URGENT FIPA UPDATE: Public Comment Period Still Open for Canada-China Trade Deal


UPDATE: Step-by step ininstructions on how to submit your comments to the FIPA EA process by November 11 – act now!

The Common Sense Canadian posted a detailed breakdown of the Environmental Assessment process for the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) between Canada and China earlier this week.

In that piece we noted the fact that the final Environmental Assessment seemed absent in the soon-to-be-ratified FIPA.

Since publishing the story we have learned that indeed the final EA report has not been completed AND there is still time for input from Canadians.

We urge our readers to share their concerns about the process and inform the Government of Canada about the significant environmental impacts of FIPA.

Learn more about the FIPA EA at this government website.

And submit your comments by emailing: EAconsultationsEE@international.gc.ca

We will soon be posting more details about FIPA impacts that people can include their submissions.


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17 thoughts on “URGENT FIPA UPDATE: Public Comment Period Still Open for Canada-China Trade Deal

  1. Foreign investment is the sale of the country. Canada never needed any, because, as anybody with business experience knows, when you have resources, you have capital. Domestic loans to develop resources for domestic use, and genuine trade for resources we don’t have, can be repaid. Foreign investment is a perennial, irrepayable, foreign debt, wanted only by irresponsible fools, especially when the conditions overrule domestic laws and human rights.

    The various “free trade” rackets have already ruined thousands of Canadian businesses and millions of productive, well paying jobs, inflated our living costs by over 1,000% and now our politicians have to sell the country from under people’s feet , so they can call it “growth” and GDP.

    Where is democracy and where are the people to stop this idiotic crime wave? How can these fascist politicians get away with this ?

    Ed Deak

  2. Stop FIPA!

    CANADIANS … if you love your beautiful country, children and grandchildren, then speak up NOW to save them!

    FIPA = loss of control. This deal is the beginning of a terrible rape that generations of Canadians after will look back and ask, “Why didn’t they speak out against it when they had the chance?”

    This deal delivers death to the meaning and feelings associated with the words, “Canada … OUR country”.

  3. i dont like the idea of canada making big deals like this with comunist china–we could wind up like the usa –beholden to china–im a pround canadian bred and born in canada—keep canada canada–there is other countrys to deal with we dont need china–if china keeps buying into our resources were in big trouble–they will be the super power of the planet–there allmost there now–SO I SAY AS A PROUD CANADIAN NO DEAL CHINA-

  4. I just was looking at the FAIT website and found a report entitled: Final Environmental Assessment of the Canada-China Foreign Investment Protection Agreement (FIPA)

    It seems to present the FIPA as a done deal and says, to boot:

    “In this Final EA, the claim that no significant environmental impacts are expected based on the introduction of a Canada-China FIPA are upheld; however, over time, Chinese investors have shown greater interest in investing in Canada, and this trend is likely to continue, if not increase with the introduction of a FIPA.”

  5. This deal is unacceptable in every way! No debate in public and barely in parliment, no recourse if it goes thru, the gutting of our environment, and all behind closed doors. We have a prime minister who has no concern for the best intrests of Canadians. This isn’t a government its a yard sale.

  6. Harper must be stopped !!!
    Once things are done, they cant be undone… Harper needs to be imprisoned! I dont know how he ever got elected in with a majority….

  7. Harper is going against all Canadians having a say in this very harmful decision he is making behind closed doors secretly with another country. Selling out the rights of all Canadians so we may as well not be called Canada guess this part of the North America’s have been now discovered and are going to be claimed and owned by the country of China. He is not thinking at all for the future generations only his and big industries greed at the sell out of our rights and freedoms, and that is called democracy. Not even talks in the house only private meetings between Harper and China representatives how accountable and transparent is that to the Canadian tax payers and citizens. We must stand together and say NO TO FIPA AND TELL HARPER HE HAS TO TAKE IT BACK TO THE PEOPLE BEFORE MAKING SUCH A BIG DECISION WE ARE NOT ALL BLIND TO HIS STEALING AND BACKDOOR DEALINGS. What will be left of what is called Canada when he is buried in his grave and his grandchildren have to live with the consequences of his sellout ways. China will own his home and mortgages will be having to be paid to them as well as taxes this is ridiculous. HARPER ANSWER TO THE CANADIAN CITIZENS OPENLY AND HONESTLY.

  8. To all Canadians, especially British Columbians. It”s time to wake up and take a stand against Harper and his deal with China. Not only do we need to think about today but what ever tomorrows we want for this beautiful province of ours and most importantly what we want and need for our future generations. Please make everyone that you know aware of this bullshit deal that has gone on for decades now :((((
    I will put myself in front of bulldozers and other big equipment that they may send to complete this pipeline. We must WAKE UP AND DO THE RIGHT THING…Before this deal is signed with the blood of our nation :(((

  9. Harper is destroying our country. I don’t want my grandchildren to suffer because of one mans decision. How can selling us out to China be any good. Harper must be stopped, NO TO FIPA

  10. There hasn’t been any public consultation.
    There hasn’t been parliamentary debate.
    This lack of due process and the Agreement undermine Canadian basic democratic rights and principles.

    Agreements, dispute resolutions and arbitrations will be permitted to proceed behind closed doors..
    Chinese investors will be empowered to sue Canada over resources and profits outside of Canadian courts. This is reprehensible.
    Canadians will effectively lose sovereignty of natural resources and democratic rights.

    The sad part of all of this is that the Government of Canada is willing to forfeit legislative protection of the environment, resources, and the economy for foreign profit and ignore democratic processes. It is a betrayal of the public trust.

  11. Please share the information far and wide.

    Common Sense Canadian is the only Publication in Canada who has approached the FIPA through the Environmental Assessment.

    No one knows about it! No major publications are writing about it.

    We must get this out far and wide, we can make a real difference on this one.

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