenda right.

  29. In 1988 Conair in Abbotsford, BC, Canada, had a contract with the US military to build 11 chemtrail delivery system prototypes for C-130’s. I worked there at the time they built them. Anyone with half a working grey cell knows the difference between contrails and chemtrails. Test what they spray and find out for yourselves. The world leaders are at war with the people, lying, cheating, stealing, abusing, killing… that’s all they know… till they die and go to hell.

    1. AL, Do you have anymore information on where these planes are based?
      This chemtrail situation is getting out of control. For the last two days major spraying down the west coast of B.C. and Washington State.
      It seems there is no end in sight.
      Thanks for your valuable information.

    2. HI Al. I am a film maker and want to make a documentary about geoengineering/ chemtrails. How could I get in touch with you

      1. Hey Robert K My name is Lorraine Miles and I live in the comox valley I have tons of pictures and videos of the chem trails From when they first spray to when the lines fan out. Pictures of lines going into the clouds and the clouds going brown to grey to dark grey to black It was really bad last year. I brought to the attention of local mla and they just brushed me off. I grew up in the comox valley and we never had lines in the sky. Plus on pure blue sky days with not a cloud in sight and all week forecast of blue sky We end up with lines then vapour clouds then milky sky. Id love to start a canada wide protest to get more to people to look and see this is not normal. My phone number is 250 941 2195 You are welcome to see the pictures

      2. Robert K… I would love to be a part of your project, let me know if you need funding and/or help. I live in the Gulf Islands and shocked at the number of trails I’m seeing every day now. You can contact me at sks_bc@yahoo.ca if interested.

  30. OMG!! horrors and joy. I’m in the California desert on a mild superbowl Sunday (no tv) under the classic ‘murky sky’ of unbroken chemtrails. Just for kicks I thought I’d google chemtrails Canada and see what my ex-compatriots are up to. David Suzuki’s article put ice-shards in my veins. So this is the horrors part.
    The JOY is you! I’ve never seen such cohesion and abundance of comments, it makes me weep with gratitude.
    Whether or not one suffers from S.A.D., affects of chemical skies on the morale are untold, from subtle to suicidal depression. I believe it’s part of the plot, to demoralize. The Hopis spoke of a ‘great web’ covering the Earth. The Hopi Elders Message told us what to do. I am not romanticizing the Native, for his practical wisdom is unmatched, with traits way beyond the romantic.
    Thank you, fellow Canadians. If I should return to my native soil, I have something to look forward to.

  31. Your on our watch list David Suzuki if you have family you will never be mentioned in there history of the family. One would be to embarrassed to say so. How can you sleep at night knowing that millions of people all over the world are being slowly killed and or having there D N A broken to hell. Chem-trails are real I am 64 years of age and I know what blue sky’s look like nothing like your bullshit global warming scam with your old cronies. Man you are a real coward to bow down to pressure to not lose your lying bullshit science position. You are shame to science you will be in the books alright. I have to soak my eyes with sodium chluorite some nights to rinse the particles from my eyes. You make me sick.

  32. So glad to see how people have come to realize that Suzuki is nothing more than a scam artist who has made millions promoting a hoax.

  33. David Suzuki is a fake, a charlatan and a fucking liar! If he said the sky was blue I’d have to go outside and see for myself! If you believe in this goofball you would buy ocean side property in Alberta!!!

  34. David Suzuki is a lying piece of filth, Canada’s Grandpa of science lying to his children for decades …..it’s in his “Nature of Things”.what a disgrace you are.

  35. After reading so many of these comments I am VERY HAPPY to see that Canadians are awake to what is going on BUT do they realize the DANGER those Chemicals pose to our and our Children’s health

    3 Years ago I wrote to my Local City Government, Provincial and Federal Governments and NOT one of them replied back to me

    If MANY of us do it they MUST REPLY, so please, ALL of YOU write all 3 levels of Government.

    They will need to reply or STOP the SPRAYING, eventually

    Also do a search for geoengineeringwatch

  36. SHAME on you DAVID SUZUKI for maintaining the LIE that CHEMTRAILS are just Conspiracy Theory.

    Some people. obviously like you will say and do ANYTHING for money. I am old enought to remember when those TRAILS NEV ER existed, except for a few minutes, AT MOSt and then disappeared. These TRAILS not only last but they EXPAND into clouds ,until the Atmosphere is completely HAZY.

    Here is the ONLY source of HONESTY about GEO-ENGINEERING Chemtrails, which is exactly what is happening : www .geoengineeringwatch. org

  37. I just realized he openly admitted it in this statement that they are doing this-did anyone catch it?
    “Scientists have tested and used cloud and atmospheric seeding for weather modification and considered them as ways to slow global warming. With so many unknowns and possible unintended consequences, these practices have the potential to cause harm.”

    WHAT THE FUCK IS THE DIFFERENCE?!!! you literally just admitted they are using sprays to lower the climate not knowing how its going to harm us. like hes trying to tell us through his message…. creepy

  38. I can’t believe im reading this, its so disheartening that the leaders in environmental protection are bold faced liars.
    how can you possibly say that it’s normal with all the evidence stacked against him.
    why would there be a bill passed for a lawsuit against canada for geoengineering?
    it’s our children that die everyday from this. now they are putting these in kids cartoons???- absolutely pathetic.
    everyone please watch this

    1. Good point, you don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you.
      Suzuki knows who butters his bread and his opinions, although based on HIS scientific opinion is certainly biased.
      Vapour trails dissipate, chem trails feather out and drop to the earth.
      Here is a bit of proof that Dr. Dave will likely deny. In the last 10 years all airlines fly above 25,000 feet because of the chemicals damaging aircraft engines—check it out

  39. Human activity results in pollution, but is unable to influence climate even remotely, at current levels. Dumping coal power generation fly-ash (mildly radioactive too) out of planes by the tonnes and tonnes through USAF and other contractors… is a huge problem, and a direct carcinogen causes an increase in most cancers, and dementia/brain impairment rates… You want to know what the cause of climate change and global; warming/cooling… buy a copy of my book… incidental, the same situation controlling our climate, also tied directly to our evolutionary outcomes! I won’t expect David Suzuki to have a qualified opinion on the topic of chemtrails, since he’s a genetics PHD, and a lot of DNA dogma is false anyhow, and can’t be explained. You don’t ask a car mechanic to come over and assess your concrete foundation for a repair estimate… DO YOU? Why not have a baker fix your roof, he makes things ‘rise’ doesn’t he?… that’s like taking a scientist as his word on every topic imaginable, and expecting the right answer for every problem imaginable? LOL… good luck with that thinking…

    1. His grandchildren will live with the outcome of chemtrails. How can he do this to them? He will be greatly dishonored!!!!

  40. David Suzuki is an absolute idiot or has been paid off to spread lies regarding chemtrails. He must be a bad scientist, no powers of observation….

  41. Perspective: “Climate Change” is the cash cow and a social engineering tool therefore it stands to reason that those loyal to that cash cow are going to defend and deflect attention away from the true anthropogenic source of “Climate Change” which is geoengineering aka chemtrails.
    Malthusian chicken littles have been subscribing to “Climate Change” for a long time now. Here is a sample from a supposed work of fiction published way back in 1967 – The Report From Iron Mountain:

    “an effective political substitute for war would require “alternate enemies,” some of which might seem equally farfetched in the context of the current war system. It may be, for instance, that gross pollution of the environment can eventually replace the possibility of mass destruction by nuclear weapons as the principle apparent threat to the survival of the species. Poisoning of the air, and of the principal sources of food and water supply, is already well advanced, and at the first glance would seem promising in this respect; it constitutes a threat that can be dealt with only through social organization and political power. But from the present indications it will be a generation to a generation and a half before environmental pollution, however severe, will be sufficiently menacing, on a global scale, to offer a possible basis for a solution.” …………..19frickin67′ !!!!!

  42. Due to obvious and overwhelming evidence in 2016 that there are chemtrail Spraying operations, it might be a good idea to update your 3 year old article to reflect what is now accurate.

    Even Doctors who have been treating the Pilots for their exposure are coming forward, but it is good to know there is no such thing.

    Then again, your fellow Canadians will understand that it is much more rewarding to cash in a CBC Cheque as a puppet than it is to act as a scientist and expose the truth and facts.

    I used to think that is what scientists did. I guess it is all in how you want to be remembered.

    1. Could you share some of that evidence? Because as a journalist, who has been actively looking for it for several years now, I have not found any, apart from the usual long-debunked nonsense and photos of contrails.

      1. This post is erroneous and I am deeply disappointed. There are many professionals, scientists included, and myself included, that understand that the ‘chemtrail’ phenomenon is not at issue, and certainly is not a mass worldwide conspiracy. You are seriously missing the point that geoengineering is distinct from climate change. Geoengineering of our skies by corporations and military groups has been happening, and legitimately recorded, for at least 70 years. Whether a military group that is private corporate, one hired by government, or other corporation for other purpose, is an irrelevant nuance. Geoengineering is happening, and is not controlled. Do you know, for instance, how many British Columbia or Alberta PRIVATELY owned airports there are? (airports that do not have to report to anyone). Do you know how many PRIVATE aircraft, some large scale, leave from these airports? Research is easy. Answer these two questions then ask what else you cannot determine, like: What kind of chemicals (farm or otherwise) are or can be carried by the PRIVATE aircrafts from PRIVATE airports. Then find a way to link geoengineering with climate change if you so choose, and link geoengineering to a lack of human rights and transparency. But don’t discredit geoengineering because it is real, it is happening, and there are may sub issues that come from it.

  43. Because David, climate change is entirely normal. That climate change is primarily due to mankind is conjecture and based on SOME (not all) estimates and is not verified through empirical analysis with a control group (it can’t ever be since there is no second earth without mankind to nullify the null hypothesis). That we SHOULD do something about climate change presumes that it is BAD (a moral judgement, when science is amoral) and that violates Hume’s Guillotine (is-ought fallacy), which is NOT considered science. David, considering what a huge public voice for science you are, your understanding of proper scientific methodology is grossly lacking.

  44. Still hawking the junk science David… You are a shame to those who seek the truth, honesty and integrity from the “establishment” which you clearly defend and are a part.
    If you really want to see some “scientific” evidence of this assult on the planet and humanity visit “geoengineering.org” if you dare.

    1. you are right TG- Suzuki is just a puppet that is use to explain different Sciences. He reads off a teleprompter every time.

  45. My mom confronted David Suzuki at last years climate march in Toronto asking him why he’s denying ongoing geoengineering. He was caught in a tongue twister after he admitted that he doesn’t deny it, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foEckMAfDDk.
    If you’re from Ontario and would like to get involved in taking collective action to end these programs please follow or join the Ontario Geoengineering Action Group on facebook or email ogag@bell.net.

    1. You can’t deny something that does not exist, you refute it.
      Chemtrail believers deny AGW, and fear contrails
      Rational people refute Chemtrails and the idea that there are ongoing geoengineering programs for albedo modification, and worry at the ramifications for such lunacy going unchecked.

  46. I thought science was based on direct observation? As a scientist how can David Suzuki (or anyone else for that matter) deny what has been happening in our skies for the past 20 years?

    As a respected thought leader in our country I am saddened by his denial of this uncomfortable truth. Climate models are useless unless we factor in ongoing and yes – covert, geoengineering.

    Living on southern Vancouver island I have witnessed the spraying since the mid 1990’s. I shudder to think about the health consequences and damage to the environment done.

    In refusing to even look at the evidence David Suzuki has clearly sided with the corporations, the military industrial complex and various government agencies that benefit from control of the weather.

    It is such a dark time, we need leaders in all sectors to speak up

    Please Mr Suzuki just look up!

    1. Yes, even if they are just con trails, or ice crystals, they still have a huge affect on daily climate. Yet they are never factored in any climate change model.

  47. Ah s**t David!

    You had your MF’ing chance to come out on the side of humanity on this one and now it’s gonna be too late!

    Tomorrow morning at 8am the doors open at Simon Fraser University’s downtown campus in Vancouver for the 1st Annual Global Chemtrail Summit. This event is sure to blow the doors open for British Columbians who are still in the dark about this very real issue.

    This DAILY issue David!

    I have printed hundreds of copies of this article and will be passing it out to folks when I’m there.

    Whether you truly believe the non-truths you speak or you’ve been threatened with the lives of your family being taken I don’t know but you’ve made your choice now and you will live by it.

    How long before the masses find out that you’ve been lying and seek to hold you accountable? Will they be more gentle than TPTB? I doubt it amigo.

    You should have sided with us, The 99.999999999999999999999%, not those others.

  48. You gotta be a complete idiot not to believe chemtrails are for real…look up…something is wrong and like most people already said, I cannot remember seeing sprayings in the sky before…yes contrails of course we use to spot high altitude jets because of these very short trails behind the plane that would almost instantly disapear…but chemtrails last and expand and I now rarely see blue skies…goodbye blue skies like Pink Floyd used to say…and I gotta say I can feel in my hearth that something is wrong with chemtrails…if you dont…youre a liar or you are totally blind

    1. This post is erroneous and I am deeply disappointed. There are many professionals, scientists included, and myself included, that understand that the ‘chemtrail’ phenomenon is not at issue, and certainly is not a mass worldwide conspiracy. You are seriously missing the point that geoengineering is distinct from climate change. Geoengineering of our skies by corporations and military groups has been happening, and legitimately recorded, for at least 70 years. Whether a military group that is private corporate, one hired by government, or other corporation for other purpose, is an irrelevant nuance. Geoengineering is happening, and is not controlled. Do you know, for instance, how many British Columbia or Alberta PRIVATELY owned airports there are? (airports that do not have to report to anyone). Do you know how many PRIVATE aircraft, some large scale, leave from these airports? Research is easy. Answer these two questions then ask what else you cannot determine, like: What kind of chemicals (farm or otherwise) are or can be carried by the PRIVATE aircrafts from PRIVATE airports. Then find a way to link geoengineering with climate change if you so choose, and link geoengineering to a lack of human rights and transparency. But don’t discredit geoengineering because it is real, it is happening, and there are may sub issues that come from it.

