3 thoughts on “Gerry Hummel Cartoon: Private Power Thieves

  1. A very excellent editorial by the Powell River Peak demonstrates that BC
    “In particular, smaller projects that do not require an environmental assessment typically undergo a less rigorous review by agencies and the public, which results in fewer legally-binding commitments to manage forest resources than were required in Toba-Montrose.

    “… The [Forest Practices] board also considered the general issue of how the province manages independent power projects. It found that the province has no effective way of examining or managing the environmental effects of multiple activities and projects on a landscape. Another issue the board highlighted was that government oversight was uncoordinated and unclear.”

    More about this at Northern Insights:


  2. Aloysius, perhaps an extra jowl or two were in order. Jeez – this is the first time we’ve ever been accused of going too easy on the Liberals 🙂

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