Al Gore in Rolling Stone: Climate of Denial


Op-ed by Al Gore in Rolling Stone. Excerpt: “The answer to the question ‘Is [professional wrestling] real?’ seemed connected to the
question of whether the referee was somehow confused about his role: Was
he too an entertainer?

“That is pretty much the role now being played by most of the news
media in refereeing the current wrestling match over whether global
warming is ‘real,’ and whether it has any connection to the constant
dumping of 90 million tons of heat-trapping emissions into the Earth’s
thin shell of atmosphere every 24 hours.

“Admittedly, the contest over global warming is a challenge for the
referee because it’s a tag-team match, a real free-for-all. In one
corner of the ring are Science and Reason. In the other corner:
Poisonous Polluters and Right-wing Ideologues.”

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