  49. The Inuit elders have notified NASA that the sun is setting in a different position on the horizon – they have studied the sky daily for thousands of years as part of their survival skills. They say the earth is shifting on its axis – i.e. the poles are shifting and that is the cause of climate change. The other major cause of climate change is the massive deforestation of the planet – which no one seems to address in this debate, probably because governments want to keep on with their endless resource extraction to prop up the profit-driven economy. The elders say climate change is not caused by humans, in as much that it’s caused by earth pole changes, but the deforestation is definitely caused by us.

    Why is there so much emphasis on carbon trading now – another way for corporations to profit and still pollute – while avoiding the deforestation issue or decreasing actual pollution, instead of just trading it? The less trees we have, the more CO2 – it’s simple math, yet the focus is on carbon trading, which will not change anything, just make the same old people richer.
    It’s disappointing to say the least that David Suzuki is preaching ‘science’ when so many scientific facts are being selectively ignored. And the ‘conspiracy theory’ tag is getting a bit tired as a way to stifle open debate. Why is he trying to connect “climate change deniers” (what a heresy!) with people who observe chemtrails? It would be more accurate to connect “carbon trading crooks” with “deforestation and pole shift deniers”.

  50. I am in utter shock to hear that you don’t believe in chemtrails and at the very least that you say they are condensation trail which is utter B.S.I have grown up in this country and am old enough to remember the contrails of the 70’s (those were contrails). I have respected your opinion for decades ,today is the first time it otherwise.

    1. Brgitte April 29,2016

      Did anybody watch the morning sky today, between 9:00am and 11:00am?
      From SE to NW, from Trenton, Lindsay, Lake Simcoe and so on. Sky was clear except for those thick white trails crossing the sky. They were not condensation trails, turned more into a curtain. By 11:00m the sky was very cloudy and hazy.Two hrs later the weathernetwork still showed “sunny clear” sky for this region.
      Ps.The commercial airlines travel a different route.

      1. Chemtrails are to DEPOPULATE for the NWO
        ‘AGENDA 21’ we are all doomed 🙁
        ALUMINUM,BARIUM various others metal mixture…. very bad.

  51. There are 60 or more different spraying programs as Rosalind Peterson outlines funded by many different organizations each with a different purpose and none co ordinated. Question: why they be spraying themselves as well as us with all these different chemicals. doesn’t make sense that they would expose themselves as well. Anyone have an answer.

    1. its about nano science im pretty sure. theres a one hour presentation done by this one girl about chemtrailing and what its being used for(cant remember her name). but in short they are trying to make the “perfect” race for themselves and we would be the slaves.(kinda similar to what the nazis where trying to do, build their perfect areon race). its time people protest. everyone who knows about this should join each other and protest these crimes going on in our sky and spread awareness to the rest. idk where and when, but all the online freedom fighters need to take to the street. i hope one of us will lead this…but until then we gotta keep informing anyone we can.

  52. It appears that David Suzuki and many others have not seen the 1 hour YouTube video by Rosalind Peterson entitled: The Chemtrail Cover up. She was able to obtain the FAA flight plans, talk to the Geo engineers, get water monthly water and soil tests and discover how many different spraying programs there are and who funds them. She used to work for the US government as a crop adjuster and has military insiders. David please watch this.

  53. Suzuki ,

    Let’s assume everything you say it’s correct . Why would they control the climate by spraying only over the populated cities . Mr. Scientist ! I always thought that you cared about the planet and nature . No soul Suzuki


  55. Sorry David, I agree with you normally you start watching at 49:00 with a very all respected MD and environmental illness specialist, it’s much more then stated above. Now I’m not saying it’s conspiracy but it’s ramifications, devastating and very understated and a bit derailed by this article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVr5PywldOA

    1. Ben, Are you serious? Vaccinations by Aircraft?

      Might want to look at the financial costs of your Health program.

      Everyone, meet Ben, Canada’s new Minister of Health.

  56. Also Mr Suzuki, more people are discovering a major cause of climate change is the animal agriculutural industry – better run and tell your sponsors that so they can fight that public image as conspiracy too… It would be a shame if they lost any profits!

    1. Why then, if everything is so innocent, don’t the planes, stop at the airports with cameras to witness and show the tanks, have samples taken and analyzed by scientists, who are not on the payroll of course.

      Then they can put this to rest….They have the responsibility to prove what they are spraying is safe. It’s our planet!!!

  57. It’s odd that no one remembers planes leaving LONG trails behind them before the mid 90’s! That’s how you know they exist, besides the obviously evidence when you look up. I, for one, am sick (literally) of having chemtrails released in mass numbers over Edmonton almost daily, especially in the summer. It’s sad when scientists sell out to the Insurance Company of Canada, who, according to Environment Alberta, are responsible for chemtrails…. Ya ok – sorry Earth, we don’t care about preserving any species, and ESPECIALLY about preserving you and your atmosphere… This country makes me sick sometimes will all the political BS!

  58. I disagree with only one thing in this article:

    “The science is clear: human-caused climate change is the most pressing threat to humanity…””

    The biggest threat to mankind is overpopulation. It directly contributes to pollution of air and water, destruction of wildlife and the environment, poverty, unemployment, growing disregard for human life, rage, and every other threat to mankind.

    Overpopulation is the ‘patient 0’in the destruction of human civilization. Go to any developing country for a few years and watch it unfold before your eyes.

    1. Overpopulation is not a threat in itself; it’s the support of the growing population with food and it proportional necessities that is a real concern.

      ChemTrails are real; they’re intended in various ways: Cloud Seeding & Weather Modification, Geo-engineering experiments (Dumbing Down the Population, Sickness, and Mind Control). The elite want to control the mass by making them blunt, respectful of the laws they’ve imposed, uncurious, unhealthy, and so much more!

      Who is this benefiting to: Big Pharma Industry, Shadow Politics & Evil Political Agendas control by the 1% Elite.

      The Federal & State (Provincial in Canada) debt is indirectly affected by the raise in public costs:

      1) People get sicker and a lot more tired faster: Asthma and related diseases, Cancer victims because of the continuous food-chain contamination, Chronic diseases caused by continual hormonal disorders from certain chemicals sprayed, Alzheimer’s disease from Aluminium compounds sprayed, Crohn’s disease from contaminated water ( from sprayed particles, food-chain contaminants, and water/land/air pollutants), Mind bluntness/Inability to think as sharply for the same reasons as Alzheimer’s, Irritation & Skin Diseases via Sprayed Chemicals and Optic Enhancement and Alteration of the Sun’s Rays, just to name a few …

      2) Weather is much worse (more snow falls & floods via cloud seeding, high contrast pressure formations, etc) which in turn cost taxpayers more for their removal or dammage! Just think about the following consequences: the sand and salt on roads that end up in our rivers and land, the trucks burning fuel that are used throughout the cities nationwide to pick up that snow, car accidents, …

      3) Low productivity of the population (sickness, tired, depression, etc)

      4) You name it!

      Therefore, someone has to stop these evil activities going on in our skies!

      1. WE NEED TO PROTEST. only way to get this to stop. we all have to protest these crimes and spread awareness to the rest. only question is whos gonna lead this uprising?

    2. A study was done a while back that established the fact that if the entire human population of the earth was given 2/3 of an acre of land, the entire population of the world would fit in Australia with some room to spare… Imagine, the entire rest of the world… void of humans.
      Now if you really believe the planet is over populated take a flight on a clear day across Canada and grasp the immense amount of available land.
      While you’re at it look at the sky too…

    3. Yes in one way;;;an is more than this ;;; what about War ;;call mass destruction;forcing peoples to move some other place;causing to much suffrances ;not necessary ;;not just for humans also for the Animals and the planet ;;every thing together ;;it is a desaster and chaos ;; how long we will have to continue to going to this direction;; limit of everything ;; going no where ;;;we need the ;;Divine intervention more superman ;;;; Very Sad world;;;

  59. I wonder if old Suzuki has viewed and studied “What In The World Are They Spraying” & “Why In The World Are They Spraying” U of Calgary,( mad scientists) Prof David, clearly states he does not know what the barium salts and aluminum hydroxide and strontium salts will do to the environment, the documentaries go one to state the toxification of soils from WA,OR HI and elsewhere. These dvd documentaries are available for sale at the infowars store sight, see infowars.com for information. I have fully-studied this criminal spraying. studied both documentaries and I am also well aware of Dr.Nick Begich, of AL and read his book “Angels Don’t Play This H.A.A.R.P.” twenty-two-years-ago! These things are all kept covered up, not announced to the public AT ALL! Infowars and Prison Planet are mainstays in the revealling of Bilderbergers and planetary-shackles, intended for people and population numbers(see the Georgia Guide Stones~tangible evidence of the (self-labelled’elite”) controller back-neck-biters;previously clandestinely working with past criminal administrations in the USA governments.SEE INFOWARS DOT COM.

  60. chemtrails are a known geoengineering tool for decades. Time to do more research as the author obviously hasn’t. Considering the dire implications ahead regarding climate change, the elite have taken the reins into their own hands and started their own operations. Unlike a large majority of the public, the elite listen to scientists and are ahead of the game on the dangers we all face. They don’t have time to wait around for public consultation and approval. With methane production now exponential from the artic, it’s a last ditch effort to cool the planet and prevent methane induced abrupt climate change leading to mass ecosystem unravelling and planetary agricultural die offs leading to human starvation. Get informed. It only takes a few hours of research to uncover the actual patents and conferences ongoing regarding solar radiation management…..The media is completely corrupt, so I hope you’re not using them as a reliable source of truth…Wake up.

  61. Are the ‘chemtrails’ there or not? There is nothing unscientific about a yes or no answer on that. Instead of dealing with who is doing it and why, scientists start attacking people for noticing it. Calling these undisclosed individuals who speak out on the issue various insulting names. What does this tell you? Think about it. Name calling is not a science as far as I know, or maybe it is and they are not the kind of scientist we think they are. Is this wool in the eyes? Or not?

  62. David Suzuki is a government spokesperson only. Climate change is real and is sped up by man but not in the way we are made to believe. The government has admitted to spraying in the air since the 80’s (30 years). Funny that “for the last 30 years, the mean temperature of the earth has risen by 2 degrees per year”. Sound kinda coincidental doesn’t it?. I may not have a degree in science or anything else but I have common sense. Something that has been constantly drilled out of us in schools. If anyone is to blame for sped up climate change, it is the secret agendas of our governments. I liken the chemtrails (and yes I never believed in them before until I started to research them and actually see how clouds are formed from them) and their coating of the atmosphere as an aquarium effect. Spray stuff in the air to “deflect harmful radiation” etc and what happens is a coating that carbon emissions can’t get through and voila, temperature inside our “aquarium” will rise.

    1. Check out the YouTube user “Corbettreport” and look for his video on global warming. (tip – video image has a hockey stick over a graph chart)
      He shows how the statistics are manipulated to benefit the agenda of the Gore Gang and once the FULL statistics are viewed, one can see that the “warming” is a natural cycle of the earth and is only 0.8 degrees.

      1. Agreed. A gentleman recently went on yet another expedition to an area north of NWT in Canada and showed us slides of his trip. Included were eskimos in some pics. I asked the global warming question and he mentioned that the eskimo have not witnessed anything out of the ordinary since they live up there year round in snow and ice. Unfortunately I don’t recall his name/tour group. Natural cycle of the earth indeed.

  63. Haha! Very clever post for Suzuki under the oppressive Harper regime. Such a controversial column cleverly got citizens to lay the science and documentation on the table without DSF jeopardizing their funding. Kudos to you. Hopefully now under the Liberals we can have more transparency. Please take this agenda to Paris 2015! The jets are flying out of the US, crossing Peace Arch and spraying coastal and inland sections of BC. Much worse when meteorologists are predicting a rain front coming in from the Pacific. Stop US weather modification over Canada. See: US Navy …Controlling the Weather by 2025. The iron dump off the coast of Haida Gwaii was no accident. HARPP moves jet streams. Canadians do not want to breathe these chemicals and suffer from the health consequences.

  64. Dave is getting his butt kicked good. He deserves it. Globalist. They want your ass in a sling. Don’t let up and many of these so called scientists ( mass murderers ) are going to have to pay in the long run.

  65. South of Moosejaw SK, I see these chemtrails in their close up form. Huge webbing strands as lengthy as 1-200ft long. This isn’t a “conspiracy” anymore. This stuff is real. I have SEEN the chemtrails up close. Metallic taste in my mouth for the following days of the spraying.

    1. You are correct. Same thing is happening here in Winnipeg, MB as well. Some days it is insulting how lined the skies, I mean, at lease a bit of discreetness would be appreciated to those of us who are aware. All the others, they never even look up.

      “Two Aircraft Profiles over Northern Saskatchewan on March 31, 2008: (left) CO and mass of black carbon,
      (middle) aerosol extinction and its vertical integral, aerosol optical depth, and (right) PM2.5 Mass. AOD at
      ambient RH (average <40%) is calculated separately at 550 nm wavelength in the 3 km boundary layer
      (BL), and the free troposphere (FT = 3-10 km). "

      1. Yes! Winnipeg is covered with them. I have known about Chemtrails for years, but did not see any real obvious situations so did not think much about it. Moved from Calgary last year, and have been noticing every day that the sky starts out clear, and then slowly it gets covered through the day, with plumes that slowly moved into clouds in the same sections. At the end of the day the sky is covered thin cloud cover in layers from the plumes that made them.

    2. I’m taking pics and videos every week of chemtrails in Vancouver. I have some pics of some very bizarre cloud formations on the day of the 4.8 quake we just had in December. HAARP and all it’s new names are involved with chemtrails too – people need to research both in order to understand how the whole gongshow works. FYI, search for HAARP or Super Darn in Canada and you’ll find that there are 2 facilities – 1 in Prince George and 1 in Saskatchewan > http://www.cssdp.ca/ssdp/app/static/data_providers/cgsm/superdarn.html
      Good website to get a ton of info is http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/

  66. Mr Suzuki purhaps this is a chance to put all this to sleep Why not do a special on tv and really dig deep into the subject. Apparently there is enough interest in this and would make a good show. That’s how science works Are you up for the challenge

      1. ya.they stayed away from 9/11 scientific proof of inside job as well…another failure to report, inform and protect their readers from the criminal cabals that have infiltrated the highest echelons of power in US/NATO/Israel governments and intelligence agencies…

  67. Really Mr Suzuki …as a young man in my earlier days I use too listen too ur programs but Sir I think you’ve lost a few marbles along the way ! Or did the bilderberg gag you ? Because even a ten yr old looks up and says those are not real clouds !!!

