How one Black Press paper covers David Black’s refinery proposal in Kitimat


Read this article by Charlie Smith in the Georgia Straight about the coverage given to David Black’s refinery proposal by the Terrace Standard, a Black newspaper. Excerpt: “Here’s how the editorial ended—and make no mistake, the endings of editorials are often what’s most important because that’s what’s left in the reader’s mind.

“‘Significant economic benefit derived from the pipeline could sway popular opinion, especially [for] people living through hard times in northern B.C., but probably not enough to tip the scales.

“‘Black and Enbridge will have a tough time convincing residents in southern cities that the potential of thousands of jobs in the northern oil sector is worth the risk of a pipeline leak or a tanker running aground on B.C.’s coast.’

“In other words, Enbridge and Black would create thousands of jobs and significant economic benefits, but it’s those southerners who just don’t get it.” (August 25, 2012)

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