An oil spill would be inevitable if tankers allowed on B.C. coast


From the Vancouver Sun – Dec 23, 2010

Letter to editor by Joyce Murray
Re: Oil tanker ban plays into hands of U.S. foundations, Column, Dec 18

Krause’s article poses an interesting conspiracy theory. However, she
neglects the key fact that governments since Liberal Prime Minister
Pierre Trudeau 40 years ago have maintained the policy of banning oil
tankers from B.C.’s inside straits and channels around Haida Gwaii. The
Harper Conservative government wants to change that.

Oil supertankers today are far bigger than in the ’70s, while weather events are becoming more extreme and unpredictable.

Exxon Valdez and Gulf of Mexico oil spill disasters prove there is no
guarantee against human error or equipment failure. We invite an
eventual disaster if we allow hundreds of oil tankers a year to ply
those dangerous northern waters. Should a major oil spill happen, and
inevitably it would, there would be no going back. B.C.’s coastal
environment, lives, and jobs would be changed forever — for the worse.

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