Canada mulls crackdown on pesticide suspected of killing bees

Canada mulls crackdown on pesticide suspected of killing bees


Canada mulls crackdown on pesticide suspected of killing bees

OTTAWA – The federal Health Department is proposing tighter rules for the use of a pesticide that is suspected of killing honey bees.

It is asking for public comment on the issue over the next 90 days.

The department wants to hear from stakeholders and other interested parties people about its plans for stricter controls on the use of neonicotinoid treated corn and soybean seed.

It wants the new rules in place by the time planting starts next year.

The department is calling for safer planting practices, efforts to reduce dust from seeders, new pesticide label warnings and updated information on the need to treat soy and corn seed with insecticide.

The department say studies in 2012 and 2013 found bee deaths were higher in heavy corn-production areas where neonicotinoids are used.

It suspects the deaths are linked to contaminated dust kicked up during planting. In its consultation document, the department said:

[quote]We have concluded that current agricultural practices related to the use of neonicotinoid treated corn and soybean seed are not sustainable. For the 2014 planting season, we intend to implement additional protective measures for corn and soybean production.[/quote]

Beekeepers have been pushing for a complete ban on these pesticides.

Europe already has ban

Last spring, the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association welcomed a European Union ban on three suspect insecticides.

“The EU vote clearly shows there is scientific and public support around the globe for policies which protect honey bees and other pollinators and recognize their essential role in food production and healthy ecosystems,” association president Dan Davidson said at the time.

The beekeepers say neonicotinoids are systemic pesticides that are absorbed into plant tissues and can leach into ground water.

The association says these chemicals are toxic to bees, as well as earthworms, birds and fish.

It says the health of the food production system is at stake.

“Ontario’s fruit and vegetable farmers depend on adequate pollination by honey bees, bumble bees and wild bees,” Davidson said.

Read David Suzuki’s recent story on the mystery of dying bees.


37 thoughts on “Canada mulls crackdown on pesticide suspected of killing bees

  1. I’m so sick of government letting big business get away with everything. I think everyone from every country that wants GMO’s banned should come together and write governments of countries allowing it telling them it should be banned. I know I buy more from countries that don’t allow them when I can find them..the almighty dollar speaks!

  2. If the European Union has banned the neonics what is the Canadian Government waiting for? Complete obliteration of the species?

    Are they going to say OOPS, guess we should of followed the European Union before we lost our pollinators?

    Humans have been repsonsible for destroying natural habitat and extinction of mammals and insects and reptiles since emmigration to this country began. Enough is enough. We all have intelligence and the ability to foresee the future. Our pollinators, mammals and insects do not. We can protect them. But something has to give. If not we are all doomed.

  3. Neonics are systemic – applied as seed-coatings at time of planting.
    The poison is absorbed via the roots into every cell INSIDE the plant
    This nerve-poison remains toxic to bees, butterflies, hoverflies and bumblebees for many MONTHS- the entire plant life-cycle
    It emerges in the flower via the nectar and pollen – many weeks after planting
    Imidacloprid has been indexed as 8,000 times more toxic to bees than DDT
    It kills at a dilution of 3 parts per billion in water, that is one spoonful in 1000 metric tonnes of water – a spoon in an Olympic sized pool/
    When applied to corn as a seed coating, only 2% is absorbed in the plant – the other 98% passes into the soil and ground water – killing everything UNDER the ground as well as above it.
    Neonics are the MAIN poison used on ‘Lawn Grub Treatments and they make lawns poisonous to all forms of insect and invertebrate life; if you apply to your lawn you are killing: earthworms, ladybugs, bumblebees, honeybees etc.
    Neonics are used everywhere: corn, wheat, soybeans, canola, potatoes, apples, blueberries etc. All of these foods contain NEURO-TOXINS INSIDE each harvested grain/ fruit. We are all EATING brain -poisons – courtesy of Bayer, Syngenta, Dow, Monsanto and regulators who are so crooked they could not draw a straight line with a ruler. Our politicians have failed us; our regulators have failed us. The following countries have BANNED the main neonicotinoid pesticides: Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia etc etc – 27 in all. Guess what – grain harvests have NOT collapsed in those countries; Europe is still exporting vast amounts of wheat, maize. canola etc. France banned the neonics in 2000; as far as I know, French agriculture is doing just fine, and the bee populations have bounced right back, as has the honey crop. So come on Canada, the world is waiting- be the first country in North America to take a principled stand against flooding our food supply – and our children’s brains, with neurotoxic poisons.

  4. You need to stop the bees from dying. This will effect the human race as you already know. I am so surprised that Canada has waited so long to do something. We need to do it right and be firm. Absolutely ban the pesticide responsible for killing our honey bees. We need them. Do the right thing Canada. This is important. Don’t wait until there is no return. Make us proud.

  5. I am very pleased to see that the government is seriously considering whether or not there should be stricter controls on the use of neonicotinoid treated corn and soybean seed. I would suggest that the name speaks for itself (containing nicotin) and that the practice of using this treated seed should be banned. We could learn something from our European counter parts.

  6. Something definitely needs to be done…I’ve also only seen 3 monarch butterflies all season! Is this another species affected by the pesticides? It wouldn’t surprise me…another pollinator in danger. How many more haven’t we noticed yet. Humans need to stop the poisoning of our planet.

