Harper Government Laying Off Another 400 Staff at DFO


Read this report from the Ottawa Citizen on another round of massive lay-offs at Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

About 400 Fisheries and Oceans employees across Canada are to receive
letters from managers today informing them their jobs will be affected
as the department rolls out reductions from last year’s strategic

The written notices are going to employees who work in the
seven regions where the department operates. More than 200 of those
receiving notices are biologists and other scientists and the vast
majority work outside the capital in areas of ocean management, fish
habitat management, hydrography and aquaculture. Another 39 positions
are being cut from the Coast Guard following a re-organization…

…Gary Corbett, president of the Professional Institute of the Public
Service of Canada, said he’s disappointed that the timing comes so close
to Christmas, but fears these cuts are just the beginning.

cuts are going to be followed shortly by more cuts after the budget.
Tell me how a science-based department survives with a cut of a couple
of hundred scientists. How can the department continue to do what it is
supposed to do? It has to give somewhere. You can’t keep cutting,
cutting, cutting.”
(Dec. 12, 2011)