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Campbell in Full Flight


I can only say this about Gordon Campbell’s resignation: if Damien and I did anything to assist this happening I’m only sorry that we didn’t do more and quicker. He was not only a bad leader – he disgraced himself and us. As an environmentalist I must also say that no matter who takes over as Liberal leader, they will need to do a massive 180 degree turn to even begin the recapturing of our province from the forces of greed and, yes, evil not just encouraged but paid off out of taxpayers’ money.

The only puzzle left about Campbell is what well paying job is waiting for him in the private energy world and what cushy directorships will he garner.

My guess as to who will take over at a later time simply hasn’t reached my brain yet, but even knowing what the Liberals think of my opinions, here’s another one for them.
Do not make the mistake the Socreds made when, in 1991, Vander Zalm resigned and Rita Johnston became premier.
Many in the cabinet thought that Ms. Johnston ought to turn the reins over to someone who would pledge not to seek the leadership, taking away the unfairness of Johnston running while she was premier. In fact a senior minister, Russ Fraser offered to do just that.
Johnston stayed and won the leadership in a fight with Grace McCarthy who, regrettably, took too much time to enter the race.
Most commentators who watch these sorts of things opined that had Grace won, she would probably have been defeated in the 1991 election but would have kept the party intact and there would have been no amazing rise of Gordon Wilson and the Liberals. This, it can be surmised, would have meant that the NDP would have been a one term government.
My point is not to speculate but to state that the Liberals would be wise to select a caretaker pending the outcome of their nominating convention. This might be a good time to drag perennial backbencher Ralph Sultan out of his hiding place in the corner.
Your guess is as good as mine as to who the new leader might be. The name most mentioned is Kevin Falcon which ought to bring joy to those who want the Liberals to go right into the ashcan. From my perspective as an environmentalist, he would be a terrible choice though he would present, with his appalling record, a fabulous target to shoot at.
So would Colin Hansen. His 1:51 blog (google Colin Hansen-private power) encapsulated the fact-free Campbell energy policy. It might seem unwise for me to recommend people watch this blog but every single point he makes is a falsehood and demonstrates that the Campbell energy policy is a collection of bare-faced lies.

Here are two consequences I see.

First, this opens the door for a centre party. Such a party with a recognized competent at the helm, with a mission statement like that of the old Socreds (minus all mention of God and Christianity) should recapture the majority of British Columbians who range from centre-right to centre-left; in other words, the people who supported the Socreds for 39 years.
Second, this is a huge wake-up call for the NDP. They cannot drift along with their leader speaking to service clubs and chambers of commerce. This is not the time to watch events but to take charge of them. Without a strong leader of the NDP, on the centre-left of the spectrum and the Liberals losing the centre-right, the opportunity for a new Socred-type party  is there – but not for long.

We at the Common Sense Canadian take this as the time we must press forward to ensure that whoever takes over, will do so with an aroused public, in full flight, on their case demanding that our province, with all its beauty, be rehabilitated and sound environmental initiatives put in place.
Please support us – and if you’re wondering how, this little story.

The great American trial lawyer, Clarence Darrow, had a happy lady burst into his chambers gushing “Oh Mr Darrow, How can I thank you for all you’ve done?”
Darrow replied – “Madam, ever since the Phonecians invented money, there’s only been one answer to that question.” Click here to follow Darrow’s advice.


About Rafe Mair

Rafe Mair, LL.B, LL.D (Hon) a B.C. MLA 1975 to 1981, was Minister of Environment from late 1978 through 1979. In 1981 he left politics for Talk Radio becoming recognized as one of B.C.'s pre-eminent journalists. An avid fly fisherman, he took a special interest in Atlantic salmon farms and private power projects as environmental calamities and became a powerful voice in opposition to them. Rafe is the co-founder of The Common Sense Canadian and writes a regular blog at

5 thoughts on “Campbell in Full Flight

  1. Campbell and his Liberal government, are evil beyond belief. I am really hoping there will be enough recalls, to obliterate this nasty BC government, never to be seen or heard of again. Campbell will turn BC into a polluted waste land. And, worst of all, not only do we have to watch Campbell, Harper is in on it too. The off shore drilling for gas and oil wells, is high on their list. This is in a, seismic earthquake zone. A 6.1 earthquake, on the Queen Charlotte’s. The Enbridge pipeline, the dirty oil tankers, from China. And of course, the Prosperity mine. Campbell, is still going to push for the expansion. Campbell will use every dirty tactic in the book, to further his pollution plans. And, Fish Lake, is still in grave danger. Campbell is too full of, hate, spite, malice, and is far too vindictive, to protect our beautiful province. Campbell will kill BC, just for revenge. We all know what happens, when he is opposed.

  2. Evil Eye, perhaps that’s why Bill Boring has slipped to less than half the listeners his predecessor (Rafe) used to have in the same slot. Too bad Brand-X went from the grandfather of modern, edgy political talk radio to the drivel you now describe. Which is why you are well-advised to stay tuned to what we’re doing here. As you correctly identify, MSM is yesterday’s news – for today’s news you need to seek it in places like The Tyee and The Canadian. Tell all your friends!

  3. My God! Not a dry eye in the house at Brand-X, listening to the great wailing from CORUS about Campbell’s leaving, one would have thought that someone near and dear died.

    The rewrite of the Campbell years by the daily fishwraps and Brand-X is truly appalling and the venom being spewed at the “wingnut” blog community is unprecedented.

    Here is a newsflash mainstream media, REPORT & INVESTIGATE THE NEWS not merely become the official government apologists.

    The MSM in BC is an embarrassment.

  4. James is toast, but like Campbell, she doesn’t understand it is time to go! God help us if she runs again!

    Bill Boring and Brand-X are busy sanitizing Campbell’s 9 year reign, in the good old Orwellian style, trying to make the small churlish man into a major force in BC politics. I believe history will take a dimmer view.

    Campbell leaves behind a train wreck of debt deceit and corruption and the mainstream media are afraid to tackle the issues and whimper like lost puppies for their masters.

  5. Carole James will lose an election to any decent Liberal opponent.
    She does nothing nor does she say anything.
    It took an independent, Laila Yuile, to discover the shadow tolls on the sea to sky highway; where the hell were the NDP researches?

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