Cartoon: Windsurfing with Richard and Christy


Brash Brit billionaire Sir Richard Branson made some suggestive remarks last week following a photo-op with BC Premier Christy Clark. We’ll never know whether the pair really did connect over a little windsurfing – but here are some coastal sights they may have run into along the way.



About Gerry Hummel

Gerry Hummel is a political cartoonist based in Kitimat, BC. We are proud to call him the official cartoonist for this website. While working at the local paper mill and raising two children as a single-dad, Gerry began working as a self-taught editorial cartoonist for the town paper in 1993. Several years later, he and the paper got sued by a local politician for being too honest - something Gerry shares in common with certain other people at After that, the paper restricted his artistic freedom to such an extent that he was unable to continue working with them. Naturally, he's a perfect fit for The Common Sense Canadian.

2 thoughts on “Cartoon: Windsurfing with Richard and Christy

  1. You must have missed the fish farm reference in the cartoon, Luke. Pretty fricking obvious – perhaps you should get your eyes checked.

  2. Who cares if our Premier had a social encounter with Branson.That is Mickey Mouse stuff.The real issues are BC Rail coverup,the BC Hydro,BC Ferries and HST disasters as
    well as coastal tanker traffic,fish farms,raw log exports etc.

    Luke van der Horst

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