BC Liberal contender calls for review of carbon tax


Globe & Mail – Dec. 16, 2010

by Ian Bailey

Kevin Falcon fears the carbon tax may be hurting B.C.’s competitive position so is calling for a review of the tax in 2012.

The former transportation and health minister , seeking to become B.C.’s
next premier as leader of the provincial Liberals, told CKNW radio
Thursday he was “very proud” of the government’s climate-change agenda,
including the North American first of enacting a carbon tax.

But he said the “responsible position” in 2012 is to consider that B.C.
is the only jurisdiction in North America with such a tax.

“We do have to look to make sure our competitive position, particularly
for small business and industry is not unduly impacted by the fact that
we are the only jurisdiction to have a carbon tax,” he said.

“We have to be thoughtful about that process before we go further and consider any kind of future increases.”

Mr. Falcon did not make clear whether such a review could lead to axing
the tax, which was embraced by environmental leaders, but opposed by the

Mr. Falcon said he was mindful of policies that were supportive to
northern and rural B.C. – regions where leaders were critical of the
carbon tax.

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