Will Basi-Virk Derail Christy’s Campaign?


We are pleased to present this new Common Sense Canadian cartoon by Gerry Hummel.

BC Liberal leadership frontrunner Christy Clark – whose possible ties to the Basi-Virk/BC Rail case have been brought to light in recent memos exposed by blogger Alex G. Tsakumis – insists the public is no longer interested in Railgate. But can her bid survive the growing calls for a Public Inquiry into the scandal?

Will Basi-Virk Derail Christy's Campaign?


About Gerry Hummel

Gerry Hummel is a political cartoonist based in Kitimat, BC. We are proud to call him the official cartoonist for this website. While working at the local paper mill and raising two children as a single-dad, Gerry began working as a self-taught editorial cartoonist for the town paper in 1993. Several years later, he and the paper got sued by a local politician for being too honest - something Gerry shares in common with certain other people at TheCanadian.org. After that, the paper restricted his artistic freedom to such an extent that he was unable to continue working with them. Naturally, he's a perfect fit for The Common Sense Canadian.

4 thoughts on “Will Basi-Virk Derail Christy’s Campaign?

  1. Just love it !
    The entire system is being exposed as rotten to the core, which we all know from living with eyes open.
    When will these politicians learn, it is not their personality we are for or against. It is their policy, changing faces does nothing but bring us more of the same low budget comedy..

  2. Love the artwork. Cluck Cluck and the rest of the Liberal hopefuls are so damaged by the revelations one wonders why any of them show their faces to British Columbians.

    For any of them to show up in public sends the message that they are blind to their own offensiveness.

    The other side is this; when the Liberal hopefuls show themselves in public, it reminds us all of what we never want to become.

    Here is the Gordon Campbell mantra for the Liberals; “without empathy, without conscience, only unto ourselves will we do.”

    I have lived in BC for a long time and have never witnessed this “right of persons” attitude to be more applicable than with this present government.

    Type in “right of persons” to Google with the quotes, see what you get …happy reading…..

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