      1. Why are all this guys videos deleted? Why is his email address not recognized? Is that because DSF is telling the truth?

    1. Agreed. I too used to be a fan of “The Nature of Things”. I enjoyed listening to Mr. Suzuki.

      But for him to tell the world that these chemtrails are just condensation is ridiculous!

      And “climate change”? Isn’t it interesting that it is no longer called “global warming”. I wonder why?

      We are constantly fed BS by the controlled mainstream media, and now we have these so-called “respectable” people parroting their lies.

      No, i’m not crazy; i’m quite lucid.

      The rest of the world has gone mad.

  68. Suzuki,

    You have spent too much time lying to our faces to be left alone.
    People need to confront you at every opportunity.
    Contrails do not start and stop as jets pass over Vancouver, but
    chemtrails from jets do.
    You have become the punching bag on this issue.
    You need to come out of your condo and face the discontent at Kits.
    You Must Atone, Mr. Suzuki.
    (Maybe you’ve sucked up too much aluminum for your brain to work)

  69. The targets are many fold .EG: Keeping people from recognizing the change and intensity of the sunlight, which in the time of the pole shift, will kill you from exposure. This destroys the protective layers of ozone. Destroys the feeder root systems of plant life. There are some 23 negative feedback loops happening in the environment.

    NOT just C-3 communications. Look at all the patents. Research geoenergetics, bioenergetics, and psycoenergetics. The later is included herein. Youtube video; Alien Spiders! Black Goo, Chemtrails, Morgellons

    For the Morge;llons cure, go to http://www.nutrimedical.com Have a look also at http://www.authorthat.wordpress.com

  70. hmmm well that’s interesting, lots of words but not much to them, sounding like a paid shill. So governments, Big corporations, the Financial elite all have our best interests in mind do they, would never lie or hide facts or paint the wrong picture to the people would they? Oh wait their bottom dollar and thirst for power is the cause of all this…” human-caused climate change is the most pressing threat to humanity, and we must work to resolve it. We don’t have time for debunked conspiracy theories.” Debunk?? You mean test and collect data?!?! that has nothing to do with science at all. Quick lets just spray shit in the air and hope it slows climate change, any long term affects, who knows there’s no time to think lets just do it and hope people don’t ask questions. How about these people actually Fund and Finance ACTUAL Clean Renewable Technology?!?!?!?!?! The Stuff that’s been locked away from the public for the last 80 plus years. OH wait its because Fossil fuels are still our only option for everything, who controls the fuel and has lots to lose if it is no longer a sellable product? I wont waste any more time on a comment im sure no one will read but on a final note, “– and there is none for the existence of chemtrails.They’re condensation trails,” you call yourself a man of science? there is a clear difference between con and chem trails, clear as day(as day used to be before spraying) stop trying to mislead people and let them think for themselves. I DID NOT VOTE TO HAVE SHIT SPRAIED INTO MY AIR, MY FAMILIES AIR, get a clue guys.

  71. I find it very strange that despite the fact that so many people are wanting information on Chemtrails, from our governments or whoever, asking to provide information as to why exactly some plane trails dissipate and others eventually spread out all over the sky, these enquiries are labelled as coming from conspiracy theorists. Tthis has been going on for so long that I definitely think something is very fishy. So you would be saying she’s lying:?

  72. What a bunch of hypocrites “Chemtrailers” are!

    You don’t see them out in the open wearing any sort of protective clothing, no respirators, no oxygen tanks, no NBC clothing purchased from some military outlet, not even simple smog masks or some old gasmask from WW2 and yet they have the nerv to loudly declare we are being poisoned by dangerous chemicals, which are distributed daily by some dastardly government masterminds and their evil minions, who don’t even bother to protect themselves, their partners, their friends, kids or beloved pets.

    So, if you believe in this particular conspiracy, put your money where your mouth is the next time, before you slander a scientist, or a skeptic as a co-conspirator, or whine about the closed-mindedness of your fellow humans! Just walk away quietly to your next Anti-government Survival store of your choice, purchase some protective gear and wear it (proudly)!

    I still won’t take your claims seriously, if you do, but at least you will be more in tune with your paranoid worldview!

    1. https://youtu.be/bMCll7dulqk
      Title of the video- Alien Spiders ! Black Goo, Chemtrails, Morgellons.

      David Suzuki needs to do actual scientific study, before he and any other who claim credentials, open their mouths to prove they are ignorant of the truth. Governments attack Carbon, as if it is not the basis of all life on the planet. Al Gore is either a fool, or a liar for profit. I see him as both.

      All one needs to do regarding HAARP is to look up,to se the cloud formations, do a little research. as to the causes. Geoenergetics, bioenergetics, and psycoenergetics, are as real as it gets. If an opinion is given without study of the matter, it makes him a fool. I never met an idiot that wasn’t self made

      If Szukui wants to see real science at work on the issue of the aerosols, I suggest he take a SCIENTIFIC approach to the work and discoveries at http://www.carnicom.com. Just for a start ! As for the rest…. He wouldn’t DARE! hen this would make him responsible for his knowledge. That… would either cost him his job, or perhaps more.

      Truth, if given as much time and emphasis as error, will invariable prove itself. In this society however, it must be fought for. Those in error, will in the end be shown for their error. Deny this, and you deny the very nature of what you are.

    2. you need to do more research…like check out the website geoengineering.org. They have groups of scientists and pilots who all confirm that this is happening. Not to mention corroborating laboratory analysis of environmental samples taken all across the US showing massive increases in environmental concentrations of the exact metals they use. You can even find geoengineering conferences and patents for distribution as far back as the 1970’s…Independent laboratory analysis from “webs” falling from the sky prove they are already doing this. See below for videos on webs in trees, collection, analysis and microscopic investigation of the fibres :



  73. If the chemtrails are caused by “condensation trails, formed when hot, humid air from jet exhaust mixes with colder low-vapour-pressure air”, why at the same time, same day, same location, two airplanes (one close to each other) acted differently, one leaving chemtrails and the other leaving nothing? Of course, the sky behind the first plane looked like in your picture.
    I saw it with my own eyes, not from the stories.

  74. People that acknowledge Chemtrails also acknowledge Climate Change! Why? Because there is a large planet that is heading our way since 1992 and our governments have gone quiet about it’s effect on our planet. Why are planets like Neptune and Jupiter and Mars heating up to? It;s not from Mankind’s pollution! All one has to do is look at the skies and see the active chem-trailing going on every day and causing Storm cells which cause property damage from hail. Visit www. geoengineeringwatch.org to find the scientific facts on this subject. Chemtrails cause illness and Plant and Tree Die-Off. My question to Mr. Suzuki is how many shares do you have in these chem-trail companies? Who is paying your salary? Invested interests will say whatever they will to fulfil their agenda.

  75. Hi David,

    I’m the cyclist that saw you on the street the other day and asked you why you won’t talk about geoengineering. You told me to leave you alone, so I did, but I yelled after you that you are obsolete.

    If you and your family have been threatened then I feel sorry for you, and I understand why you are not speaking out and why you write blogs like this. Otherwise, I guess you are a shill for the globalists and their insane Agenda 21 and that is far worse than being obsolete.

    1. Why would you want to treat someone so terribly when you have no proof. David Suzuki is a great man and has done much to help make this place cleaner & healthier. I know how it feels to think geoengineering is happening without our consent but that is no reason to treat a great man the way you have. Please just for a minute put your biases aside and think about all the good he has done. He has not sold out he is a scientist he must look at the science.

      1. geoengineering.org

        Dane W. is a serious former (Bechtel) power engineer with scientific proof of what is sprayed, and what it does to the food chain, you and your children. He is in a serious battle with the US govt to get this stopped having devoted 10 yeas of life to do so.

        Wake up.Canada, Wake up World.

        Aluminium ingestion is what causes Child Autism, Dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimers, its why we dont generally use alumunium cookware anymore !!!

        Wake up… look around you, see what is going on in the forests, with trees they are dying.., then look up to the sky to see the source…, these are not airline pilots, fan jets dont leave chemtrails, these are specially equipped planes contracted via dark govt budgets with no legislative right to do so altering the weather in favour of vested corporate food companies, and drug companies, keeping us sick and making money, financed by big bank shareholders capable of keeping the lame street media quiet.

        There are other factors as well which these vested parties hide and believe also justifies chem trails in order to protect or destroy/rebuild their vested interests , but that is for another blog/comment section that all astronomers should pay attention to.

        Get out of the whipsaw, Wake up.

        Wake up.

  76. David is not prepared to confront the truth. It will require a great deal of research to reprove to himself what many have already figured out. Unfortunately, this is a deep subject as it is linked to a great deal of other issues, even the likes of energetics weapons. Good luck getting that into the public realm. Try http://www.authorthat.wordpress.com An obscure site. The Blogahon Philabuster.

  77. Dear Mr. Suzuki,
    Please go to geoengineeringwatch.org and you will find a great deal of information on geoengineering the skies. Dane WIGGINGTON is some one you need to talk to. I can not believe you think those huge trails in the sky are contrails. Contrails disappear almost immediately, they don’t stay in the sky for hours and expand.

    Thank You

  78. It may be that David Suzuki is entering his blue dottage; or it may be that his communications manager put together this article under Suzuki’s name without the famous scientist having had a chance to review it. Whatever the cause, there is every reason to regret the publication of this text.

    On the subject of science, Suzuki (or his avatar) smugly claims that “I’m a scientist so I look at credible science.” No, Dr. Suzuki, that is the task of a science reporter. As a scientist you are expected to investigate the world directly, guided by intelligible hypotheses and reliable research methodologies. Scientists who presume the results of a study before the appropriate data are collected may be suspected of rank prejudice. And since, according to the present editor of Lancet, at least one-half of today’s peer-reviewed papers may be fraudulent in some respect, how can you be so certain as to what constitutes “credible science” in any case?

    Rather than dismissing the widely-reported phenomenon of chemtrails out of hand, as a scientist (rather than a mainstream public figure) you would be expected to accumulate information on the subject, investigate stated claims, then frame your own study – which as a millionaire you could no doubt afford, even if the State refused to support the project financially.

    As it is, you have shamefully discredited the profession of science by drawing upon your iconic stature to ridicule and intimidate persons like whistleblowers and highly-placed insiders who express views that depart sharply from your own.

    Virtually every paragraph of this article exposes gaping holes in Suzuki’s style of thinking. For example, in the very first lines the famous scientist seeks to contrast a “scientific process” with an “unscientific theory”. What can this possibly mean, except that if chemtrail productions were ever documented to his satisfaction, Suzuki would suddenly recognize them as a “scientific process”. Apparently, until a phenomenon is thoroughly analyzed it remains an unscientific theory. But what prevents it from being investigated?

    Simple trust in the public statements of officialdom, that’s what.

    According to Suzuki it is simply absurd to suppose that governments would collude with corporate interests and specialized personnel to seed the atmosphere with substances that are poisonous to life. But in the wake of the revelations about the global surveillance practices of the National Security Agency, Suzuki’s position is, to be charitable, quaint and naive in equal measure. (In historical terms, could the famous scientist actually not know about the impenetrable security that surrounded the international Manhattan project to devise an atomic bomb?)

    A phenomenon cannot exist because to the right-thinking mind it cannot possibly exist. This is circularity on the level of reason, obscurantism on the level of belief . From there it is but a quick hop to the persecutory practice of mixing together outspoken citizens with fringe activists labeled as conspiracy theorists and climate deniers. Don’t listen to those people, warns the good Doctor, or your own credibility could suffer!

    Suzuki claims that in facing the perils of climate change we don’t have time to concern ourselves with “wacky distractions”, nor should we bother ourselves over what the global elite gathered at Davos and the Bilderberg retreats are planning behind closed doors. All of these are side-issues, paling in relation to the One Big Problem, even if those VIPs at Davos can be held responsible for the lack of concerted action in the climate arena.

    An alternative, non-divisive approach would be for Dr. Suzuki to use his considerable authority to call for university-level research into the conjectured presence of aluminum or barium in the soil where chemtrails have been reported. It should be simple enough to document whether or not there are increased levels of these metals present in the samples collected. This kind of research, which takes place on a routine basis in agricultural facilities all over the world, should settle the matter to everyone’s satisfaction without diverting undue attention from the overhanging threat of climate change.

    1. i agree. i didnt want to bother to write it all out but yes suzuki is obsolete. thanks for proving it with his own words

  79. The word CONSPIRACY exists for a reason.
    because people do it!
    If you havent spent a couple of hours watching this shit drop from 40 thousand
    feet to 10 thousand then keep quiet.
    You just have to use your eyes not the lies. Ps love you

  80. CBC article about “cloud seeding” and how busy it’s been lately:


    CBC documentary about cloud seeding for hail suppression called “When Hail Attacks”. It’s about 45 minutes long and it explains cloud seeding and debates a bit about the morality behind it. It states Alberta insurance companies pay for this for hail suppression in order to save money from hail damages. Here’s the link:


  81. while i dont agree with everything Daid Suzuki says, he wrote a good post… but DAMN the crazies sure came out to play. guess when you are that far gone, everything that ismt somoen agreeing with you is seen as “working for the other side”

  82. I guess this woman, then, a decorated officer and single mom who literally risked her life to tell the truth, is wrong as well.


    Mr. Suzuki, you used to be a national treasure. What was it? Did they threaten your family, pay you millions of dollars, tell you could do lots of good work on other subjects as long as you towed the line on (so-called) climate change and chemtrails?

    Every time a respected member of society is bought, it is a tragedy for the human race.

