UBCM “Best Practice” and “Excellence awards” are for CAO’s


The Union of BC Municipalities is a powerful bureaucracy, forging education, political policies, directives and awards for excellence.  Good intentions have resulted in unintended consequences because ‘best practices’ and ‘excellence awards’ are not community based decision making, and the benefactors are not the communities, but chief administrators. 

How?  Can you imagine how much prestige and awe you would accrue, if you could format or implement ‘best management practices’ and obtain a $10 Million grant for your community?  You might be in demand to obtain millions for other small towns all over BC and possibly across Canada, find yourself receiving ‘excellence awards’ and happily implementing more ‘best practices’ elsewhere. 

But wait a minute… ‘Best management practices’ are in the Request for Decision regarding Cayoosh Creek campground in 2011.  Would anyone put that parched brown and almost empty campsite into the ‘best practice’ in any category?  The treatment of the previous campsite operators with a promise of a new lease for over a year?  Putting forth District plans to the Chamber of Commerce prior to alerting the operators of their loss of home and livelihood?  The LRA find nothing excellent in this. 

The $10,127,000 ‘water’ tax grant?  We have already published details for everyone’s scrutiny in ‘Not One Thin Dime’, Lillooet News, July 6, 2011. 

The 2010 tax assessment comparisons (available online) show per capita costs for Ashcroft $293, Barriere $256, Cache Creek $112, 100 Mile $281, Oliver $184, Pemberton $284 and Lillooet at $336.  Lillooet  proposes (per the $10,127,000 grant) to increase $250 per year, along with water metering charges.  What is ‘best practice’ when it chases gardeners away from their growing paradise?  What is ‘best practice’ when increasing our carbon footprint with more pumps for water delivery?

The intention of the UBCM ‘best practices’ and ‘awards for excellence’ with respect to certain matters fall far short of beneficial to Lillooet.  

On another note, the Premier’s office is contemplating a new bureaucrat or bureaucracy called ‘Municipal Auditor General’ and ‘best practices’ were referenced in conversations.  One comment stated emphatically ‘the new municipal auditor general should be at arms length from the UBCM.’  Those on the feedback side seemed to be in accord on that point.

The only way to work for change in any community is by voting in councilors with the entire community at heart.  

Anne-Marie Anderson
Lillooet Ratepayers Association