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    Third Party Advertising laws during a federal election can be a challenge to navigate

    Third Party Advertising 101 for the Canadian Federal Election

    On the eve of a likely federal election call comes this helpful guide to third party advertising rules.

    Photo: John McCallum/Flickr

    Rafe: Trudeau’s misstep on C-51 will help the NDP in federal election

    Building on missteps by Justin Trudeau - especially his support for Bill C-51 - Tom Mulcair and the NDP are increasingly looking like they could actually win the federal election.

    Citizens on Burnaby Mountain the day Kinder Morgan's injunction was read out (Mark Klotz/Flickr)

    British Columbians reject premiers’ “Canadian Energy Strategy” – designed to push pipelines

    Prominent British Columbians slam the premiers' "Canadian Energy Strategy" - designed to push through controversial pipelines.

    2012 Paddle for the Peace (Damien Gillis)

    Peaceful Paddle lands Site C opponents on terrorist watch list

    This year's Paddle for the Peace has landed its organizers and Site C Dam opponents on a federal terrorist watch list, despite a decade of peaceful events under their belts.


    Rafe: What Tom Mulcair must do to become Prime Minister

    Tom Mulcair could pull off an upset and become Prime Minister, says Rafe Mair, but only if he wins over BC by opposing the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

    Citizens line the Sea to Sky Highway to protest Woodfibre LNG (My Sea to Sky)

    Rafe: In absence of political leadership, public and First Nations stepping up

    Given our useless MPs and MLAs and governments and industry deaf to the public and environment, it's citizens and First Nations who are taking the lead, says Rafe Mair.

    Rafe- Notley should change electoral system following Alberta NDP win

    Rafe: Notley should change electoral system following Alberta NDP win…no, seriously

    Following an unexpected win in Alberta, Rafe Mair has some unconventional advice for Premier-elect Rachel changing the province's electoral system.

    Harper, BC Tory MPs have oil on their hands from English Bay spill

    Harper, BC Tory MPs have oil on their hands from English Bay spill

    Despite protesting its innocence, the Harper government has oil on its hands from the recent English Bay spill, thanks to funding cuts and a cavalier attitude about tanker safety, says Rafe Mair.

    84 year-old retried librarian Barbara Grant getting arrested at Burnaby Mountain (Burnaby Mountain Updates/facebook)

    Suzuki: Bill C-51 could treat fossil fuel critics like terrorists

    Canada's proposed Bill C-51 anti-terrorism law could be used to target environmentalists, First Nations and citizens critical of fossil fuels, warns David Suzuki.

    The Grinch who stole Climate Christmas

    The Grinch who stole Climate Christmas

    Ray Grigg on why Stephen Harper is the Grinch who stole Climate Christmas.