A Canada Day message for the Harper Government


I listen to the radio and TV news and see our country being devastated by the Conservative Government. We have lost the worlds confidence, in our governments thinking, actions and leadership. The government has disgraced the Canadian people on the world stage, the United Nations, the Peace process, and almost every normal way of dealing with the world. Instead of leading the world in the cleanup of pollution, the government wants to lead the world in polluting it and calling anyone, who doesn’t agree with them, radicals, terrorists, etc. etc.

The Harper government also loves to give away our money to rich and profitable corporations. When first elected, $19 billion in back taxes of corporations, foreign and domestic, gone. The $15 billion surplus the Liberals left as a cushion. gone. Rolling back the taxes, to 15%, of huge, very profitable foreign and domestic corporations, gone, billion dollars for a one day G8/20 meeting, gone and with the same breath telling the people, that paid out all this money, that they must cut back on all the services that Canadian people rely on and pay for. That is our money! We don’t give you that money to be given away! We give you that yo provide services for us, the people of Canada! You have no right!

I would like the people of Canada that don’t agree with the way our government is running/ruining our country and want to protest that fact peacefully and with no dialogue, only a general disgust with the Harper Government’s wicked ways. Please wear your Canadian flags upside down on Canada Day. By doing this small gesture, we can tell our friends and neighbours, that we care about Canada and we don’t like the direction the Harper government headed and we would like to change direction to a more calm and peaceful way of life. We can feel proud that we don’t stand for Harper’s, down with the people of Canada, attitude and “the Canadian people don’t care about the things we are doing” talk.

Please join me on July 1st and wear, your flag, pin or whatever, that has a Canadian flag on it, upside down as a very peaceful and silent protest.

Thank you.

If you don’t feel this way, HAPPY CANADA DAY!