  83. David, you seem like a nice old guy, but you’ve lost allot of credibility. You claimed that change would be too late by now when I was in my teens, but have since back peddled a marathon. When I requested your support in fighting the impending dangerous mass transport & storage of multinational multigrade nuclear waste along the shores of Canada’s great lakes, your organization replied claiming other issues where more important but asked for a donation. Climate change and thermal transfer will affect water as a resource more than any other. It’s problem is in your own back yard. As improbable as it may seem, if corporate madness is capable of dumping waste that will bio-accumulate for thousands of years along earths most precious resource in containers that will leak with our children’s lifetime, then chemtrails? Why not? If one tenth of one percent of the “crackpot” theories are right, and the process is privatized an profit-ized as theorized, it can’t be a good thing. You’re a scientist? Use your eyes, look in your own back yard. Clean your own home before reaching elsewhere. Unless you find & site scientific disproof by process before ranting back at a troubled world rallying for the change you claim to seek, you paint your self as nothing more than an arrogant has-been & a hack. Your foundation will fail. I say with true respect that your life long hard work & dedication deserves a better epitaph than that.

  84. Did you guys know that chemtrails can’t catch you if you always carry a packet of Miss Vickie’s salt and vinegar crisps? Not only does the vinegar block the chemicals, but the tinfoil stops the spray plane’s GPS system from tracking you and targeting you.

    I hope this helps.


  85. David Suzuki…one word describes this absolute shill…WANKER…I saw the Australians totally annihilate you…more like expose you for the absolute bought off wanker that you truly are…go dig yourself a deep hole and bury yourself and your Canadian passport…Wanker 1.0

      1. Suzuki was exposed as a know-nothing who supports the biggest scam ever put together by Banksters.

  86. Mr Suzuki. A Conspiracty Theory is like talking about winning the lottery, Until you buy a ticket is is a theory, Once you have one ppiece of evidence, It is now a probabilty. Then the evidence is given. First is denail, Then extreme predijuce against the messenger. Some will fall into a categeory, I knew it all along. When evidence is presented in 911. There are no bodies blood a hole 16 ft wide cant fit a boeing 657. Enough evidence that there would be convictions in court. I have to wonder as a scientist, why you keep mention conspiracy theory, when as a scientist you look for evidence, I agree about science helping is, But it s no good if the facts show a probabilty ove rthe misuesed word conspiracy theory, Conditioning of the human mind. When I say conspiracy what word comes to mind, most will say theroy. When i ask you quickly what is the first playing card that comes to mind. Most will say ace of spades, stick yto your great scientific work, and dont get into an opinion i things without being educated on it. you could very well be wrong with the evidence presented to me. 911 in plane site dirty wars and many more great documentaties, peace

  87. Any scientist who can look at a clear blue sky, and then observe 10, 20 or more persistent “trails” that spread to completely cover that sky in a haze and think that such a thing is normal vapor trails is delusional at best and a co-conspirator with the agencies and or individuals behind such activity at worst. As far as large scale conspiracies go, I suppose you also think the third tower went straight down on it’s own and the “magic bullet” that was suppose to have killed Kennedy was for real. SHAME ON YOU DAVID. Your a joke.

  88. I had a hair sample analysis done. Showed high levels of Aluminum and Barium. Doctor said this was unusually high and asked if I worked around Barium (which I do not). We are all breathing this. To all you Geo-Engineering deniers out there I challenge you to get a hair test done. But you chicken sh!ts probably won’t do it. Easier to just blah blah about normal persistent contrails and how everyone observing this is crazy. Cognitive Dissonance at work. I dare you to test the rain water and soil. Wait until you find out about the nice nano-tech organisms they are infecting us with as well. Check out Carnicom.com if you want to know.

    1. I have booked my whole family in for hair sample tests, out of my own pocket. I suggest everyone on here do the same for their family and friends.

      When the report comes back positive, and I’ll bet my savings and house to anyone who says this isn’t happening the report will go to my MP and government.

  89. I don’t think David is the problem here, the problem as far as my last account was we are spewing 8 millon gallons of jet fuel per day 7 days a week 24 hours around the clock, now if you believe chemtrails are real, what is stopping them from adding chemicals to the fuel, who would now, and who would check, or what is in that fuel to start with, does anyone know,.

    1. I’m no scientist, but I would think that adding chemicals to the jet fuel would just get burned with the jet fuel.

  90. You know David I had a lot of respect for you that respect now has turned into vapors you do know this has been going on for a long time global warming is real but they have known this for a long time but refuse to shut down these large oil plants and radiation plants but UC by doing this they lose a lot of money so they come up with chemtrails to cover up the Earth’s atmosphere now is the clan “not too mention their names but sure u know who I’m talking about”not for one minute do I believe our governments and why do I say this example the spread of radiation from Fukushima our government has totally failed to notify us that trajectory plum fr fukushima blanketed the entire northern hemisphere now I call this mass depopulation would u not say so !!!!!

  91. Sounds like David needs to go back to school and learn about jet engines because there is more to this world than he hypothisizes about! And till then your science is junk science. Include everything and there will be a different outlook. Geo engineering is real. Even Bill Vanderzalm has his head out of his ass on this issue.

  92. I must add to my previous comment, as thick clouds have moved in and are blocking the early plane trailing, which are now not visible. So it may not be possible to see the spray today. This happens alot. Clouds hide it so there is alot more of it than just what we see on sunny days, a good point to remember.

  93. To Mr Suzuki: Today is Feb. 16th. The forecast I read for Vancouver yesterday by all sources was for clear cloudless sky for two days. Au contraire mon frere. The sun is blocked by patches of now familiar haze which remain and are drastically diluting the suns rays. It is blocking the sun. We need the sun to grow food. Full and intense sun as a matter of fact. Eating and nutrition is going to be very difficult without it. In your article you did not address the issue of plane trails causing a nonfunctional environment for the inhabitants of the earth. Are you not one of us? Or your children? Or are you so wealthy that you assume you’ll buy your way out of problems? Today the sky in Vancouver is perfect proof that man made effects are altering the basic live-ability of our habitat. Check the forecast.

    We don’t even need to discuss all the details of who what where. There is a problem here and you’d rather change the subject and discuss your annoyance with people. People don’t know what is going on. And you most likely do not. Please stop
    condescending to Canadians and make a simple scientific observation of the sky.
    Perhaps you are just not one of us and never have been?
    Think of the children at least and what they are inheriting.
    “You who are on the road. Must have a code that you can live by.And so become yourself because the past is just a goodbye.Teach your children well, their fathers hell did slowly go by. and feed them on your dreams, the one they fix, the one you’ll know by…..”
    Crosby, Stills and Nash.

  94. David Suzuki is a joke and a really bad one. David Suzuki is a multi mullionaire hypocrite with several multi-million dollar properties…nothing he says/writes should be taken seriously.

    CHEMTRAILS are COAL ASH, here is the proof:


    These maniac scientists are risking an ice age not to mention adverse world wide health as a result of their Frankenscience.

  95. Visit the ISS live feed site and see that the entire planet is engulfed in a silver haze, thanks to the ongoing chemtrail spraying program. I wish people would wake up and realized we’re being sprayed like lab rats. Stop looking down at your iPhones and start looking up at our skies!

    1. “Stop looking down at your iPhones and start looking up at our skies!”

      Excellent quote, my friend! 🙂

  96. I used to like David Susuki until he came out with this denial of chemtrails, semantics matter here, chemtrail is just a name to point out those extra large sky-to sky clouds that are made by jets and did not exist 12 years ago over the skies, those trails also milk out the sky and change the color of it for a silvery, milky blue, full of dusty looking haze. Stratospheric aerosol injection is, in the other hand, a scientific term, and this is what is happening. What can you say about that Susuki?

  97. Reason number one for Arctic ice melting……..Read this, google acrctic drilling is inevitable,if we dont find oil in the arctic then russia will.There was an American / Russian space race decades ago…..now there is an American / Russian OIL RACE…Like I said before ,the only places the ice is disappearing tooooo fast is above ALASKA and RUSSIA,oh and east Greenland I recently dicovered.Putin..ahhh yes there is a man we can ALL trust for honesty,ecological ethics,generally an all around nice guy.Just remember,he didn’t get where he is now,nor did he become the richest man on earth by being honest.Anything goes when money is involved,even in Obamas office.Russia is planning to open old military bases in their arctic to set up exploratoin posts.America still has theirs in use .including HAARP,Russia also has HAARP technology.There is a group of 20 to 30 HAARP statoins worldwide.Not used much for military purposes now but still operational.Now they are used for more friendly purposes.

  98. Another beautiful sky,Monday morning,Sept15 2014.This is how it should look,this is how I remember it from decades passed.Seems yesterday was the same.Saturday….can’t say the same though.Driving south on hwy 99 I noticed several planes exhausting what I thought was vapor about 8 to 9 am.After a while they were still there,more planes (or the same ones heading back) were trailing again.Some disappeared most stayed.I was outside for about 2 hrs.,still there and mildly drifting to the SSW,because the upper wind was N to NNE.Now, this is strange because all other past trails would drift easterly over the lower mainland.These drifted into Washington.Nothing stayed in BC.I thought for a while,because they were different,maybe they were CONTRAILS,but along came 2 more planes out of the south,one had a long trail that eventually disappeared,and the others disapeared instantly behind it.So then,why did so many planes leaving trails,all at or near the same altitude have trailers that were so different?

  99. i had one of those trails left right over my building the other day and i live in a 3 storey low rise. it sure wasn’t 10,000 feet up or whatever. why we the people trust our politicos and media and scientists, and banks etc. is beyond me. our people power is in the votes we cast for what that is worth sometimes, but we need to remember that. all of these people need to be held accountable for their decisions and actions. i am tired of the lies and deceptions. i am tired of the greed. it makes me angry to be thought of as just another speck on the earth and treated accordingly. sadly, its just a matter of not how but when that we all will pay the price for all of this. everyone will suffer the same in the end. we may slow it down but we will never reverse the effects of pollution etc. what a sad species we have turned out to be.

    1. Lets all make you tube videos of these plane trails and set it to Teach Your Children by Crosby, Stills and Nash.

  100. Don’t beleive it?Go to Boundary Bay BC from june to august.I am there almost every day for 1 to 12 hrs.They always stop at the US border last for hours and are sprayed very high.They then fall to the lower wind,typically a westerly here,then spread from the trail all the way to Abbotsford and more east.Other days the clouds are like feathers ,straight on one edge then feathering off at the other.What is unusual is they are scattered in all directions and cover a large section of the sky.As of sept 1 I noticed for several days NO trails,I actually saw blue sky for a while.The weather cooled here slightly, no need to spray.Also noticed is that they almost always follow the coastline NNW to SSE.Many times there are 3 to 5 trails side by side,all breaking into feathers one after the other almost timed as the decend into the wind.I am outdoors all day and am always looking at the sky,not like you and 90% of the population who sit indoors,my hobby is kiting .The sky is my playground,weather and wind are vital to my activity.So I AM ALWAYS LOOKING UP. Look where the polar ice cap is melting the most and fastest.Over ALASKA and RUSSIA,other areas seam to come and go on a routine basis.Like above CANADA,GREENLAND and NORTHERN EUROPE.The offshore oil and gas there is estimated(yet not proven to be there)to be 25 % of the worlds undiscoverd resourses.The oil and chemtrails are big money,and if you think politicians worldwide aren’t wiping their butts with some of it to deny or cover it up you are all blind as moles or getting paid too.I have watched a lot of airplanes flying in my sky.Some of them leave NO trails at all,some just disappear afew seconds later,but others?If I had more time and money I would attach a telescope to a camera and sit there all day taking picture and video of the trails,the sky afterward and identify the aircraft responsible .

    1. That oil angle is interesting! There are many others, such as killing off Social Security pensioners, global military dominance, increasing arable land farther north to keep the ever-increasing growth financial scams alive, heading off an impending ice age, etc;
      But the oil angle makes a lot of sense! The lower latitudes are feeling the increasing cold because the north pole warming is pushing the cold south, so they don’t believe in the “warming” often. But keep in mind, most all heat comes from the inner earth (think volcanoes), and the chemtrail blanket IS warming whatever it covers. And chemtrails do appear to be a major factor in Morgellon’s Disease, which appears to be chemtrail fibers being encapsulated by keratin by the immune system (it envelopes things it can’t eat with scar tissue), which are then ejected out of skin pores.
      Anyway, this is very bad news, and if people had any brains, they would drop everything right now, and destroy every center of govt as far and wide as possible until it stops. But fortunately for the elite, the people are too lazy and stupid to lift a finger. They will rather suffer and die than exert any energy whatsoever to counter the violence perpetrated upon themselves. It’s really funny – they deserve exactly what they are getting for being masterbatory dolts.

      1. The oil is (to me anyways) the reason.Articals I have read date melting the snow and ice to almost a century ago when Russians came up with the idea of spreading coal dust on the snow to melt it faster.Black on white,snow has no chance.But,just think,it was cheap,available technology for the time,as for the enviornmental impact….anyones guess.The chemtrail spraying ,from what I have seen,is from the US border to the north,and the coverage blows east to north east.The aircraft almost alway fly the same direction coming from the north.Look at a globe for a while,If you were to spray between the central coast down to the 49th along the coastline and the spraying covers BC and parts of ALTA isnt that the areas that are already very hot in summer?You want it cooler.Add to that HAARP to alter the flow of the jetstream so the warm south air rises to the north and causes temps to rise considerably.Remember,-1 degree ice is hard,+1 degree ice turns to water,it doesn’t take much especially in salt water.More on the jetstream.It may only be me,because I have only followed it extensivly for about 4 months.But I noticed back in April to mid June that there almost always was a circular pattern of wind from west circling counter clockwise upward then west right over the area above Vancouver.This pattern moved north to beside the Queen Charlotte islands and then more north and west to below Alaska taking with it the jetsream.Now the spraying has stopped,the weather is cooler and the circular pattern is coming back.Along with it better wind patterns around here.Trust me,I spend a lot of time waiting for the right wind.I noticed that since mid June the wind changed drasticly.It had no power,was coming from everywhere and at times nowhere.My windsock was straight out and 30 meters beside it there was almost no wind in my face.GOOGLE,CRWS Jetstream and go to archives you will see what I mean.I am not a meteoroligist but I have proven the WEATHER CHANNEL wrong many times,perdicted local wind to 100% accuracy days ahead of time.That is until mid June,then everything I relied on didn’t work.Strange but now that everthing seems to be back to normal (jetsream,natural clouds.wind patterns)I can fly again.Sept 8 was the best day for nearly 3 months,and I am predicting Monday,Tuesday to be good to excellent.Hope no rain comes though.Conspiracy Theory ,I THINK NOT.Have you ever noticed the sunrises and sunsets are getting a lot more spectacular lately?Maybe its because our atmoshere is full of crap.

