Latest in ‘Basi Files’: Kinsella’s Massive Conflict of Interest


From – Jan 4, 2011

EXCLUSIVE/BREAKING NEWS: ‘The Basi Files’ Chapter VIII–Patrick
Kinsella’s Unfettered Access to Both CN and the BC Government Through a
Sham Process to Sell BC Rail

In this chapter, it’s now November 17, 2003, exactly one week before the deal to sell BC Rail to CN is formalized.

In a short, but explosive memo-to-file, Basi recounts how he spoke to
then BC Liberal party Executive Director, Kelly Reichert, whom is
colloquially referred to as “The Senator.”

Reichert, you’ll recall, is the brother-in-law, of legislature raid lead RCMP investigator, Kevin deBruyckere.
Reichert recently left the BC Liberal Party, after consolidating
control, under the tutelage of Gordon Campbell. He is replaced by
another Campbell Imperial storm trooper Chad Pederson–infamous
for returning calls of only compliant media, while he was
Communications Director for the BC Liberals over the last decade
(Translation: He must have Bill Good’s home number).

To the memo…

‘The Senator’ tells Basi of the broad-sweeping involvement of Patrick
Kinsella in the deal. And for the first time Basi introduces us to the
involvement of long-time BC Liberal PR spinner Randy Wood. Wood, for those of you unaware, is the long-time life partner of Marcia Smith,
former MA to Stan Hagen (she preceded me) and general self-important,
entirely overrated political hack, who worked with Kinsella on
successive provincial campaigns along with other such chest-beating

Reichert gives Basi the heads-up that Kinsella is sifting through the
tax pool information–pivotal to CN’s position as buyer. While Kinsella
stickhandles such key details, Basi writes that he is told by Reichert
that Kinsella will “call Martyn (Brown, Principal Secretary/Chief of
Staff to Premier Campbell) and the Premier directly if he needed

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