A water pit for fracking on Fort Nelson First Nation territory

Audio: Damien Gillis Discusses Obama, FIPA and Water Licenses for Fracking on SFU Radio


Damien Gillis and SFU Radio’s Sylvia Richardson discuss a wide range of energy topics – from the impact of Barack Obama’s recent presidential victory on North American climate and energy issues to the potential effects of the Chinese FIPA trade deal on Canada’s environment. The two also cover Fort Nelson First Nation’s campaign against long-term water licenses for shale gas extraction that would see billions of litres of fresh water taken from their rivers and contaminated. Listen to the conversation in three parts. (From Nov. 10, 2012)

Audio: How Obama’s Victory Affects Climate and Energy Issues in North America and Globally

Audio: Fort Nelson First Nation’s Campaign Against Massive Long-term Water Licenses for Shale Gas


Canada-China FIPA’s Impact on Energy and Environmental Issues in Canada

Learn more from Fort Nelson First Nation leaders about these water licenses and how you can support their efforts at a public dialogue in Vancouver on Tuesday Nov. 13 – details here.