  7. Another thing I might add is the individual has to be responsible for making their little corner of the world safe and uncontaminated as well. That means STOP spraying all that POISON on lawns and driveways, houses, so as to create that perfect green lawn and weed-free, insect -free surroundings that look healthy but is anything but. Those perfect green lawns give me a chill when I look at them. I have created a perfect safe place for insects and birds in my garden. I get to enjoy them and I can live with the weeds; some creatures even like to feed on them.. The bees particularly like the clover.

  8. Do not talk about safe applications of these poisons.. Just BAN them as Europe has done so. Time is of the essence to save the bees, and ultimately life on this earth. This insidious pollution is probably the biggest threat to our existence of all. The poor bees are the canary sent into the tunnel to show the first indications of toxicity. Ban GMO as well; it will be the death of bees, but it won’t stop there.

  9. These chemicals are not only harming the honey bees and we don’t need scientists to tell us this information. Talk to the farmers. They know how the use of chemicals on crops has degraded the quality of the soil thereby requiring more chemicals to fertilize and grow again and again. It’s a never ending cycle and is harming every living creature including the honey bees. Until farmers get a grip on their farming practices and make sound decisions about what to plant, when and where…our food production will ever be in the hands of these criminal chemical companies. Our government should be protecting us and the environment and that is NOT what they are doing.

  10. How about a ban on those criminals and their planes that fill the air the metal particulates and other poisonous crap? It contaminates the air water and soil. That’s not good for the bees.

    How about a ban on HAARP projects that move these metal particles in the clouds and mess up the weather? Giving birth to fungus and molds in my hives and huge electro magnetic fields. Anyone notice all the thunder and lightning that used to be rare?

    How about a ban on all those unnecessary wireless toy, routers and cell towers?.

    Bees navigate by the earths magnetic (Shuman) field. Like the birds they have a little bit of magnetite in their bodies that responds to this magnetic field.

    This field is slowly being blocked out by all the electro smog these unessential toys generate. The bees lose their sense of direction and can’t navigate. That’s why the hives are mt.
    All so some people can play stupid games and jabber away about nothing.

    I believe the end of the bees will come to BC when and if they get away with firing up the so-called smart grid. It’ll take longer for the larger animals to have their DNA disrupted.

    Too bad the wireless threat to all life forms can’t be seen like tobacco smoke.
    Too bad it affects all of us and not just the users.

  11. Chemicals are everywhere! In the food we eat, in the water we drink, in the air we breathe, in the vitamins we take, in the medicine that is supposed to heal us. The truth is, the only thing that can heal us is to remove these chemicals from our world! Ban neonics, band GMOs, ban fluoride in the water, ban pollution….and one day we may heal ourselves and our world. Until then, we will continue to get sicker and sicker. #releasethebees #worldfoodday #marchagainstmonsanto #nogmo

  12. I have noticed a big change in the amount of bees and butterflies in my garden, down by at least 90%this year. We don’t need pesticides, please think of our future and save the bees!

  13. Please BAN these chemicals! We need the bees for future crops and agriculture. They should not allow any pesticides or GE/GMO crops in Canada. Lets stay natural!

  14. Why are we continuing to debate the obvious? Our government, just like the one in the states is terrified to risk loosing the dirty money (contributions) from these companies. Standing up to the corporations that have produced these poisons, since mustard gas would be simple if it were not for corporate and government greed.

  15. Time to start listening to the truth and not the manipulated studies done by the very corporations that will benefit. I believe GM contamination is a death sentence for the human race and the environment, so I believe BAN the GM crops & the chemicals that go with it. GM crops are NOT feeding the hungry & they are causing more chemical pollution. Help farmers get back to “real” farming. The demand for organics is growing, governments need to help farmers convert their now contaminated farmlands (thanks to GM agriculture) back to a sustainable organic like agriculture, and STOP helping ONLY GM crop growers! Organic crops NEED to be protected from contamination!!

  16. We can grow crops without pesticides! Without the bees NO WAY ! I am not alone in thinking that our government is only looking through the eyes of greed. We need to make a special effort and learn what several other countries have. There is a way to grow healthy crops that do not tax the environment and even enriches it. Do not get your information come from the same chemical and GMO seed companies that could care less about anything except their bottom line. Your doing nothing makes you look guilty by association.

  17. BAN THE PESTICIDES ALL TOGETHER…Farmers can re-learn crop rotation and combinations to repel common pests; vinegar/water/soap and growing tomatoes in the main crop is more cost effective.


    1. The Canadian government needs to grow a pair and BAN these pesticides altogether. It’s absolutely ridiculous to dance around this issue by implementing stricter warning labels and dust control. COME ON! Why is Europe so far ahead of North America when it comes to protecting their population from this type of thing? As far as GMO alfalfa, it has already been approved for sale in Canada. I am calling our local farm suppliers to see if they will be selling it this spring. I think we are all going to have to take more individual action since our government isn’t, and get to the grass roots by approaching the local sellers and preventing its sale. I have signed petitions and written letters and sent emails and will continue to do so. Spread the word everyone!

  18. When we have a very important part of our system, like the bees dying off, common sense says we have to do something fast. The massive amounts of chemicals we are introducing to our environment is staggering and I don’t see any benifit. The weeds that are suppose to be gone by now are still here. I think we have been feed a lot of misinformation and the only things we are getting rid of are the important things like the bees. Our health is also at risk.

  19. There should be a complete ban on these pesticides!!! And they shouldn’t allow Gm Alfalfa into Canada, that would make matters worse!! I can’t Believe they are even considering it!!
    Something is seriously very wrong with this picture!


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