        1. I don’t know the 48 states, but in Alaska, we have been drowning in chemtrails every day since 1998 or so. For the last few years, they let us see the sun now and then, but from 2001-2012, there was not a single day of sun – every day was overcast and raining (and we were formerly a desert climate with sunny days almost every day). And not a soul notices. Do the flashlight test at night and read some of the other posts. All analysis are being blocked by labs, and the atmosphere is literally an ocean of particles. You will be shocked and stunned to see them. Our lungs are being turned into dirty vaccuum cleaner bags. The apathy over this has made me lose all care for anything in this world. We are a rape and plunder civilization, and that’s just how it is going to be until humans become eternal slaves to a big machine, or unless everything just collapses. In my view, violence is being perpetrated upon all of us, and anything done to stop chemtrails is self-defense.
          At least, stop funding the beast-system. Disconnect as much as possible. The system is way out of line. When man shifts from faith in nature to faith in systems of men for sustenance, the result is always disasterous. “Silence can be violence, just like a slit wrist”.

          1. Alaska,of coarse,you are right below the area they need to melt and HAARP is in your back yard.,Unfortunate for you and everyone who lives there,can’t tell you to relocate,they are spraying everywhere apparently.There is NOWHERE safe to go anymore.Last week I took a drive to Cache Creek BC ,I couldn’t beleive that there wasn’t any spraying here when I left, but by the time I got to Yale I could already see trails being sprayed.There IS one thing we can all be happy about.When all the oil is gone and money ain’t worth shit.ALL these assholes will also have died off.THEN the world can regenerate itself and start over.Just hope the next to inherit the earth don’t find any gold or oil or any buried treasures to encourage this kind of greed to start over.

        2. I made a motor trip to White Horse in the Yukon last summer and then to the tip of the Baja in Mexico last winter (2013-14) and I witnessed jet trails that became much larger clouds, over the entire distance. People I spoke with in Whitehorse advised that they are making chemtrails in Alaska. So the entire continent I would imagine. The Okanagan of British Columbia gets hammered with jet trails every day, mostly in the morning and then the sky is often completely cloud covered by late afternoon.

    2. David , David , David You are a Very BiG Canadian Disappointment ! Did You Authorize
      THIS ? I guess everything is OK on the Canadian West Coast Too after 4 years of Fukushima !!! YOU COULD HAVE REMAINED SILENT ……..

  101. When looking at Google Images, you can easily see the difference between pre-2000 photos and post-2000 photos. Most all post-2000 photos have ugly white/gray skies, and most all pre-2000 photos have dark blue skies.

  102. Mr. Suzuki, you too will have your turn with the “national razor” when all of this is uncovered. I hope your 20 pieces of silver are worth it you scum sucking pig.

  103. thanks for this, i see planes now almost every day creating these trails over my city, about an hour later the sky is all cloudy. when it was blue skys prior. its hard to test these things when stuck on earth and no equipment. hopefully more is researched.

  104. You can buy big industrial 400′ rolls of tinfoil at costco. Should make enough tinfoil hats for all you nutbars and all your friends too. Although you don’t have a costco in Nelson or Winlaw, so Costco must be a goverment (All the bad ones) funded, David Suziki/Free mason cash grab for the giant Air Canada chemical rub out of your weed plantation.
    The only reason you could believe that they’re trying to control your mind is YOU NEED MORE TO DO. maybe take up fly tying or take a shot at getting your grade 10. Maybe Ricky and Julian will get you a cake.

    1. This paper reads like pure propaganda, ignoring nearly two decades of hard scientific evidence of ongoing aerosol spray operations, including rainwater sample test results from all over the world which show off the chart levels of heavy metals and other poisons. There is mountains of evidence spanning nearly twenty years, that fact is beyond question. Shame on you, David Suzuki. Clearly you are part of the system. No scientist would ignore hard data, yet you have chosen to do just that. There are circumstances for complicity.

      1. Warren, about David Suzuki. Many of his articles attest that he is a contributor, not the writer. They like to use his name to boost credibility. With the data that comes his way every day he cannot possibly read everything and then if he read misinformation he probably would not be able to back up and put out a (“price correction notice-as stores do”) , so the misinformation slips by. I have a friend that is 86 yrs. old and very smart, sharp and quick mind. I have others in their 50s that have “CRA” – (can’t remember anything). and many that subscribe to the philosophy “don’t tell me the facts – my mind is made up and I am not changing it. Do the best you can to enlighten people but in the end most will continue on their path ignoring the facts.

    2. Talbie, you can go buy a flashlight at Costco, and look into the beam at night, and see that we are drowning in an ocean of atmospheric fibers – you retard. You need the aluminum foil for yourself to make a “dunce cap”. ALSO, the big question is “why are all forensic labs refusing to test samples of these fibers?” Are they all wimps, or has someone put an order out to these labs? I have tried to have air/water samples of this crap tested at over 2 dozen analytical labs, and they all refuse … why? What is there to hide if it is OK to breathe/eat/drink?

  105. You listen here, I am very sensitive to the poisons in these cloud seeding (Geo-engineering), (chem-trails) experiments, call them what ever the hell you want, no one in their right mind would think it would be ok to drop tons of toxic materials on any living organisms and not think it would poison them….here is a verified list of these poisons:

    Aluminum Oxide Particles, Arsenic, Bacilli and Molds,Barium Salts, Barium Titanates, Cadmium, Calcium, Chromium, Desiccated Human Red Blood Cells, Ethylene Dibromide, Enterobacter Cloacal, Enterobacteriaceae, Human white Blood Cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA), Lead, Mercury, Methyl Aluminum, Mold Spores, Mycoplasma, Nano-Aluminum-Coated Fiberglass, Nitrogen Trifluoride, Known as CHAFF), Nickel, Polymer Fibers, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa,Pseudomonas Florescens, Radioactive Cesium, Radio Active Thorium, Selenium, Serratia Marcscens, Sharp Titanium Shards, Silver, Streptomyces, Stronthium, Sub-Micron Particles (Containing Live Biological Matter), Unidentified Bacteria, Uranium, Yellow Fungal Mycotoxins

    It has totally ruined my life and all of the people around me. I have heavy metal toxicity from them doing this to me over my house for the last 5 months straight, I have 100rds of videos and pictures from Edmonton Alberta of them doing this 12 hours+ everyday. You need to be brought to justice with the rest of the criminals that are doing this to people all around the world..how do you sleep at night and look the people that love you in eye….you are most definitely a big part of the problem and I hope that you enjoy the big stack of money they have paid you to sell out mankind.Global warming is a 100% lie and I hope I get a front row seat at your firing squad you peace of shit!

  106. David Suzuki is a paid liar and a piece of sh!t!. I have lost all respect for that waste of life.

  107. In fact when someone doesnt understand then its up to other visitors that they will help, so here it takes place. daekdgeegafc

  108. Wow!
    The “conspiracy” lunatics have taken over the asylum………..

    Its not called the “Age of Skepticism” for nothing.

  109. Thank you for providing some rational thought on the subject.

    I have worked in aviation my entire adult life from small aircraft, to aircraft designed to spray chemicals for fire control, to airliners and can say 100% that there is no secret program to spray chemicals into the sky…. only water vapour and hydrocarbons. While those certainly will alter weather, they are nothing compared to what the collective motoring population does.

    It’s pretty easy to see what those planes are up to. Get a DSLR with a large telephoto lens and snap a photo. Take the registration numbers off the wing and google them, and most likely you will get search results for FlightAware which will show the airline, type of aircraft, and routing which does not conform to the typical grid pattern aerial application aircraft fly, and a bunch of results from Airliners . net showing photos of passenger interiors rather than collections of chemical tanks.

    The criss cross patterns people see simply conform to published air routes… Even repeated ovals are aircraft in published holding patterns. Since the routes are stationary relative to the earth, but the wind is always blowing, successive jets on the same route will appear to be flying beside the previous contrail.

    1. > I have worked in aviation my entire adult life from small aircraft, to aircraft designed to spray chemicals for fire control, to airliners and can say 100% that there is no secret program to spray chemicals into the sky….

      What a filthy liar. Can anyone believe this man?

      By Daren Jonescu
      Barack Obama has 36.9 million Twitter followers, 19.5 million of whom, it turns out, are fake. This is a very disturbing sign for Obama’s opponents, as it demonstrates just how much appeal the president still has with his key support base, namely those who identify most closely with him on a personal level — fake people. The Daily Mail Online has analyzed the numbers and discovered that among U.S. political figures, the four Twitter accounts with the most fake followers — that is, followers who don’t really exist — are those of Barack Obama (by a landslide), Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, and the White House communications department.

      … They also pay trolls to visit websites to “catapult the propaganda” … such as Mr. CN.

      > It’s pretty easy to see what those planes are up to. Get a DSLR with a large telephoto lens and snap a photo. Take the registration numbers off the wing and google them, and most likely you will get search results for FlightAware which will show the airline, type of aircraft, and routing which does not conform to the typical grid pattern aerial application aircraft.

      Hopefully, people can clearly and easily see that Mr. CN is “fake”, like the Whitehouse Twitter followers.

    2. “I have worked in aviation my entire adult life from small aircraft, to aircraft designed to spray chemicals for fire control, to airliners and can say 100% that there is no secret program to spray chemicals into the sky”

      I believe that you may have done this; however; to say 100% that there is no secret program to spray simply means that you are not part of or privy to it.

      By contrast, the NSA has continually lied outright about surveillance, only to be exposed as the pathological liars that they are by Edward Snowden and others.

      Everyday, in all kinds of businesses, secret, immoral and illegal dealings are going on behind the scenes.

      Just because YOU didn’t spray chemicals, doesn’t mean nobody else is. They absolutely are, 100%.

      And did you test what was in the tank to confirm that what you were spraying was actually what you were told that you were spraying?

      Or did you just believe what you were told, without question?

  110. Richard Snowden has already released NSA documents revealing the existence of this program.


    The conversation of if this is conspiracy or not is long since over. This program’s existence has been out in the open for quite some time. Why in the world are we still having this discussion? The only discussion that we need to be having is how we are going to stop this and send the perpetrators to jail.

    1. Thank you!!!!

      I’ve completely lost the remaining respect I had for David Suzuki upon reading this article. He has either sold out (HARDDD) or is blind as a bat and naiive as can be. I’m thinking he’s too intelligent to be THAT oblivious so he must have made a pretty penny with this article.

      Just sad…

  111. There is no conspiracy theory here, this is a conspiracy fact, not denied by the UN and now talked about openly by its perpetrators. It’s called Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering.
    Websites like this are nothing more than propaganda, disinformation dumping grounds. People are waking up to the truth…and I cannot wait until each person guilty of perpetrating these horrible crimes against humanity are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.



    1. THANK YOU!!!

      Well said and I agree 100%. People ARE waking up and this is nothing but propaganda filth.

  112. I have followed David Suzuki’s shows and commentaries for several years now, and I respected his opinion, UNTIL NOW, I am very disappointed in what he has to say about chemtrails. I have done lots of research on them, and I believe they exist and are practiced all around the world. I have also talked to people in Australia that have seen them regularly. I live in B.C. and I have noticed how the skies are often cloudy now (polluted with chemtrail residue) rare is the day there are blue skies all day. I don’t understand why David Suzuki is putting up smokescreens about this, what is he hiding? I also believe in global warming and have so for a decade now, so what he says about people who believe in chemtrails are climate warming deniers is HOGWASH! I just wish we could do something to stop the POISONING OF OUR PLANET!

    1. Yes you are so right Karen- to pit people who believe that we are being poisoned with chemtrails against climate change activists is simple absurd…the worst kind of brainwashing…shame on you David Suzuki! Do your science first!

      Here is a little science for you. I live in remote Kaslo BC and I can assure you that 80% of the 2-4 sunny days leading up to a storm cycle, weather it be winter or summer, we observe skies full of planes going back and forth crisscrossing our lakes and villages. You can see then turn their sprays on a off at times then fly lower one behind each other when approaching smaller airports to refuel. The effects? Itchy eyes, scalp, runny nose and irritability…all symptoms of chemical poisoning. And I can tell you for sure that my science is founded in first hand experience.

      Luckily there is somethings we can do to fight back. Participate in non-biased studies by sending water and ground samples into a non-biased trusted lab conducting honest testing. Take zeolites and magnetized magnesium water during peak spraying times…Sleep with a humidifier close you to your bed stocked up with vitamin c powder, wild oregano oil, eucalyptus, colodial silver, iodine and echinacea.

      Lastly, I am not going to speculate what the larger agenda might be for chemtrail spray programs, but I do know that we have not seen that many increases in jet liners flying in this part of BC over the past 10 years.

      What we have seen instead is a huge increase in chemtrail flumes spreading over our lakes and villages on Kootenay region, creating a haziness that is not natural to our beautiful part of the world with a very small population that has never created the kind of air pollution/smog that you see in major centers. An area of BC that should by natural law, still be experiencing the bluebird skies that we once knew.

    2. Global warming is real,but it is engineered.Not a product of greenhouse gases and such,as everyone is led to beleive,but by companies and organizations to get the oil in the arctic.Ice melts ,bank accounts flourish.Look where its melting…over the Alaska region and Russia.Why only there?Canadas territory above the mainland has plenty of islands,Greenland(owned by Denmark) is an island.Easy enough to put up oil rigs,is the ice disappearring faster there too….NO.No need to but where there is ice,ice must go.to intall offshore drills.From the mjd1970’s to 2007 a million square miles was melted.ODDLY ENOUGH ISN’T THE MID 70’S THE TIME WHEN THEY NEEDED MORE MONEY FOR OIL EXPLORATION AND CAUSED A TOTALLY FAKE OIL SHORTAGE TO MAKE BILLIONS MORE TO PAY FOR IT.Time to wake up OIL rules the world……..at least the people who profit from it are.

