Cartoon: Harper Rolling Out the Welcome Mat for China


Check out this new cartoon from Gerry Hummel highlighting the push to open up BC and Alberta’s fossil fuel resources to emerging Asian markets like China. In recent months both Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Resources Minister Joe Oliver have told Canadians and leaders on the world’s stage that the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline will be built despite intense opposition from the public and First Nations in BC.



About Gerry Hummel

Gerry Hummel is a political cartoonist based in Kitimat, BC. We are proud to call him the official cartoonist for this website. While working at the local paper mill and raising two children as a single-dad, Gerry began working as a self-taught editorial cartoonist for the town paper in 1993. Several years later, he and the paper got sued by a local politician for being too honest - something Gerry shares in common with certain other people at After that, the paper restricted his artistic freedom to such an extent that he was unable to continue working with them. Naturally, he's a perfect fit for The Common Sense Canadian.

5 thoughts on “Cartoon: Harper Rolling Out the Welcome Mat for China

  1. The cartoon is not Racist! Some people have to learn what racism is before they make comments like that

  2. You’re entitled to your opinion, Rachel. That certainly wasn’t Gerry’s intention. This isn’t a typical Chinese person depicted here – it’s the Premier of the People’s Republic of China. And if you don’t think the interests he represents – and those that are fixing on supplying them with Alberta bitumen and BC LNG – are money grubbing (and downright dangerous), then I suggest you pull your head out of the sand and read some Terry Glavin: ; Let’s not let political correctness come between a vital conversation on the true national interests of our country and its people and environment. It’s time we talked about China.

  3. This cartoon is so racist and disgusting. Painting the Chinese people as money grubbing and language deficient. What are we going to see next? Anti-semetic cartoons by Gerry Hummel? Mair and Gillis should be ashamed of this racist cartoon. This site is catering to white trash.

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