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Rain blamed for latest CN derailment – this time near Vancouver

Posted January 12, 2014 by Canadian Press in Energy and Resources
Rain blamed for yet another CN derailment - this time near Vancouver

Yet another derailment for CN, this time involving coal, near Vancouver.

BURNABY, B.C. – A CN Rail spokeswoman has confirmed heavy rainfall led to a train derailment in the Vancouver area Saturday.

Emily Hamer says the increased amount of rain caused a beaver dam to wash out, spilling large amounts of water onto the tracks and causing a train in Burnaby to jump the tracks.

She says seven cars went off the rails — three of them were lying on their sides while four remained upright.

Coal was spilt into a nearby creek that feeds into Burnaby Lake, but Hamer could not say how much.

The train is owned by CP Rail, but the tracks and the crew are from CN Rail.

Hamer says CN Rail is taking the lead in the cleanup and that the tracks should be operational by Sunday afternoon.

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    Exactly my thoughts Rob!! The government is making trains look horrible so their pipeline is a safer option… such a load of BS…

    Jennifer peters

    It’s a clear statement it’s not going to go through,mother nature is really speaking volumes to all this. I’m disappointed in the government for even thinking of such idiotic stuff like this. The pipelines are not going through and everything else tied to it! Explains why Idle No More is keeping strong! Shame on Harper & Clark. So much on my mind aside from this but it’s a piss off when Nature is messed with. I feel for the animals and wildlife that cannot speak verbally but on a spiritual level. Why not live in their habitat and see what they go through?


    Am I the only one who noticed how suddenly there are all of these train derailments with oil, or coal or explosion lately? How manyvhave you heard about in the last 15 years rhat happened within 6 months of eachother? What with the pipeline up north being so against what everyone wants……

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