  113. Also, take note that Wikipedia (and others) will not allow any truth or evidence to be posted for the public. I was banned for trying to add evidence and testing methods to the Wikipedia pages on the “Chemtrail Conspiracy”, and all comments and text on the Talk page and my personal pages were wiped clean of anything pertaining to “chemtrails”. So … keeping telling me there is no “conspiracy” Dr. Suzuki … I need the good laugh. I have all of my emails with the “controllers” of Wikipedia, and I would be happy to share them with anyone that denies we are not being censored.

    1. “Also, take note that Wikipedia (and others) will not allow any truth or evidence to be posted for the public. ”

      Very true. Wikipedia has been overrun with Hasbara trolls and cannot be considered accurate or authoritative.

  114. I too remember Dr. Suzuki from my teen years many decades ago, and I used to admire him also – but this is so typical of scientists today – they forgot what science is all about: independently reproducible evidence. I want to know why Dr. Suzuki doesn’t collect some of these outrageous amounts of atmospheric particulates and do some GC/MS testing and optical analysis himself – doesn’t he care what he is breathing and ingesting? I am sure he can command the type of authority needed to get labs to test this stuff better than me. Where is the science here? And why is a scientist offering opinion instead of science? What is going on? Any idiot with a flashlight can see we are drowning in this crap 24/365.
    Many people I know with asthma are suffering terrible from this, and I myself feel a “dry” throat if sitting near a cracked window. I also notice many more neurological problems than I have in the past, especially cognitive skills … writing/spelling/rationality – and the effects are beyond poor education IMHO. Where is the outrage? How can billions of people sit idle while a few poison them all? I hate living in a world of 7 billion cud-chewing cattle. Human feet prove we evolved on beaches – and it seems we have made nothing more than endless messes since we overpopulated them and became “land masses”. I don’t think life was ever better than primitive living on a beach with coconuts, swimming, fishing, and making love without hardly a care in the world. I’d gladly give up everything in modern life to rewind the clock 100,000 years or more. If all our “advancements” have led to this, forget it, it was never worth it.

  115. I posted above about the “flashlight test”. I am a chemist with a degree in aeronautics as well, and I assure all of you, chemtrails are NOT contrails. I have rainwater and air samples of “chemtrails”, and I have contacted, literally dozens, of GC/MS laboratories to get an analysis, and NONE will do it. I am willing to pay for it myself. I live in a very remote area where there can be no contamination. Anyway, this is why we are not getting scientific evidence – the corporate labs are AFRAID to analyze the material. Science has become nothing more than politics.
    Also, I have noticed that the rainwater sample I have had for testing for several months is now very cloudy – a flashlight beam into the sample shows many particles and fibers, but more than that, it is very cloudy, similar to a very concentrated colloidal silver solution (if anyone has ever made that and tested the Tyndall effect, they will understand what I mean). Imagine looking at a flashlight beam under muddy water – that’s what the beam looks like in this sample. My guess is that the water has slowly dissolved some of the particulates – and this IS happening in everyone’s bodies, and has been happening for 20 years. I refuse to go outside without a mask, and operate HEPA filters in my home as well.
    20 years is more than enough for 3D mapping – so I don’t think that is the reason for chemtrails. The atmospheric particulates will only serve to INCREASE global warming – not that I believe in it, as we are overdue for an ice age – but nevertheless, it is creating a blanket over the earth and it is trapping heat. Could it be to head off an ice age that would destroy the “western world” ? Don’t know, but it seems imaginable that western powers would have some concerns in that regard if an ice age was on it’s way. I also wonder about the possibility of the ingested particles interacting with some kind of particle beam weapon – this might make for some interesting effects. Nevertheless, this stuff is hanging around in people’s lungs and dissolving and diseminating throughout people’s bodies, and IS DEFINITELY NOT HEALTHY!
    I wish I had more “evidence” to present, but I am sorry to say that scientists today are cowards and political lapdogs, and won’t contract for analysis.

    1. Careful Chad, the Illuminati may have rewired your internet link to watch you…. I’m serious. 🙂

      1. More propagandists at work. Don’t worry about me Mr. NoConfidence, I am not breathing this 🙂 Please keep jogging every morning …

        It’s so funny that Mr. Suzuki shows that photo at top, and expects people to think “Oh, yeah, those are just normal contrails!” So funny that he expects people to think “That’s how airplanes always looked when flying across the sky …” The amount of “stuff” required to cover the entire sky (200-400 sq.miles) means that this “stuff” is very small. The flashlight test at night shows particles about 10-30 microns in size, but additional to the barely visible sized particles (which are scary enough!), one can see a “mist” of nanosize particles that are far too small to see individually, but collectively, one will notice the “mist”. This is obviously very high technology to blast such fine particulates out to cover the sky from horizon to horizon at the speed those aircraft fly. I just saw one tonight, and it crossed from horizon the horizon (about 200 miles) in about 6 minutes. About 100 miles/minute. That is no commercial airliner. That’s likely supersonic, which may aid in the distribution of the particulates as they decelerate below the speed of sound.

        Mr. Suzuki, aircraft exhaust NEVER has, and NEVER will, cover the sky from horizon to horizon with “ice crystals”. Imagine 200×200 sq.mi and say 5 miles deep (200,000 cu.mi), being composed of ice crystals – there is no way in hell an aircraft can carry enough fuel to do that. It’s like saying burning a cup of gasoline in your yard in the winter will create enough “fog” to make your city disappear in ice crystals.

        I propose that people start wearing masks as a non-violent way to demonstrate – wear them shopping and to work and everywhere, and if anyone gives you a hassle, just tell them to shine a flashlight outside at night, and see for themselves why you are having trouble breathing without a mask.

        Maybe if enough people start doing that (which I do), it will raise some necessary alarm in the ignorant masses that still abound. Nobody is going to demand I inhale that stuff – check your vaccuum cleaner bag – and consider how a little adds up, and it’s been adding up for 20 years.

        1. Oops, I didn’t mean 100 miles/minute above, I meant over 1000 miles/hour. Too much metal in my brains.

        2. WEAR A MASK?Ever been to Taiwan?Damn near 50% of the population does it every day.Not because of chemtrails but because the air is so polluted.Even though about 27,000,000 people live there,on an island similar in size to Vancouver Island,they all NEED a car or scooter (there is an estimated 10,000,000 scooters in Taiwan,many 2 stroke which burn oil and gas)to get around.WHY??? has no one decided to build electric,totally recycleable vehicals?All this shitty air and you still see so many older people in their eighties looking quite healthy.Are foscil fuels that deadly?Or do humans adapt faster to pollution than was previously thought?MAYBE the geoengineers are betting on this?

  116. Hey David, Don’t dismiss something to the public you clearly have NO knowledge on. In my mind you literally have to have something wrong in your head not to be able to understand the existence of Chemtrails. Either tilt back your head and look up at the sky or go online and watch Government officials agreeing with us, saying yes there are spraying the sky, but its for our own good. (Global Warming)

    I live in a Northern Ontario town, and we are getting assaulted with chemtrails from sunrise to sunset. To the point at the end of the day its just a disgusting fog in the sky.

    1. I live in Outaouais and since last autumn there’s chemtrail almost every day…
      and the weather is very cold this winter so this is a success

    2. Keep in mind!!! Most heat on Earth comes from the inside of the planet, not the sun. The “blanket” of particles only heats things up – it cannot possibly “deflect sun” to “cool the Earth”. Also, not much of the Sun’s energy can be reflected back into space. Most of the energy can only be absorbed by the particles and deflected into other particles. This is not a mirror, it’s a blanket. They are causing global warming. While many may see the low temps and droughts in the continental USA, from at least 60degN latitude, it was non-stop rain from 2002-2012, with extremely mild winters. The climate is not “changing” so much as it is being transferred to new locations.

  117. Shame Suzuki, shame ,shame on you! Very dissapointed ex-admirer. Conspiracy Theory?

    So the fact that the worlds elite gather once ayear, with military intelligence as security, to CONSPIRE under the guise of the Bilderberg Group, isnt proof enough that these absurdities are real?
    The NSA spying is a hoax exposed by Snowden?
    That mainstream scientists can lose tenure & employment if they merely say the words Intelligent Design?
    The very words Conspiracy Theory were invented by the CIA to draw attention away from the JFK assassination , or do you believe in “magic bullets”?

    Proof of chemtrails, apart from looking up into the sky & observing(observation>science)

    *Project Cloverleaf*- chemical spraying of atmosphere with comm/mil jet aircraft
    *Walsbach Patent*- use micron size Al particles for weather modification
    *Owning the Weather 2020″*- USAF document for weather control/manipulation
    *HAARP Patents*- using electromagnetic waves to heat atmosphere/ionosphere

    DoD Cohen warns that weather warfare might be used to create earthquakes(1996)
    Dennis Papadopoulos(Haarp scientist) stated ” give me a ship or an oil-rig & I can create earthquakes in IRAN”

    What is the SBX-1 ? An ex oil-rig with ahuge phased radar array currently in the Pacific

    Surely everyone has noticed the drought along the west coast & heat wave in Alaska.Only a short while ago Hillary Clinton was in the Arctic , meeting leaders, & talking about oil & gas resources under the ice. Coincidence?
    Yes Global Warming is happening, but the new in vogue coverall is CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!
    This can explain away all weather events including drought/flood, hurricanes & earthquakes, Hot/Cold, but can also be used to justify the spraying of chemtrails as a solar radiation management solution> no doubt Mr Suzuki you will get on board to promote this! SHAME!!!!

    1. Dick! That’s I think of you Suzukii. I met you years ago, had a lot of admiration for you then. Elitist f#^k head now.

  118. Also, I have water and air samples of chemtrails, and after contacting dozens of GC/MS labs to pay for some testing, NONE OF THEM WILL TEST THIS. So much for “science” and “scientists” – they are all despicable cowards. I am willing to pay for this analysis myself if anyone knows of an honest GC/MS lab. I have built devices to continually capture chemtrails for continual GC/MS testing. Once you realize the truth, it’s difficult not to despise humanity.

  119. Just shine a powerful flashlight/laser into the night sky – you will see we are being drowned in a blizzard of 10-30 micron particles. That’s all the scientific evidence anyone needs. Chemtrail deniers are either disinfo operatives or utter morons.

  120. I posted a comment noting my amazement that David Suzuki would hold such a position as posted above and it didn’t appear. Let me try one more time to express this opinion. All you have to do to confirm chemtrails is to look up at the sky.

  121. “I don’t have space to get into the absurdities of belief in a plot that would require worldwide collusion between governments, scientists and airline company executives and pilots to amass and spray unimaginable amounts of chemicals from altitudes of 10,000 metres or more. I’m a scientist, so I look at credible science – and there is none for the existence of chemtrails.”

    I am truly amazed that a person David Suziki would have this opinion. Either he himself can’t be bothered to look up at the sky himself or he too is a part of the elite for his own reasons. Amazing. Or maybe allowing yourself to be duped isn’t only a matter of education.

  122. Of course these loons want you to think your government is able to lie to it’s people. That’s craziness, our government is for the people and would never deceive it’s countrymen. I trust and blindly follow our leaders who do their best for the best country on the planet. There is no such thing as “elitists” or “ruling class”. I’m tired of these noid cases I’ve got better things to do, I’m getting the family together for our family flu shot day.
    My country, ’tis of thee,
    Sweet land of liberty,
    Of thee I sing;
    Land where my fathers died,
    Land of the pilgrims’ pride,
    From ev’ry mountainside
    Let freedom ring!

    I encourage real Americans to trust your government 100%. Our leaders will never lie to us, you can bet your families lives on it. Shame on those who question things with critical thoughts and open minds. If our government wanted free-thinkers they would tell us when to do that and what to think. So back off you nut jobs who think freedom means it’s ok to see the big picture.

  123. Thank you for at least trying to set the record straight. I see from some of the comments you were less than successful in doing that. Just5 proves there are a lot of paranoid people out there. As an extra comment to the chemtrail subject, I offer that if they’ve been spraying chemicals in the air for many years, why is it not showing up in soil tests?

    What is bothering me though is that cloud seeding is real and has been going on since the 60s. I have never been able to find out what exactly they spray to do that. Can anyone help with this?

  124. Whatif the “Chemtrail Conspiracies” were just a convenient distraction from the real damage being done ?

    ie. Water vapour is still (by far) the most potent GHG
    The earth needs to cool at night, but airliners keep seeding extra clouds that reflect nightime IR back towards the ground. Upsetting the natural cooling cycle. Not to mention that Av. fuel additives could provide extra nucleation to precipitate other toxins.


    It’s best for the airline industries to have their real trails covered by easily discredited “ChemTrail Nutjobs”. Like Big Agriculture, some things are best left undisturbed, lest there be economic repercussions

  125. OMG …. All of you smoking to much weed!
    This is sick! Why you create artificial problems People Weak Up. There is so much shit going on which need imadiate reaction and what? Nothing! No body give a shit about it! Oh! No! but magic trials on the sky. Uuuuu… Stop to droping this acid sick motherfuckers and start to pick up your fucken garbage from the street and stop to eat this shitty fastfood! it melt your brains. Get your ass to stand against shopping paranoia! Fucken children of black Friday or boxing week! You have no idea what conspiracy mean! You should live under Stalin regime you will may understand some real shit. Klan of science fiction fanatics! Weak up America! Spoiled society sophisticated Frankestains produced by media.

    1. You know, if you started taking things a little more seriously it would greatly benefit your health, and that of those around you.

      You might even learn to spell!

  126. Whatif the “Chemtrail Conspiracies” were just a convenient distraction from the real damage being done ?

    ie. Water vapour is still (by far) the most potent GHG
    The earth needs to cool at night, but airliners keep seeding extra clouds that reflect nightime IR back towards the ground. Upsetting the natural cooling cycle. Not to mention that Av. fuel additives could provide extra nucleation to precipitate other toxins.


    It’s best for the airline industries to have their real trails covered by easily discredited “ChemTrail Nutjobs”. Like Big Agriculture, some things are best left undisturbed, lest there be economic repercussions

  127. Awesome how nearly every single comment here became the distraction from anything real (I’m talking to both sides of the debate here!) that Suzuki described in his article! You all completely missed the point of a very short piece of writing! Congratulations, every single one of you, for being illiterate! 😀

  128. “I don’t have space to get into the absurdities of belief in a plot that would require worldwide collusion between governments, scientists and airline company executives”

    This line right here got me and proves how full of shit Suziki is and how he has turned a blind eye to this subject matter. Enter sarcastic response…. Yes because when on earth has government ever colluded with other agencies and company executives to for their own agenda? Maybe every day? LOL. I had respect for you David but you’ve lost it and need to retire and stop writing this BS. You think Air Canada or US Airways would be involved in something like this? The planes are military dumb dumb so they don’t need to deal with airline executives.

