Economist and author Jeff Rubin (image: gulfofmexicooilspillblog)

Renowned Energy Economist, Peak Oil Expert Jeff Rubin Speaking at Capilano This Thursday


Former CIBC World Markets Chief Economist-turned Peak Oil spokesperson Jeff Rubin will be discussing his latest book, The End of Growth, at Capilano University this Thursday evening, starting at 7:30.

After building a successful career out of accurately predicting the rise and fall of oil prices for his clients, Rubin shocked many in the financial community when he left his position at CIBC to focus on informing the public about the dangers of an oil-dependent globalized economic model. He and a growing number of energy and economics experts believe the end of cheap, easy-to-get fossil fuels means higher and more volatile energy prices which will render the distance and energy-intensive global economy unworkable in the near future.

Rubin’s first book on the subject, Why Your World is About to Get A Whole Lot Smaller: Oil and the End of Globalization became a Canadian bestseller in 2009, launching his career as an author and public speaker on issues surrounding Peak Oil.

The Toronto-based Rubin’s stop in North Vancouver is part of a speaking tour publicizing his sophomore effort, The End of Growth.

In addition to his two books, Rubin publishes a weekly blog on the Globe and Mail’s website, titled Jeff Rubin’s Smaller World. 

On his own website, Rubin explains:

It wasn’t subprime mortgages but triple-digit oil prices that brought down the world economy.

And unless that economy started to wean itself off an ever-depleting supply of affordable oil, there would be other recessions to follow as economic recoveries would simply push oil prices right back into triple-digit range. But weaning our economy off oil meant, at the same time, making fundamental changes in the way we live.

This is not the kind of message investment banks want their chief economists delivering these days, to either governments or investors. But the urgency of this message grows with every passing day.

Tickets for Thursday night’s show are available online through Capilano University.



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