Kinder Morgan work trucks roll up Burnaby Mountain

Kinder Morgan contractors delivering construction materials to Burnaby Mountain (Salix O’Connell/facebook)

Kinder Morgan contractors began rolling work trucks with construction equipment up Burnaby Mountain at approximately 10 PM on Thursday.

Photographs shared on a citizen-led facebook page show trucks, trailers, fencing, and other materials and workers at the site of an increasingly intense stand-off between citizens and representatives of the Huston-based pipeline builder.

The move comes on the heels of the first round of arrests on Thursday, under an injunction issued by BC Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Austin Cullen one week ago.

More photos of preparation for work on Burnaby Mountain:

Protestor watches Kinder Morgan contractors (facebook)
Protestor watches Kinder Morgan contractors (Salix O’Connell/facebook)
Modular fencing (facebook)
Modular fencing (Salix O’Connellfacebook)
truck, work lights
Salix O’Connell/facebook
Kinder Morgan contractors on Burnaby Mountain
Kinder Morgan contractors on Burnaby Mountain (Salix O’Connell/facebook)

About Damien Gillis

Damien Gillis is a Vancouver-based documentary filmmaker with a focus on environmental and social justice issues - especially relating to water, energy, and saving Canada's wild salmon - working with many environmental organizations in BC and around the world. He is the co-founder, along with Rafe Mair, of The Common Sense Canadian, and a board member of both the BC Environmental Network and the Haig-Brown Institute.

30 thoughts on “Kinder Morgan work trucks roll up Burnaby Mountain

  1. Immensely large-volume explosive petroleum product storage and transport in an urban landscape is frightening in its’ potential to create mass chaos. Why is this allowed? Is no one asking this question?

    1. Because its been happening for almost 100 years all over the world ?
      Because Burnaby is recieving tax revenue from Kinder Morgan.
      Because the world lusts after oil and until THAT changes, status quo.
      Because even a large Dam full of something as benign as water (such as the seismicly unstable Clevland dam in North Vancouver) “can cause mass chaos”.

      Everything has the potential to hurt people, not just oil.

      1. nonconfidence,,
        Just because something has been happening all over the world for almost a hundred years doesn’t make it acceptable now. Just the opposite is true in fact. That is a very narrow minded view.
        You talk constantly of Legal rights of Kinder Morgan and ignore the rights of everyone else, that is also a very narrow minded view.
        There is no right here, the whole process that brought this to this point is flawed and insulting. The NEB review and findings were crap, the court injunction is crap, the urgency of Kinder Morgan to do these tests while Burnaby is appealing is crap. I say to you that after almost 100 years it is probably time to stop the crap!
        You speak of the protesters as though they are all a bunch of out of work fanatics hell bent on just protesting anything, and I’m sure that is the case for a handful, but I ask you, do you really believe anyone wants to be in such a position??
        You speak of the rest of us, and you insult me in doing so, as couch potatoes who crave more oil getting our information from the six o’clock news and you are mistaken. That sir is you!

        1. Wow! Take a pill Don.
          I actually went for a bicycle ride up to Burnaby Mtn a few weekends back and inadvertantly rode through the “protest camp” . I had no idea that it was on the road leading up to Horizons restaurant.. I stopped to see if there was anyone to talk to(about 2pm on a Sunday). Total silence. No campfires. No dogs, no police, no one. The tarps were blowing back and forth. I looked around. One lone person was sitting on a rock about 200 ft away reading a book in the sun.
          As for ‘stopping 100 years of crap”.
          I guess we’ll have to figure out how to feed a planet of 5 Billion people without tractors to farm, trucks to move the produce, trains, ships, etc. No “crappy” oil .
          You get the idea.
          But here in BC , lets shut down all the mines, all the logging and get all those unemployed people to become “tour guides”…….Since BC’s economy is gonna be based on tourism. How are the tourists going to get here? Pneumatic hamster tubes big enough to fit humans? Cause ya nuked “crappy” jet fuel too!
          Rational discussion Don means making sense.
          You’re not making sense when you say “get rid of oil” because it isnt going to happen at the snap of a finger.
          Or as friend of mine who lives in Saskatchewan says,
          ” At -40C all my environmentalism goes right out the window and I turn the gas furnace UP!”

          1. Where in my comment did I say get rid of the oil??? I was alluding to the bullshit!!
            If you choose to make your arguments by twisting mine and other people’s words, I like you seem quite content to do, then I will have to accept the fact your not worth engaging with.

            1. Oh, ok .
              So the oil is ok but not the pipeline.
              Trainloads of oil?
              Truckloads of oil?
              Airplanes full of oil?
              Cake and eat it too?
              Bizzare arguement.
              Engagement over.

  2. It must be time for larger protests like against logging in the 70’s!!!!!! More people ,there is more of us than there is of them ,including the cops . I can see some drill rigs blowing up soon !

  3. Yesterday we saw images of heavily armoured and armed police callously pushing a stumbling elderly woman backwards to the ground, two thuggish looking police members grasping unarmed and defenceless citizens by the throat in a very dangerous and potentially lethal chokehold, young girls being forcefully and hurtfully handcuffed, young men being dragged impassively on the ground, one protester being mercilessly heaved into a police cruiser by six or more police members, one militarily clad armed and armoured SWAT member racing around as if propelled by steroid induced testosterone.

    Can there now be any doubt that this police army is not there, as they espouse, “To Serve and Protect” us, but to instill fear and threaten physical harm if we choose not to obey their malevolent purpose.