    Just this summer, I saw two planes doing loops of downtown Toronto, leaving behind something for a long period of time, doing criss cross markings in the sky. Oh so since there’s no scientific research saying what they were doing, it’s fine and I should turn a blind eye?

    Yes their called CON trails David, cause we’re all being CONNED!

    “Whether it’s to deny real problems or promulgate imaginary ones, it helps reinforce a worldview that is distrustful of governments, media, scientists and shadowy cabals variously referred to as banksters, global elites, the Illuminati or the New World Order.”

    We know the real problems David. Who paid you to write these fabricated stories? Just wondering. You think I should trust what the government and media puts in my face. Do you not work for the government and a media organization? hmmm, who are you defending here?

    1. Truther You have Been Conned By the ConTrail Beliefs you hold. Do you have Any Idea How Heavy Liquid is? Vapour Trails have been seen in the Skies as long as airlines have been flying at high Altitudes….

  129. Nice to see that there are more here that disagree with Suzuki on this than agree. If one sat back and watched these streaks one would see that they do not behave as contrails do. They don’t evaporate they dissipate leaving behind a greasy silver haze. Also, there is plenty of evidence that shows a single plane criss crossing the sky leaving a grid. This is not normal plane flight patterns.
    As for international collusion, all one has to do is look at the history of the cabal of international bankers that predates Napoleon. They have their hands in every major corporation, control governments by controlling money and were the brains and money behind organization like the U.N., the council of foreign relations, the trilateral commission etc, etc. and are the ones who profit most from war.
    While there may be little scientific evidence, that is not cause to dismiss it. As for the global warming hoax. Have we already forgotten the IPCC email scandal that showed how they faked their stats and revealed that they had an agenda which had little to do with being truthful? Or that CO2 increases always followed a rise in temperature and not the other way round. And if humans were causing global warming why is the only cure for this being proposed a taxation on carbon, which is just another way to funnel wealth from the poor and the middle class to the wealthy? Why isn’t the U.N. focusing it vast resources on developing renewable energy sources? Why does the oil industry, which is the largest source of human produced CO2 get government subsidies to the tune of billions?

    1. No man, it’s just that the idiots that have fallen for the conspiracy, tend to feel better about themselves confirming their ignorance by writing in columns like this.

      I’ve studied and searched this topic up and down and there is NO credible evidence to suggest the conspiracy exists. The fact that there have been experiments and scientific forums/gatherings discussing the idea of preventing global warming via the use of particulates in the sky, released by aircraft, doesn’t in anyway show that there is a colluding global elite poisoning people or trying to change the climate on a grand scale.

      This is where the conspiracy mind loses itself by contradiction. One part of this conspiracy suggests that global warming is a hoax. Another part says that the global governments are spraying the skies to prevent global warming. The problem is conspiracists don’t notice that they’re contradicting themselves. Their mind passes right by the contradiction without absorbing it. Often within their own sentences. To the rational mind (who takes the time to research this shit), sees the obvious contradictions.

      The stupidity of this conspiracy has ranged over the years. First it was about spraying chemicals into the sky in an attempt to have it float down onto the population to dumb them down so that the governments could implement their ‘agenda.’ Then it was about chemicals that were meant to kill off the population… That worked. Then it slowly morphed into this geo-engineering conspiracy. The most hilarious thing about the conspiracists, is that they seamlessly drifted between the conspiracies completely forgetting their contradicting statements and positions as they went. It’s actually pretty hilarious.

      This crap about the Tri-lateral commission, the Illuminati, Agenda 21, is so easy to rationally decipher, it hurts. The conspiracy mind is often occupied by an insecure person who tends to feel useless outside of their ‘knowledge’ about conspiracies. It makes them feel like they are understanding the world more or better than the other people. It’s a joke and so transparent. All of the people I’ve met who believe in this crap have the same pathetic personality. They’re losers who make a hobby out of following conspiracies.

      Same goes with this conspiracy. It’s a joke. The evidence isn’t there. Some of the links some of these idiots have attached to their comments have been long debunked and are so ridiculously biased. Most of them coming from the conspiracy websites themselves.

      Time to step outside the conspiracy sites and ask some real scientists. Go to universities and ask atmospheric scientists. They’ll laugh in your face. Seriously…

      1. In this time in Canada, scientists are being muzzled by media, “silence of the labs” as science is being literally closed down, and scrambling to save their research as private corps have taken over their published material and turned it into a user-pay access system….with science that was funded by the public? Have you EVER attempted to get access to science for yourself? I mean EVER? Because you can’t have access at the library, and you can’t have access at the university without actively paying tuition, and a subscription to just ONE journal could cost you hundreds of dollars….SO, tell me again about irrefutable science. You can’t even see the science to make that determination. Sad yeah?

        So that is our reality. We know a good spin doctor when we see one, and this article is one huge spin.

        And just look at all the information that has been DENIED as fact, and so we must rely on our own wisdom, and we have determined that yes there are c*trails, and to deny that they do not exist is SO tens years ago.

        Remember all the whale beachings? Guess what, we now know that was sonar testing. And that was military testing at it’s finest. Gosh, they would never do anything that might cause collateral damage…?! Gosh, no , never.

        I do not deny global warming, I recognize it as solar warming, and we are far far from the max temps already experienced in the last two centuries. I do however disagree with the attempted solutions, the spin and the lack of testing for UV indexes. And I totally disagree with any interference or mediation that the military may believe is required for climate or any other reasons for why they are using c*trails.

        I lived on a military base with nuclear subs. How interesting that they had to stop c*trails around that base. Clear skies day and night. Likely because the aluminum was making the thunder storms so dangerous and the lightening was beyond anything normal during c*trails, and then voila, no c*trails no more lightening threats to nuclear subs….hmmm?.

        AND c*trails are also accelerants…so perhaps those 16 firefighters who died in California are also collateral damage….if they don’t stop laying down these trails, like in the days after 9/11 and also during the gubmint shut down…we cannot do valid science. End of.

    2. “While there may be little scientific evidence, that is not cause to dismiss it. As for the global warming hoax. Have we already forgotten the IPCC email scandal that showed how they faked their stats and revealed that they had an agenda which had little to do with being truthful? Or that CO2 increases always followed a rise in temperature and not the other way round.”

      I don’t know where this idea you have that people who believe in chemtrails don’t believe in global warming. I recognized chemtrails for what they were the first time I saw them and I am absolutely a believer in global warming. Now today more so than ever. Chemtrails are an attempt to mask global warming. Among many other things in conjunction with many other things. The only problem with IPCC and government global warming atatistics is that they understate the problem hugely. Probably by an order of magnitude – if that is possible.

  130. On my way home about 20 minutes ago, I saw a very low-flying plane with a thick trail of white stuff coming out. Now, I’ve seen this stuff before everyday, but this was way lower than usual. I got a very good visual. I wanted to pull out my cell cam when cars behind started honking. I stuck my head out the window and this ‘thing’ just abruptly stopped spraying. It was like it knew I saw it. So no ‘contrail’ would do that! Although, ‘CON-trail’ is a very appropriate term for the ignorant people that eat this !@#$ right up. These toxic metals are the cause of many diseases. (Alzheimer’s) Take sea salt baths to pull the toxins out of the body 20 minutes a day people!

  131. Wow, you people really need to give your heads a shake. Chemtrails are not real folks. They are contrails and some last more that a few seconds.

    Good lord if this is how the masses think, we are in trouble.

    1. contrails last a short while but persistent contrails (chemtrails if you want to call them that) turn into a thick haze that lies like a blanket overhead. Look up into the sky – is it a hazy silver/gray? That’s not a contrail. When an early afternoon sun gets filtered to a late afternoon intensity that’s exactly what’s going on.

      Often times insurance companies seed clouds to reduce potential payouts from weather damage (or at least that’s the line they can give)


      But more often than not these are in fact geoengineering initiatives


      This has been going on for many years and still people brush it off as a conspiracy.

      It’s a number of exercises and initiatives.

      If anything it’s a conspiracy to keep us consuming.

      1. I think you’ve missed the point Rob. He mentioned that many believe in chemtrails being used for nefarious purposes. I don’t think anyone denies cloud seeding or attempts to control weather. That’s pretty much established. Your second link speaks of chemtrails being used to increase albedo in order to prevent global warming, which pretty much supports the global warming theory, no?

    2. “Chemtrails are not real folks. ”

      My god man, open your freakin’ eyes! Or can’t you see the forest through the trees?

      Oh, and quit drinking the kool-aid. It isn’t helping.

  132. Your not seeing it Dave …too bad it seems something is up in the skies leaving stuff that should evaporate but doesn’t . Its going on in front of all of us …

    1. Contrails are actually ice particles. If the humidity is 60%+, the particles hang around and the contrails actually grow in size. The contrails then settle and spread. They have always done this.

      1. Pathetic how you stand out isn’t it?? No one’s buying it anymore . I was born in the 50’s and con trails NEVER did this.NEVER!!

  133. http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org



    Shame on you David Suzuki. Get your head out of the sand….you’re exposing your ass…

    To ” Sharon J” Yes it has happen….”a plot that would require worldwide collusion between governments, scientists and airline company executives and pilots to amass and spray unimaginable amounts of chemicals from altitudes of 10,000 meters or more. It makes perfect sense. It could not happen.” Do your research “Sharon J”

  134. “Top climate scientists admit global warming forecasts were wrong… Next week 40 of the 250 authors who contributed to the report and representatives of most of the 195 governments that fund the IPCC will hold a meeting in Stockholm to discuss the finding to discuss any issues ahead of the publication. The body has insisted that this is not a crisis meeting but a pre-planned discussion.”


  135. Dr. Suzuki

    Once again i want to bring up the denial specter. If i understand correctly that an average volcanic eruption produces more CO2 than the history of all human production since the beginning of the industrial age… how does human CO2 production warrant a tax on our conscience and our wallets. No denial that we are being corralled into a new economic scheme.
    Humans have the engineering and social structures to deal with rising sea levels, redistribution of rainfall, drought, etc. They have done it for tens of thousands of years, surviving at least one ice age, loss of forests and desertification. No denial that we are tough enough and smart enough to handle variations in temperature and humidity.
    The fight we have no chance against is the burden of industrial age toxins and radiation. Human kind will perish from cancers and diminished reproductive abilities due to the tsunami of mutagens in our daily lives.
    In your life you may have been to busy to catalog the obvious particulate overload in our skies. Others have. Clifford Carnicom has been mentioned.
    Again I will ask you. Why are we being taxed for the essential and natural carbon cycle, even if our small input would tip the scales towards a global re-engineering of our living situations?
    Again I will ask you why we are not being taxed for contributing to an obviously, debilitating, toxic malaise from which we would not have the strength to adapt to climate change…. even climate change that has its beginnings and cataclysms deeply encoded in the cycles of the solar system.
    Denial of the obviously extra load of extra toxic jet trails is the final insult to a species fully capable adapting to climate change.
    Where do you stand? Taxation for something we can handle, or taxation for what is a terminal threat.

    Andrew Goudey

    1. An average volcanic eruption does not produce anywhere near that amount of CO2. The CO2 we continually create through combustion is over and above what nature produces, which is why it’s a problem.

      We can tell the difference between naturally produced CO2 and CO2 produced through combustion as they have different isotope counts.

  136. When I was a teenager in Bellingham, WA, I used to love watching David Suzuki’s science show which came to us on CBC TV. Now I feel that I would love to tell him he should be ashamed of himself. Has he never learned that a real contrail persists for around 20 seconds? Has he never looked up in the sky in recent years? Has he never heard a word about the US Military’s “Own the Weather” program of many decades? Just as “Dr.” Mengele (sp?) was no doctor, neither is David Suzuki – and his crime is the same: advocating for, and facilitating the murder of millions. Shame on his soul, if he has one. He has obviously lost his mind.

  137. Given his soothing tones and the wonderful photography on the Nature of things it’s refreshing to see so many are no longer taken in by Mr Suzuki.
    Since he and Tempora Bergman tried to swing the election before last, for the Gordon Campell’s Liberals, over the carbon tax, I rate him right down there with Patrick Moore, a co founder of Green Peace who now defends nuclear energy.

    In my opinion all this global warming hysteria is manufactured and comes down to the globalists bankers operating through the UN trying to tax every one and impose Agenda 21.

    I’ve also come to believe people like Suzuki and Elizabeth May are shills, gatekeepers, or useful idiots.

    Am I a denier? No. I believe there are pockets of man made warming and I see the weather for Vancouver and the lower mainland being manufactured over my deck on Salt Spring Island, on an almost daily basis. There are reports of this criminal activity in Canada going back to the nineties. Then as now the Canadian gov’t (who works for whom?) has been looking the other way.

    Those planes aren’t there, according to Global Warmists like Suzuki and Elizabeth May, co author and signatory of Agenda 21.

    Because she’s alleged to be my Federal Representative, I’ve written her several times since February of this year and sent photos asking her to identify the operators of these planes, polluting the air, lands and waters of her riding. She has so far not done this, but she always has time for a photo op like last weeks Gay Parade on Salt Spring.

    Here’s a link to the alleged shrinking polar ice and some satellite photos I was sent.

    1. Chemtrails even have a treaty!

      “Agreement Between Canada and the United States of America Relating to the Exchange of Information on Weather Modification Activities

      E103819 – CTS 1975 No. 11

      The Government of Canada and the Government of the United States of America,

      Aware, because of their geographic proximity, that the effects of weather modification activities carried out by either Party or its nationals may affect the territory of the other;

      Noting the diversity of weather modification activities in both Canada and the United States by private parties, by State and Provincial authorities, and by the Federal Governments; ”

      The Treaty was signed in March of 1975, during the time of the first Trudeau government.

      1. Wow
        So not only did Trudeau the senior allow our debt to be privatized to the global bankers he allowed the Americans to experiment on us without our informed consent.
        As usual not a peep in the mainstream media.

