Inaction over Chevron oil leak sparks walkouts in Burnaby


From The Province – Jan 6, 2011

by Kent Spencer

Four members of an advisory committee for Chevron’s Burnaby refinery
have resigned over the company’s lengthy failure to stop oil trickling
into Burrard Inlet.

“We’re not happy. The only way we can show
that we’re not happy is to quit,” former committee member Judi Marshall
said Wednesday.

“It makes me sick to think I was a part of the committee.”

Alsop, who also resigned, said the breaking point was when pictures
turned up last month showing considerably more spillage than the 100
millilitres daily that the company said is reaching the inlet.

was a layer of gunk on the water. I was shocked. It’s coming out at the
beach,” said Alsop, who like Marshall is a neighbour of Chevron’s North
Willingdon operations.

“What they’ve told us and what are in the pictures are two different things. I totally lost my trust,” she said.

which has operated in Burnaby for 75 years, said it hasn’t discovered
the source of a leak that first came to light on April 21.

company has dug 20 monitoring wells, 10 pumping wells and is using
vacuums to scoop up oozing oil before it reaches the water.

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