    This is not why we have police, this not why we have public parks and conservation areas, this is not the kind of world we built for ourselves and want for our children.

    Kinder Morgan uses money to force our governments to bend to their will, governments in turn use the courts to make inappropriate orders which in turn ignites the police to take forceful and inappropriate actions against the citizenry under guise of ‘just doing my job’.

    When will the silent majority step up, say enough is enough, and take back our country from the corporatocracy?

    First Nations have shown us the path, now is the time for all of us to rise up and walk that mile in their footsteps.

    If we don’t….

    1. Actually I thought the police handled themselves fairly well. I didnt see anyone bleeding. No broken bones, no pepper spray. If you can tell me a new method to “unforcefully and unhurtfully handcuffing someone I’d like to see it.
      Would you perhaps have rather seen a huge pillow fight? Loser has to leave?
      The police read the injunction. create a “protest area, and if you violate the boundary, You’re arrested. If you resist, you’re “forcefully arrested. Please dont act surprised if some people are “thrown to the ground. Its been a police tactic ever since the police have been around,
      Your whole premis is that when the “silent majority” step up and take back “our country”.
      The majority of people will watch this protest at 6pm while eating dinner.
      Until we have 7 feet of snow a la Buffalo in Vancouver due to radical climate change…….nobody will care.
      And of course, there will still be people out there that will say there’s no such thing as climate change.
      If you want a HUGE protest, tell the people that their gas taxes will be doubling tonight and gas will cost $2.50 a litre tommorrow.

      1. Every one of their vehicles has “To Serve and Protect” written on it.

        Who do they Serve?

        Who do they Protect?

        1. Who do they “Serve and Protect”?
          Well at THAT particular location I dare say the Kinder Morgan subcontractors that were hired to LEGALLY perform their jobs!
          Or did you convieniently forget about the Court ruling.
          Please dont split hairs.
          You know as well as I that the next time your car is broken into or you’re assaulted you will RUN to the police for help.
          They’re are doing their jobs.
          If a few protesters get bruised in the process, well, they chose to be arrested. They could just as easily have yelled and screamed their opinions from behind the protest barrier tape. The protesters crossed into the “arrest zone” and Quelle surprise, were arrested.
          And I will repeat, no blood, no broken bones, no pepper spray.
          If you think it would be a better world without the Police. Try living in the war zone of the Ukraine, or Syria, or Afghanistan, or any other dismal dungheap of the planet where all civilization has broken down.
          I may not like what the police are forced to do but the alternative is worse.
          Grow up.

  4. nonconfidencevote: I agree with your remarks up to the “other than your personal agenda”. How is standing up for the environment and future generations a “personal agenda”?

  5. I don’t appreciate people blaming others who didn’t vote. The guy I wanted to win won, because we believed that he would effing DO SOMETHING, but WHERE IS HE?! Blaming non-voters only creates more negativity and doesn’t help, so please knock it off and do something helpful, k?

    1. Gregor Robertson won a third term by promising to stand up to oil tankers which would increase by 6 to 7 fold if Kinder Morgan goes through.
      Anybody know where Gregor Robertson is right now? What is he currently doing to stand up to oil tankers? He’d better get on it, because once they are in the inlet it’s a bit too late.

  6. This is a sad moment…and there are still people out there who believe we live in a democracy…It’s not a democracy, when governments can tear up or ignore contracts that don’t fit their agenda. it’s not a democracy when governments are run by lobbyists. It’s not a democracy when governments do NOT represent the wishes of the people who voted them in…At least in other countries the dictators tell the people to their face that they don’t matter…In this country they smile sweetly, make promises that they have no intention of keeping, just to get into office, to sell us to the highest bidder…Regardless the consequences…

    1. And then those same politicians get re-elected.

      Because voters are too busy either NOT voting OR they are more interested in Kim Kardashians latest photo to bother paying attention to whats going on around them.
      Dont blame the politicians , they’re just “Greed” at its most blatant.
      Blame the idiots that elected them.
      They’re in the majority.

      1. so tell me then, WHO DO WE VOTE FOR? you said all politicians are greedy and it’s the people not voting who are at fault. How does that even make any sense? Maybe we just need a new system that cuts out the whole blame game crap.

        1. Well, I was one of the 272 people that voted for Sylvia Gung in the Burnaby Municipal election.
          She was campaigning to outlaw, ‘election campaigning”, public kissing and hand holding.
          Crazy as a loon but at least she wont be playing golf like Derek Corrigan.


    1. The tell their children that they actually worked today?
      Earned money?
      To pay bills?
      We all can’t live under tarps and wander endlessly from protest to protest.
      Some people actually have obligations other than your personal agenda.

      1. Most people at these protests are also holding down jobs. Stop with the assumptions. If you were actually there you would know this.

        1. Most of the people “up there” were camping, sleeping, eating. I dare say the majority arent working.

      2. False. Many of the people showing up there are struggling to help out whenever we can, before and after work and on days off, between looking after children, coaching kids soccer, attending classes at school, etc. Thank goodness there are also many people that are single, or self-employed, or retired, or work odd days, or have asked to take Christmas vacation early so they can dedicate that time to this cause.

        1. Lets just called the protesters that stay there day and night the “real” protesters. The other ones that show up for the TV cameras are “protesters of convenience” there to “bulk up” the crowd for the 6pm news shots.

          “uh oh, I have a Philosophy class in half and hour! I gotta go!”

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