Court Order Obtained Against Gitxsan Leaders Who Have Reclaimed Treaty Office?


Read this report from The Terrace Standard  suggesting a court order may have been obtained to remove the hereditary and elected leaders of the Gitxsan First Nation who recently reclaimed their treaty office in Hazelton, BC from the treaty team that negotiated a now-unraveling deal with Enbridge last week.

THERE ARE reports this morning that a BC Supreme Court order has been obtained to stop trespassing at and blocking access to the Gitxsan Treaty Society office in Hazelton.

Gitxsan unhappy with the society’s signing of an economic benefits agreement with Enbridge stemming from its Northern Gateway oil pipeline have been at the office for several days now.

“The order was obtained by [the Gitxsan Treaty Society] without notice to anyone, after they appeared before Justice Davies in Vancouver,” reads a release from hereditary chiefs unhappy with the Enbridge deal.

It says police officers are “authorized to arrest anyone blocking access to the [treaty society] premises.”  (Dec. 8, 2011)

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