        In 74 Canada’s National debt was 15 billion. Thanks to the magic of central bankers compounding interest and corrupt governments it is now 615 billion.

        How can a Canadian child born tomorrow owe 17000 dollars?

  138. As a kid, over five decades ago, I loved looking at the clouds, watching jets high up and wondering where all the people were going. I too have observed big changes to our skies.

    The dissipation of the trails left by jets is different than condensation trails. Having chosen a scientific path, the questions I seek answers for are ‘what is in these aerosol sprays?’ and ‘what, if any, affects is this having on biological systems?’

    In my search, I came across an independent researcher, Clifford Carnicom of the Carnicom Institute. He has dedicated over a decade to researching answers to these questions and offers scientific evidence of adverse affects on humans …

    I agree with Dr. Suzuki; the scientific evidence is not always readily available, and, I would add, sometimes suppressed. Perhaps analogous to this and closer to home for us here in BC is our struggle to hear the scientific truth behind the threat to our wild salmon. Similarly, independent researcher Alexandra Morton has been tirelessly dedicated to disclosing scientific evidence and truth, despite financial limitations. We’ve also witnessed attempts to discredit Alex and other scientists (Dr. Fred Kibengi) and their findings and muzzle others (Dr. Kristi Miller).

    Contrary to Dr. Suzuki’s conclusions (chemtrail believers associated with climate change denial), I find many informed-people who believe in climate change and, increasingly, view the widespread aerosol spraying (chemtrails) as probably a contributing factor – adding to climate change.

    On September 16th, I’ll be at the VAG ‘Standing Up for ALL Science’ …

  139. We now know Man Made Global Warming is a complete and utter failure as a predictor of climate change. Yes, the climate is changing, but it is getting colder. That was not what we were told was gong to happen. In light of this reality, those who do not reexamine their assumptions are guilty of a grave breech of scientific process.

    Mother Nature refuses to cooperate with the real “climate change deniers”.
    “No Arctic warming for the past eight years, as CO2 has soared past 400 PPM.”

    1. Actually what they said was global warming will cause more extreme weather ie hotter summers, colder winters & more severe storms

      1. Al Gore said that global warming would cause the polar ice caps to melt by 2014.

        Guess what? It’s 2015 and they are still there.

        So much for your carbon tax scaremongering propaganda.

  140. Maybe, David Suzuki doesn’t have a computer that can display high definition photographs and video streaming?

    By now, on the internet, there are hundreds of thousands of photographs of anomalous formations in the sky, and thousands of videos of planes spraying a substance that goes on to cover the sky in a milky white haze, FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD. Not to mention, hundreds of documentaries, lectures, interviews all about those strange formations in the skies above.

    What’s that old saying… “science moves forward one funeral at a time”.

    Of course the climate/weather is changing.
    Do you think it has anything to do with all those planes spraying on a daily basis?

    By the way, who cares what David Suzuki thinks or doesn’t think about the topic of geo-engineering. Chemtrails are very real and David Suzuki can’t see them. Time will show the reason to be, he was either too incompetent as a scientist or he sold out or both.

  141. So-called “Geo-engineering” is merely chemtrails out of the closet… Shame on Dr. Suzuki for endorsing the contamination
    and poisoning of our planet and humanity with this dangerous, toxic particulate. Dr. Suzuki either you are wilfully ignorant or have been sadly reduced from an outstanding environmentalist to being a gatekeeping dupe. Even Gore
    is on record calling geo-engineering a “stupid” idea…

    ***Agreement between Canada and the U.S. re. exchange of info on WEATHER MODIFICATION ACTIVITIES

    “It’s the purpose of this act to develop and implement a comprehensive national weather modification policy.”
    HR 2995 ‘Weather Modification and Research and Technology Act of 2005

    ‘“People became guinea pigs in covert defence weather experiments… Were these deaths the result of spraying cadmium?” ‘Clouds of Secrecy’, BBC Documentary

    “I find it very reckless putting things into the atmosphere without telling people. We don’t need this dosing the population with unknown chemicals messing up the body’s metabolism.”
    Rosalie Bertell PhD, Environmental Epidemiologist

    “Don’t confuse chemtrails with contrails. Those are harmless condensation trails that are only
    visible for a few seconds. Chemtrails are clouds of chemicals that have proveable affects on
    one’s health.” Willy De Buck, former Mayor, Evergem, Belgium

    “On December 6, 2011 Suffolk County government will hold a public hearing on a proposal to ban aerial spraying of aluminum, barium, sulfur and other salts…” Citizens’ Initiative to Ban Chemtrails, http://www.globalreasearch.org/

    “Chemtrails have aluminum, barium, titanium etc. in powder form. When you breathe it in you become sick with asthma, bronchitis…” Dr. Rauni Kilde, former Health Minister, Finland

  142. We now know Man Made Global Warming is a complete and utter failure as a predictor of climate change. Yes, the climate is changing, but it is getting colder. That was not what we were told was gong to happen. In light of this reality, those who do not reexamine their assumptions are guilty of a grave breech of scientific process.

    Mother Nature refuses to cooperate with the real “climate change deniers”.
    “No Arctic warming for the past eight years, as CO2 has soared past 400 PPM.”

    If you want the real story behind “chemtrails” watch both “What In The World Are They Spraying” and “Why In The World Are They Spraying”.


  143. http://www.calgaryherald.com/Calgary+hail+storm+Cloud+seeding+credited+sparing+city+from+worse+disaster/7084924/story.html

    The above link is a newspaper article from the reputable Calgary Herald that claims planes funded by insurance companies sprayed for 12 hours ” silver iodide, a chemical agent that helps limit the size of hail stones, at the top and base of the clouds” before a really bad hail storm happened in Calgary on August 12, 2012. It could be my skepticism, and I admit I have absolutely no scientific backing for this, but my very first impression was that perhaps 12 hours of cloud seeding may have actually caused the giant hail. The article was saying imagine how bad it would’ve been if they hadn’t sprayed. No matter how the cloud seeding changed things for better or worse, I was simply surprised a big paper mentioned chem trails, without calling them that of course – they say hooray for cloud seeding instead. I still don’t get the criss cross pattern thing if chem trails don’t exist. Mr. Suzuki seems ticked about the attention unproven chem trails get while climate change needs recognition and continues to be refuted, however I’d be willing to bet most of the people who worry about chem trails aren’t the ones who are saying global warming doesn’t exist or that it isn’t caused by humans, etc. Remember, it is possible to be concerned about chem trails and global warming at the same time.

  144. Dr Suzuki

    Two quotes from your article,
    (One) “The reaction got me wondering why some people believe in phenomena rejected by science” When does science reject phenomena?

    If tens of thousands of people world wide describe jet trails behaving differently than their observations of previous decades, are they then filling the shoes of
    disinterested scientists. The most common observations for this phenomena are: the obvious precipitate of heavier constituents from jet trails that appear as
    descending loops. The persistence of the trails at mid altitudes that spread out into a horizon spanning haze as distinct from clouds. Linear and crosshatched
    grids observable from the tops of climbable mountains, or the GOES West, Northern Hemisphere Satellite on its Visible channel. A couple of times I have
    seen these grids consist of trails about five miles apart with up to twelve counted before becoming indistinct. There is something new here. Air traffic planners and controllers gone mad?

    I will relate two observations of my own that pushed me out of the skeptic camp and into an attempt to understand this obvious new phenomena. Both occurred above the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island during the summer of 2007.

    First. One hot summer day above the valley i watched a southward jet flying at a mid level altitude with a thick heavy trail coming off the wing engines. All of a
    sudden the thick trail abruptly stopped and the jet continued on its way with no observable trail behind it. Needless to say i was in awe, this jet could fly without
    engines running. After about a minute and a half as the jet was starting to get harder to see and track, a large emission, like a great puffball emerged from the
    jet and the heavy trail started again. Further back in the trail on the earlier side of the gap where the jet engines failed, the trail was starting the characteristic of heavier constituents dripping down in loops, and over time spanning the sky with haze from other jet trails.

    Second: This time a jet flying north with a heavy trail emanating from one wing engine and not the other. It continued this way until out of site and again the trail contributing a greater generalized haze. Needless to say, amazing pilots.

    (Two) “Scientists have tested and used cloud and atmospheric seeding for weather modification…” Yes I am sure that most people know about silver iodide
    to control hail, but yourself as a respected cultural figure and the Suzuki Foundation could in public interest, name and summary detail weather modification in Canada. What are the experiments, past, present and planned. How do they relate to international agreements on weather modification as weather moves from country to country. How do these weather modifications relate to the increased public observations of changes in the sky. I’m sure PM Harper will let you.

    As for “climate change denial”… the climate, as you know has, changed radically and consistently throughout earth history. The progress of human kind has
    shown that peoples are very adept at changing with the climate. What hasn’t changed and is entirely new on a global scale is the saturation of modern
    chemical and radiological pollutants for which humans have no capacity for adaptation. Why are we being taxed for the carbon cycle and not our use of
    mutagenic chemicals?

    Andrew Goudey

  145. I am older than some and the vapour trails of my childhood were visible and then disappeared. Why do planes now leave trails that don’t quickly dissipate in a matter of minutes?

    As MM said, I also live in an area where existing long distance flights overhead have defined routes. What explains the random trails in a pattern that doesn’t follow those flight paths?

    Is it that planes are flying at higher levels? Has the atmosphere changed? Certainly there are more planes in the air but the clouds looks very different these days. I do believe in climate change but really I honestly don’t understand why these trails linger for a very long time when they didn’t used to.

  146. At last! THANK YOU so very much for this. I have been hoping there would come a statement from a credible, trustworthy source such as the David Suzuki Foundation. Too many people I personally like go screaming into their houses the moment a plane flies over.

    Thank you for this sentence, “…a plot that would require worldwide collusion between governments, scientists and airline company executives and pilots to amass and spray unimaginable amounts of chemicals from altitudes of 10,000 metres or more.”

    It makes perfect sense. It could not happen.

  147. So, are you saying that chemtrails are non existant? Hogwash! There’s a company down the states that specializes in weather Modifications. one of their clients is BC Hydro , no conspiracy theory there.. I live In Nakusp, an area I believe you are familiar with. I have seen the precise grid patterns over the Arrow lakes drawn out from multiple passes of these jets. also I see commercial jetliners fly as well without an extended condensate trail. Big difference. As to their true motives, I am uncertain, though the chemtrails do seem to seed clouds, specuation without proof is a waste of time. Nevertheless I ersonally feel violated when they do spray that crap overhead of where I live

    1. Just curious KRO, what is your proof of chemtrails? The sight of contrails? If that’s your proof, then I suggest you get your medications adjusted because clearly your dosage is too low.

      1. “Just curious KRO, what is your proof of chemtrails? The sight of contrails?”

        No, the sight of chemtrails. Or haven’t you been paying attention?

      2. you should do some research, obviously you have not. Do you look up to see the lines cris crossing over our planet 24/7

    1. I have sat on the beach in Vancouver and watched with my friends as a perfectly clear sky is criss-crossed with chemtrails and the sky is covered by cloud and haze. I’ve seen a jet with no trail approach Vancouver and then suddenly open up and start leaving a huge trail overhead and as it leaves the area it suddenly stops leaving a trail. What is the scientific explanation of all that? I’ve seen the same over other cities where these trails are left away from regular airline routes.

      1. Jet contrails only form under particular pressure conditions. They can stop, or begin forming if the plane passes through different pressure systems or is changing altitude.

        Just because one does not understand why something happens, does not somehow give support to a conspiracy theory

        1. the americans are very aware that they are being sprayed on and the govt agency for climate will tell you that they spray lithium into the atmosphere along with metals; aluminum and a couple of others to help control the weather. so, if this is the case, and i know it is because i heard the conversation, then why is the canadian govt acting like they don’t know what is going on. that is a GREAT BIG LOAD OF CRAP that they are spinning on us and with this big transparency of the govt that is going on with the new liberal govt this had better change. WE ARE THE ONES PAYING THE GOVT so why are they trying to control us like animals. anarchy!!!? or are we all too complacent to care?

          david suzuki: i am very disappointed at your drastic change of ideals. you seem to have something stuck up your butt.

        2. You don’t understand !!!!

          Contrails don’t last 5 hours and turn into clouds that last 24 hours, never happened…

          Todays planes also make 75% or more less contrails..then before,so it isn’t contrails

          We have them above our property and we do not live on a flight path……

          Planes dont fly over my property (except these chemtrail planes)…

          When I moved here I would never see one, even off in the distance.. I am a avid telescope user.

          Contrails exist but with todays technology are reduced by 75%….

          Back as a kid in the early 80’s late 70’s,we lived close to a small airport, and on our back deck you could see planes taking off, and during certain conditions you would see contrails, and they WOULD BE GONE IN 60 SECONDS !!! Today they last for hours then form a cloud !!!!!

          A cold area below 0 and I would watch leaving planes ,but after 1 minute in below 0 they would be no contrails after 1 minute..

          Obviously you don’t want nor have seen what a normal airplane contrail is, nor do you look at the sky to see what a chemtrail is..

          My home, is on a acreage ,out of the city…And there is no flight path above my home….

          I now see planes flying back and forth and crisscrossing each other, somedays its 1, some its 2 ….I have a telescope, and see them for hours the SAME PLANE flying in around crisscrossing the lines it layed out, those are not water vapors from the exhaust…

    2. What “conspiracy theory”? And what “debunk” are you referring to?

      Chemtrails are a reality, not a conspiracy.

      And David Suzuki closing his eyes and claiming there is nothing there is not “debunking”; it is idiocy and willful ignorance.

      1. Why should we care about climate change (actually the whole solar system is heating up, if you do your research), when they are blatently spraying us every day with heavy chemicals…barium, strontium and aluminum…..dessicated red blood cells…nano parts…This IS proven.

        Why does the government say they want to protect this planet from climate change on one hand, then with the other hand, and with absolutely no transparency, spray us daily with poisins.

        If there is concern of climate change ie change to our skies, why do you spray us…..with chemtrails in our skies

        Do we follow the money? Well yes…big business and climate change/sickness/ then…Big Pharm/ Haarp the whole lot of it.

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